Ammo Makers Pony Up for Ukraine

Michael R Crites


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Ammo for Ukraine

On Feb. 28, Ammo Inc., with a factory in Wisconsin, responded to Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s apparent plea for ammunition (“I need ammo, not a ride…”) by donating 1 million rounds of non-specified “high-performance” ammunition to the country’s armed forces. Richard Childress, the NASCAR guy, is on the board of Ammo, Inc, and spoke to local media in North Carolina about the move.

Only a week later, Vista Outdoors matched the pledge by Ammo Inc (who also owns by promising a million rounds from their lines as well.

As Ukraine’s military has been a customer of Vista’s Federal, CCI, and Speer for years, they likely already have a delivery mechanism worked out, whereas Ammo Inc says they still have to get export clearances, etc.

No matter how noble, however, both company’s social media pages were lit up with those responding over the bad optics of donating ammo abroad when local Americans who want to do mag dumps are having problems finding cheap boolets– and the prospect of ever getting cheap Russian ammunition ever again is rapidly turning to ether.

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