Shotgun Reviews

If you love the scattergun you’re in the right place.  Here you’ll find our reviews of everything from tactical shotguns designed to protect the home, comparisons, pump-action and single-shot options – everything you need to ensure your next shotgun is the right one.

Weatherby's Storefront

The Best Weatherby Shotguns

Weatherby is a brand that has been cranking out quality ammo, rifles, and shotguns since the 40s, and we wanted to shed some light on some top-quality Weatherby shotguns. 

best semi auto shotguns - cover

The Best Semi-Auto Shotguns for 2022

Why use a semi auto shotgun and what are the best brands? We break down the pros and cons of the semi auto shotgun and highlight some great options.

best pistol grip shotguns - cover

The Best Pistol Grip Shotguns in 2022

Why use a pistol grip shotgun and what are the best brands? We break down the pros and cons of the pistol grip scattergun and highlight some great options.


The Best Tactical Shotguns in 2022

Picking the ideal tactical shotgun doesn’t have to be hard if you follow a few simple steps to cut through the bluster and propaganda to

Tavor TS12 Review - Right Profile

Tavor TS12 Review

Curious about IWI’s space-age bullpup but don’t know where to start? We break down the TS12 – warts and all.

Remington 870 Tactical - Cover

The Remington 870 Tactical — A Guide & Restrospective

The Remington 870– the greatest selling pump-action shotgun in the history of firearms– is famous with sportsmen and has also been the gold standard for dependable and ultra-reliable tactical models for users both in and out of uniform.