ABCs of Rifle Shooting

ABCs of Rifle Shooting

ABCs of Rifle Shooting

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Think you know rifle shooting? You will after reading ABCs of Rifle Shooting by David Watson! With this comprehensive look at the elements you need to connect with your target, you'll get not only the ABCs, but the Ds through Zs, too! Inside, you'll find:
  • Accuracy tips from bolts to bullets, barrels to breathing
  • Optics, accessories, why and when they help
  • Windage, spin-drift, Coriolis effect, atmospheric pressures and more explained
  • Field shooting positions
The hundreds of details that go into making an accurate shot--at any distance, in any place--are all right here in Gun Digest's ABCs of Rifle Shooting. Indeed, if you could have only one volume on the art of triggering your rifle consistently, accurately, every time you line up your sights on a distant target, this is the book to have.


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