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SnapSafe XXL Lockbox Two Pack Keyed Alike

SnapSafe (2 Pack) Keyed Alike Lock Boxes, XX-Large 75221, Portable Steel Handgun Safe & Case, Measures 11.5”x 8.5”x 2.5”

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Product Description

The snap safe lock box provides secure storage for handguns and other valuables at home, on a nightstand, in the car or when traveling. The included heavy steel cable secures the lock box to any stationary object, car seat or the internal frame of a piece of luggage. The lock box also provides security for conceal carry permit holders. Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.


  • MULTI-PURPOSE SAFES: 2 Pack of XX-Large (11.5"x 8.5"x 2.5") Lock Boxes provides secure storage for handguns, jewelry, cash, medications, passports, tablets and more at home, on a nightstand, in the car or when traveling.
  • DURABLE & PRY-RESISTANT: Feature heavy duty 16 gauge steel housing.
  • SECURE TO STATIONARY OBJECTS: Include two 1500 lb. rated security cables for added protection. Patent pending, space-saving receiver/ connector allows maximum interior storage space.
  • SCRATCH PROTECTION: Each Lock Box Includes four thick protective foam inserts to ensure security and protect your valuables from scratching or damage.
  • RECOGNIZED FOR SAFETY: Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines & approved as a firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice.


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