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LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 12 Gun Safe Door Panel 10583

Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer 10583 Size 12 (10.25" x 48.5")

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Product Description

Attach this attractive holster system to the inside of the door panel to expand storage capacity and maximize shelf space in your Liberty Centurion 12. Liberty's gun safe door organizer works with most existing fabric-covered door panels. Mounts on Door Panel with included mounting brackets. The size of this panel is 10.25" wide by 48.5" long. This will fit safe door panels no wider than 12 inches and can accommodate up to 40 pounds of weight.


  • DOOR PANEL ONLY Genuine Liberty Safe accessory fits size 12 Liberty Safes
  • THREE PISTOL POCKETS make your firearms easy to reach
  • MESH STORAGE POCKET for storage of knives, tubes, and other accessories
  • COOL POCKET DOCUMENT PROTECTOR keeps documents up to 50 degrees cooler in a fire
  • EASY CLIP SYSTEM with velcro straps for fast installation in your Liberty Safe


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