Firearms Inventory Log Book

Firearms Inventory Log Book

Firearms Inventory Log Book

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This book is the perfect accessory for anyone who owns a firearm. Firearms Logbook was written for the general public consumer who wants to keep firearm records but is unsure what information is required or how to record this information. This book provides a consolidated, comprehensive listing of firearm specifics that will enable quick identification and ease the burden of proof should it become necessary. This book has many uses: • For the novice. It serves as an instructional tool. For the first time gun owner who wants to record the information about their new possession, but does not know what is required, or where to start, it provides a good base for records. This book makes an excellent gift to accompany anyone’s first firearm. • For the collector/investor. It serves as a log book, recording transactions and point of sale information from acquisition to sale of the weapon in one place. It allows freeform annotation of modifications made to the weapon to ensure the investment is properly catalogued. • For the heirloom. It also provides a notes section for the owner to annotate heirloom items for future generations. • For the Insurance company. This book is an excellent record for producing information about these valuable firearms when filing insurance claims after any disaster. • Report of theft to authorities. This book records information necessary to properly identify the weapon in the event the authorities need to identify a stolen firearm. About this log book: The fields contained in this book were written in a manner to enable logical collection of information related to the firearm. Substantial effort was put into deciding what types of information most collectors were interested in retaining on their firearms, in addition to generic legal requirements for logging weapon information. There are specific fields for details of the firearm, receipt data, as well as disposition data for those instances when a firearm is sold or traded. In addition to a page dedicated to the owner's information, this publication gives space for 100 firearms (2 firearms per page, 50 pages of inventory). It also includes four pages for miscellaneous free-form notes.


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