Bergmann Model 1896

According to Wikipedia:

The Bergmann 1896 was a 19th-century semi-automatic pistol developed by German designer Louis Schmeisser and sold by Theodor Bergmann’s company. A contemporary of the Mauser C96 and Borchardt C-93 pistols, the Bergmann failed to achieve the same widespread success, although Bergmann himself later went on to design one of the earliest practical and successful sub-machine guns, the MP-18.

The first cartridges in Bergmann pistols were grooveless, with the bullets having a sharp nose to avoid jams. Later pistols, however, have mechanical extractors and cartridges with grooved flanges. The M96 had an internal box-magazine holding five cartridges.


Country : Germany

Gun Name : Bergmann Model 1896

Manufacturer / Gun Brand : V.C. Schilling, Suhl

Calibre : 5mm Bergmann

Magazine Capacity : 5

Action : Blowback / Single

Total Length : 175mm / 6.89in

Barrel Length : 80mm / 3.15in

Weight Unloaded : 470g / 16.6oz


Image Credit: By Bob Adams ( ) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons