The NRA National Firearms Museum Gun Collector’s Logbook

The NRA National Firearms Museum Gun Collector's Logbook

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If you own more than one gun, you’re a collector. Proudly record the guns in your collection in the official NRA National Firearms Museum Gun Collector’s Logbook. Handsomely bound, sporting the NRA Museum and NRA logos on the front cover, this sturdy firearms record album will withstand frequent handling, making it an excellent choice for gun shows and firearm exhibits. This is the best way for gun collectors to document their compliance with Title 27 ATF Documentation Requirements for Firearms Collectors. Each page has fields for recording information on the firearm as prescribed in Table 4 of Title 27, Part 478. At the back of the logbook is a convenient envelope for saving receipts, photos, and other important loose documentation of your guns. Maintaining a record of the disposition and acquisition of every firearm you own for insurance purposes, as well as to aid in the recovery of lost or stolen guns, is the hallmark of a responsible and conscientious gun owner. The new National Firearms Museum-sponsored gun collector’s logbook makes the process of recordkeeping easy and enjoyable. Also included in the logbook is a list of NRA-affiliated associations, details on NRA programs, and a money-saving offer for NRA membership.


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