Bersa Thunder 9

Country : Argentina

Gun Name : Bersa Thunder 9

Manufacturer / Gun Brand : Bersa S.A.

Calibre: 9mm Parabellum

Cylinder / Magazine Capacity : 17

Action: Recoil / Double

Total Length : 192mm / 7.56in

Barrel Length : 110mm / 4in

Weight Unloaded: 870g / 30oz

Bersa Thunder 380

Country : Argentina

Gun Name : Bersa Thunder 380

Manufacturer / Gun Brand : Bersa S.A.

Calibre: .380 ACP

Cylinder / Magazine Capacity : 7 or 9

Action: Blowback / Single

Total Length : 168mm / 6.63in

Barrel Length : 90mm / 3.54in

Weight Unloaded: 567g / 19.75oz

Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact

Country : Argentina

Gun Name : Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact

Manufacturer / Gun Brand : Bersa S.A.

Calibre: .45 ACP

Cylinder / Magazine Capacity : 7

Action: Recoil / Double

Total Length : 173mm / 6.81in

Barrel Length : 92mm / 3.62in

Weight Unloaded: 780g / 27.5oz

Modelo 1905 or Mannlicher M1905

According to Wikipedia:

The Modelo 1905 is a pistol designed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher in 1899 and originally produced in Austria as the Mannlicher Model 1901. The Mannlicher Model 1901 was an improved version of the Model 1900, both of which were produced by Osterreichische Waffenfabrik Steyr (commonly known as Steyr). All of these models have the same basic design and operation, but minimal adjustments were made to improve each of them. The Modelo 1905 is the version of the Model 1901 that the Argentine Army purchased from Steyr in 1905. This semi-automatic pistol has a unique and elegant appearance due to the curve of the handgrip. It is single action and uses a blow back operation system to reload. Like its predecessors, the Modelo 1905 has a non-detachable magazine that can be loaded from the top with a stripper clip.

Manufacturer Description: Non Available

Country : Argentina

Gun Name : Modelo 1905

Manufacturer : Ostereichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft Steyr

Calibre: 763mm Mannlicher

Cylinder / Magazine Capacity : 8

Action: Blowback / Single

Total Length : 246mm / 9.69in

Barrel Length : 160mm / 6.3in

Weight Unloaded: 910g / 32oz


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