ARs on the wall for sale in America
Michael Crites

3 Things to Do Before You Take That Used AR Home

If you're in the market for a complete, previously loved rifle, you'll want to know how to ensure it works the way you anticipate. We show you the basic checks that will do just that.

A400 28
Michael Crites

Beretta says 28 Gauge isn’t Dead

Beretta has a new 28-gauge model of their A400 Upland series of over-and-unders. Of course, they are $1,800, but we are talking Beretta and over/unders here, so you knew this wasn't a topic for the poors.

GForce GF2P Review - Cover
Michael Crites

GForce GF2P Review

While it's hyperbolic to say budget shotguns are a dime a dozen, there are a LOT of shotguns targeting the sub-$500 market, with GForce's GF2P among their legions. We put it to the test.

Episode 83 Brantley Merriam
Michael Crites

Episode 83: Brantley Merriam, GM Carry Optics Competitive Shooter

If you don't know the name yet, you will soon. Brantley just placed 4th overall at the 2022 USPSA Carry Optics Nationals. But where did he come from? How did he get there? With cut-out cardboard dry fire targets he made with boxes from Walmart… Not kidding.

Adam Renno
Michael Crites

Episode 82: Adam Renno, Steel Challenge Competitive Shooter

Adam is a Steel Challenge competitive shooter who travels the country competing. In this episode, Adam shares how his shooting journey came full circle at one specific competition. He remembers going to his first big match and squadding with some of the biggest names in Steel Challenge.