Firearm Data Log Book

Firearm Data Log Book

Firearm Data Log Book

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Gray Ram Tactical, LLC has created the most user friendly Firearm Data Log Book on the market today. Designed with input from military and law enforcement snipers, competition shooters, hunters and firearms collectors, this log book is useful for any owner of any type of firearm. This log book is a must have for each and every firearm in an owner’s collection. Data fields are created for the most important information shooters require, yet it is highly customizable for handguns, rifles, shotguns or even crossbows. The size of this log book allows for shooters to keep it in a gun case with the firearm, but is large enough to be easily read and written in. With features such as zero charts, total rounds fired count log, shotgun pattern charts, target sketch areas and much more, this is the one and only Firearm Data Log Book you will ever need.


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