News Brief – 7/30

The American Firearms News Brief for July 30th: Beretta has a new PCC inbound, the gun that got Billy the Kid (or maybe didn’t) heads to auction, Remington fades as RemArms takes its shaky place, Team USA grabs three more medals in Olympics shooting, Wilson Combat shows off new SFX9 Sub-Compact.

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Zigana PX-9 G2 Semi-Auto Pistol a

News Brief – 7/28

The American Firearms News Brief for July 28th: Caesar Guerini Invictus M-SPEC, Hi-Point gets wildly different reviews, SDS introduces PX9-G2 pistol, and Team USA grabs an early Gold Medal in shooting event at Tokyo Olympics.

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News Brief – 7/25

The American Firearms News Brief for July 25th: Auto-Ordnance makes bootlegging fun again, Nighthawk Delegates, Ontario coughs up a cringy bayonet, and PROOF has lots of big news.

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Trijicon MGRS

News Brief – 7/19

The American Firearms News Brief for July 19th: Glock turns 92, Kimber teases better guns, Ruger teases classic cowboy guns, Taylor’s updates the M1886, and Trijicon gets some love from the Army.

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News Brief – 7/16

The American Firearms News Brief for July 16th: Blaser goes PRC, B&T ups their Blackout game, Court says adults under 21 can buy handguns, and Sig pulls a Switchblade.

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KR Arms K9 2

News Brief – 7/12

The American Firearms News Brief for July 8th: Kahr makes minor changes to their P9 pistols, Masterpiece doubles down on the PMR Pro rifle, pistol braces pass 100K comments, Remington promises more ammo, and Winchester salutes the military.

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News Brief – 7/8

The American Firearms News Brief for July 8th: Kahr makes minor changes to their P9 pistols, Masterpiece doubles down on the PMR Pro rifle, pistol braces pass 100K comments, Remington promises more ammo, and Winchester salutes the military.

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Burris clip on thermal scope

News Brief – 7/5

The American Firearms News Brief for July 5th: Burris readies a clip-on thermal, Noveske brings the squirt, Rock Island announces a shorty shotty, Ruger maxes out the LCP, and Walther wants you to carry medical.

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300 BLK & it's big brother 8.6 BLK via Q

News Brief – 7/2

The American Firearms News Brief for July 2nd: Holosun goes green, Sig delivers pro-cut P229 slides, Taurus adds colors to the GX4, Q teasing the 8.6 mafia, Winchester wants its 9mm back

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556 223 - Comparison

.223 vs 5.56 – A Comparison

“223 Remington” & “5.56x45mm NATO” designations are often met with indifference — like there’s no real difference between the two. We point out that there is, indeed, meangingful diffrences to be aware of.

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Elimin8r .45 suppressor 2

News Brief – 6/29

The American Firearms News Brief for June 29th: Beretta goes Ultima, CAA stepping into the PCC realm, Faxon brings match barrels to Sig, the KP-15 is now ready to go inna woods, and Lone Wolf is getting quieter.

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The Best AR-15 Optics

When it comes to AR-15 optics, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. A rifle’s purpose — what you are trying to achieve with your rifle —

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News Brief – 6/24

The American Firearms News Brief for June 24th: Berger helps eat the “x” at 1,000 yards, Luth goes slick, and new guns hit the market from Hi-Point, Sig, and S&W.

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News Brief – 6/21

The American Firearms News Brief for June 21st: Armscor looks to beat Glock at their own game, EAA goes goose, Blackhawk sheds some light on holsters, and Safariland stunts.

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Weatherby's Storefront

The Best Weatherby Shotguns

Weatherby is a brand that has been cranking out quality ammo, rifles, and shotguns since the 40s, and we wanted to shed some light on some top-quality Weatherby shotguns. 

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Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms Custom Pistol Collaboration

News Brief – 6/17

The American Firearms News Brief for June 17th: Beretta brings Sako ammo to America, Kinsey’s to distribute Fusion 1911s, and CAA now offers TrueTimber camo.

