SW1911TA E-Series Tactical Accessory Rail

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SW1911TA E-Series Tactical Accessory Rail

Manufacturer Description:

“Precision. Accuracy. Performance. With a remarkable selection of SW1911’s, Smith & Wesson continues its tradition of innovation and its commitment to bringing shooters the finest quality high performance firearms. Smith & Wesson’s variations of John Moses Browning’s extremely popular 1911 design can be seen in the production, Pro Series, and Performance Center line of SW1911 pistols. These 1911’s are manufactured with a wide variety of materials, finishes and unique features and are favorites in any collection.”


Country : United States

Manufacturer / Gun Brand: Smith & Wesson

Gun Name / Model: SW1911TA E-Series™ Tactical Accessory Rail

SKU: 108411


Capacity: 8+1

Safety: Grip & Thumb

Barrel Length: 5″ / 12.7 cm

Overall Length: 8.7″

Front Sight :Tritium Night Sight

Rear Sight : Tritium Night Sight

Action :Single Action

Grip :Wooden Laminate E-Series™

Weight : 41.6 oz / 1,179.3g

Barrel Material : Stainless Steel

Slide Material : Stainless Steel

Frame Material : Stainless Steel

Slide Finish : Satin Stainless

Frame Finish : Matte Silver

Purpose : Competition Shooting, Home Protection, Recreational Shooting, State Compliance

Image Credit : Smith & Wesson

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November 15, 2016