Taurus 650 SS2 “CIA” Hammerless

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Taurus 650 SS2 “CIA” Hammerless

Description by Taurususa.com

Perfect for close quarters, the CIA makes an ideal concealed carry or back-up revolver. Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use with a fully enclosed hammer, you’ll enjoy the feel of its lightweight construction when you need to spring into action. Available in either 5 shots of .38 Special or 5 shots of .357 Magnum, the CIA is a must-have personal protection handgun.


Country : United States

Gun Name : Taurus 650 SS2 “CIA” Hammerless 

Manufacturer / Gun Brand : Taurus Int. MFG, Inc.  

Calibre: .357 Magnum, .38 Special 

Cylinder / Magazine Capacity :

Action: DAO 

Total Length : 165mm / 6.5in 

Barrel Length : 51mm / 2in 

Weight Unloaded: 678g / 23.9oz


Image credit : Taurus USA

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