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The Best Bersa S. A. Handguns

The history of Bersa S.A.

Founded in the mid-1950s by a trio of mechanical engineers – one of them formerly from Beretta – Bersa initially focused on producing parts for the now-defunct arms manufacturer Ballester–Molina.  And eventually moved into producing handguns and other standard consumer firearms. 

The first Bersa 22 Long Rifle pistol was called the “Modelo 60”, which later became the incredibly popular “Modelo 62” rifle. 

The name”Bersa” was eventually introduced in 1960 (a portmanteau of the first names of the 3 founders: Benso Bonadimani, Ercole Montini and Savino Casell).

Throughout the following decades Bersa produced a number of successful firearms in a variety of calibers and grew into a well-known and globally respected name in firearms.

The Model 90 – their first full-size combat pistol – was introduced 1989, beginning their production of firearms chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge.

An evolution of the Model 90 – 1the Thunder 9 – was established as the new standard sidearm for the Argentine Armed Forces and Argentine Federal Police in the 1990s, establishing Bersa as the defacto standard for Argentine firearms

Popular Bersa Pistols

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