Colt Single Action Army

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Colt Single Action Army

Country : United States

Gun Name : Colt Single Action Army 

Manufacturer / Gun Brand : Colt Firearms Co 

Calibre: .45 Long Colt 

Cylinder / Magazine Capacity :

Action: Single 

Total Length : 260mm / 10.25in 

Barrel Length : 121mm / 4.75in 

Weight Unloaded: 1077g / 38oz


This handgun, is what many would associate as “The gun that won the West” The colt 45 and its many variations is what hollywood movies depicting the period would be based on. Designed for the US Cavalry, it was first produced in 1873. It is considered one of the most famous revolvers of the “wild west”. Not to be confused with the Winchester carbine which is known as “the gun that won the west”

This revolver was popular in the 1840’s and 50’s had six bored holes in the barrel. It could be loaded at one time and could be fired one after the other. It was used in Europe and the United States until the 1860’s. In 1835 Samuel Colt patented a weapon with a rotating cylinder, thus establishing the standard of a cylinder with multiple chambers, each of which would lock successively and locked in position behind the barrel and was discharged by pressure on the trigger. In Colt’s early revolvers, the cylinder revolved as the hammer was cocked manually. later revolvers, in which the hammer was cocked and the cylinder revolved as the trigger was pulled , were developed shortly thereafter.


Colt initially produced the same gun in a variety of calibres and barrel lengths, ranging from a stubby 4.75in/120mm up to 12in/305mm for the civilian market. The .44/40 Colt was particularly popular because of its compatibility of ammunition with the Winchester carbine commonly referred to as the “gun that won the west” The US Army bought about 37,000 Artillery and Cavalry Colt pistols between 1873 and 1893. The commercial production ceased in 1941.

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