Defensive Use of Firearms

Defensive Use of Firearms

Defensive Use of Firearms

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Acclaimed in its first edition for packing so much information into such a small package, Defensive Use of Firearms has been updated for today's gun owners. The most apparent part of this update is the expansion of the skills chapter with the addition of several techniques, fleshing out a continuum for close-quarters combat.

This concise and affordable handbook offers material of value for everyone, from the newest gun owner to the experienced instructor. It teaches common-sense principles, tactics, and techniques distilled from hundreds of hours of the author's training, which includes certification as a law-enforcement handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, and tactical shooting instructor. The chapters on tactics and skills include detailed line drawings that aid the reader's grasp of the concepts described. A glossary is included for the reader who may be new to the world of firearms.


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