8.6 blk barrel
Michael Crites

Faxon Firearms joins 8.6 Mafia

Ohio’s Faxon Firearms is now in an open relationship with Q, the folks behind the new– and only just barely out of wildcat range– 8.6

Weatherby Element Shotgun
Michael Crites

Weatherby Expands Element Shotgun Line

Weatherby, formerly of California but more recently of Wyoming, is best known for their bolt-action rifles but the company also makes (and imports from Turkey)

Best Pocket Pistols - Cover
Pistols & Revolvers
Michael Crites

The Best Pocket Pistols

According to research by the Crime Prevention Research Center, over 19 million Americans in 2020 had concealed handgun permits – allowing them to carry a

111-SC-1537A - US Marines in France, Telescopic Rifle Sight sniper M1903 111-SC-001537A-ac
Michael Crites

The Best .30-06 Rifles

What is the .30-06 cartridge and what keeps so popular? We examine this .30-caliber military classic, break down why it has endured for over a century, and provide a selection of great “Aught Six” rifles.

Best Long Range AR Upper - Cover
AR-15 & AR-10
Michael Crites

The Best Long Range AR-15 Uppers

Why use a long-range AR-15 Upper and what are the best models? We break down the pros and cons of the long-range AR-15 Uppers and highlight some great options.

Firearm Reviews

All our firearm reviews are here to give you everything you need to know about firearms, all in one place. Learn from our expert reviews,

best pistol grip shotguns - cover
Michael Crites

The Best Pistol Grip Shotguns

Why use a pistol grip shotgun and what are the best brands? We break down the pros and cons of the pistol grip scattergun and highlight some great options.

best muzzleloaders - cover (1)
Michael Crites

The Best Muzzleloaders

The CVA Paramount is the best muzzleloader for most people. Muzzleloaders are all CVA does — and all they have done (along with build-it-yourself rifle

A safe for storing weapons is mounted in a wardrobe. repair
Gun Safes
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The Best Hidden Gun Safes

We’re big on gun safety around here, and for some folks storing a firearm safely also means concealing it. Many people don’t want just firearm

best hunting rifles for beginners - cover
Michael Crites

The Best Beginner Hunting Rifles

A hunter is, ultimately, only as good as his or her rifle. Yet finding the best hunting rifle for your next expedition can be a