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Get More Out of Your Gun Time.

Our mission is simple: help people get more out of their gun time. 

Gun time, or the time spent with our firearms, should be quality time. It should be an opportuntiy for learning, engrossing, and — ultimately — loads of fun.

Making the most of your gun time means 1) learning some basic information about safety, 2) developing a few skills, and 3) getting your hands on the right gear. 

Our aim is to provide all three in an unbiased, unintimidating way. Meet the team.

In-Hand Reviews

Our hands-on reviews ensure the products we recommend in our Best Of lists are indeed the best of the best.

Firearm News

We take a break from reviewing firearms to highlight important developments in the world of firearms with our News Briefs.

Optics Ready Taurus TORO Series GX4 cover

Micro 9 Sales on the Rise in a Big Way

The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, kind of the smaller, quieter brother of the NSSF, has crunched the data and found that sales of "Micro 9" pistols are steadily climbing the charts.

Featured Comparisons

Ever wonder about the differences between different guns, calibers, or actions? We break ’em all down.

556 223 - Comparison

Headstamp-to-Headstamp: .223 vs 5.56

“223 Remington” & “5.56x45mm NATO” designations are often met with indifference — like there’s no real difference between the two. We point out that there is, indeed, meangingful diffrences to be aware of.

Firearm & Ammo Reviews

View reviews of rifles, pistols, shotguns and more.

Beretta M9 and the Beretta M9A

Gardone’s Crane Kick Moment: The Beretta 92

Undoubtedly one of the most popular handguns ever made, the Beretta 92 has been around for a solid half-century and has no signs of going away any time soon. How do you pick a good one that does everything you want?

Buckle up, we’ll walk you through it.

Popular Guides & Stats

Learn how to shoot better, care for your firearms, and take your gun knowhow to the next level.

Aluminum blanks waiting for the forge.

ARs, Aluminum & Anodizing: Three Bound Mice

Everyone knows the upper and lower on most ARs are comprised of aluminum, but how much do you know about why aluminum is the AR's metal of choice? Belly up to the bar, friend. It’s smelting time.

cleaning and caring for a a firearm

How to Build an AR-15

Learning how to build an AR-15 is essential for not only custom ARs but also for developing a thorough understanding of how the parts and pieces of your rifle fit together.

Gun Cleaning Cover

Gun Cleaning 101

Keeping your guns clean is critical to performance and longevity, so we pulled together a best practices guide for ensuring your guns are operating their best.


Historic Evolution of Guns and Safety

Guns can be used not only for ensuring personal and family security but also for a fun hobby. But for anyone who owns a gun, safe storage and cleaning as well as proper handling are vital.

Collection of hunting rifles and carbines. Various firearms hang on special mounts on the wall.

Hunting Season Firearms You Should Own

Seasoned hunters usually have a list in their minds of the firearms they want to own. Ideally, the guns you own will give you a wide array of options to hunt both small and big game.

View reviews of range gear, tactical products, & gunsmithing products.

Waterproof Hunting Gloves - Cover

The Best Waterproof Hunting Gloves in 2022

The right set of gloves can make or break a good hunt. It is tempting just to use whatever gloves you might have lying around, but having the right gloves is essential. We break it all down for you.

Detroit Leather Shop Handmade Fixed Length Rifle Sling 2

Best Ruger 10/22 Slings in 2022

The Ruger 10/22 has become easily one of the most successful rifles of all time. It’s reliable, affordable, and has

long range walkie talkies cover

The Best Long Range Walkie-Talkies

There are a lot of long-range two-way radios out there, so we dove down the rabbit hole, researching top models to help keep you in backcountry communication — whether hunting, hiking, or camping.

gun racks - cover

The Best Gun Racks for 2022

Guns are ergonomic objects made to fit into human hands while we’re shooting them, which can make storing them a

View reviews of gun safes, cabinets, and firearm storage solutions.

View reviews of rifle scopes, handgun optics, and everything long-range shooting.

Maven Optics RS3 Field Test

The Best Rifle Scopes in 2022

Rifle scopes come in a huge variety of prices, options, sizes, and features – but they’re generally all designed with one goal in mind – hit the target. We break down the best glass around.

View reviews of holsters, belts, and concealed carry products.

urban carry logo

The Best Urban Carry Holsters

What are the best Urban Carry Holsters? We break down the take a look at this holster brand, provide a breakdown of their top models, and highlight some great options.

Best Taurus G2C Holsters

The Best Taurus G2C Holsters

Taurus firearms have been around since pre-WWII (technically 1939) and while they aren’t known for super premium products, they have