The Custom 1911

The Custom 1911

The Custom 1911

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The 1911 is ambiguous as it is classic. The gun's mission changed over the years. Originally a military sidearm, the 1911 is now a favorite among law enforcement special operation units, military and competitors, as well as those interested in self-defense.

While the basic design has changed very little, some brilliant people have advanced John Browning's classic and brought it into a new century. 

This book offers some amazing behind-the-scenes insight about the makers of Nighthawk, Kimber, Wilson Combat, to name a few. Great shooters like Julie Golob, Bruce Piatt and Chip McCormick shared their personal stories. Ted Nugent and Razor Dobbs also make appearances as 1911 hunters. These 1911 stars also shared their practical advice which Bill shares with the reader.

Bill Loeb's writing style is concise yet sometimes irreverent, but always fresh and entertaining.


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