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News Brief – 6/14

The American Firearms News Brief for June 14th: SiCo bringing more lowers to market, FN wins big with machine guns, Army picks NightForce, and Sig Sauer raises some Spectres.

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6.8 mm SPC Cover

The Best 6.8 SPC Rifles

Is the 6.8 SPC still a viable option — or has the sun set on the once red hot "military .270"? We give you this skinny one of the original "gee-whiz" rounds

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News Brief – 6/9

The American Firearms News Brief for June 9th: the ATF rains on the brace parade, Bushmaster promises a rebirth, Sig has a new weapon light, and the Beretta 1301 gets some love.

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DBX Grey lg

News Brief – 6/7

The American Firearms News Brief for June 7th: Diamondback expands their DBX series 5.7 pistols, Zenith plans a comeback with an MP5 clone, and more.

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9mm vs 40 SW - Glocks

A Guide to Glock Barrels

Your Glock’s barrel is one of the most important components of the pistol, and there are lots of things to keep in mind before you add one to a shopping cart.

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Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8 Compact OSP

News Brief – 5/31

The American Firearms News Brief for May 31st: Gun Imports Are way Up, Ammo Demand Not Stopping Any Time Soon, Gould Brothers Smash Record, & Springfield Armory’s New XD-M Elite.

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Gun Cleaning Cover

Gun Cleaning 101

Keeping your guns clean is critical to performance and longevity, so we pulled together a best practices guide for ensuring your guns are operating their best.

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Ruger 9mm - cover

The Best Ruger 9mm Pistols

In a world filled with imported 9mm pistol designs, Ruger has risen to the top of the American handgun market over the past four decades to produce some of the most rugged, reliable firearms available.

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The Best .224 Valkyrie Uppers

Why consider a .224 Valkyrie upper and what are the best models? We break down the pros and cons of dropping a Valk into your black rifle and highlight some great options.

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CZ PIstols - Cover

The Best CZ Pistols

The Best CZ Pistols When it comes to protecting your home, your family, and yourself, only the very best will do. Enter: CZ USA. This

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Bergara Rifles - hunter taking aim

The Best Bergara Rifles

We cover the world of premium Bergara rifles, their Spanish history, and give you our top choices for this surprisingly affordable precision brand.

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Savage Rifles - Cover

The Best Savage Rifles

Savage Arms has been making firearms for over 120 years. Among its resume are award-winning hunting rifles, the first level-action rifle to use a box

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Best AK-47s - Cover

The Best AK-47 Rifles

The Increasingly American Kalashnikov For generations, the AK-47 was the spooky gun in grainy TASS footage of May Day parades in Red Square, or seen

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The Best Kimber 1911s

What are the best Kimber 1911s? Kimber produces more American-made M1911-style handguns than anyone else, fielding over 70 assorted models and variants. While this may

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what is tannerite - cover alt

What is Tannerite?

A Guide to America’s Favorite Binary Target Marker Variously described as shot indicators, reactive targets, or a target marker, Tannerite has been around for over

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9mm ammo - cover

The Best 9mm Ammo

Possibly the most popular centerfire ammunition made today, and almost certainly one of the most prolific, landing on the right 9mm ammo load for home

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best gun oil - cover

The Best Gun Oils

A clean tooth may still decay, but a clean, well-lubricated firearm will never rust. Despite claims from ammo manufacturers that their powder burns clean enough

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5.56 vs 7.62: A Comparison

Introduction It’s September of 1970. After a strongly worded letter from President Johnson and six weeks at Paris Island, a fresh recruit finds himself walking

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The Best Ammo Safes

What are the best ammo safes? After researching every variety of ammo safe from the major manufacturers and Amazon, testing more than a dozen, including

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The Best AK Pistols

The pistol variant of the AK has been shortened down and modernized, giving us the AK-47 pistol — a fun and formidable weapon for a number of applications.

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The Best Rangefinders

Quality laser rangefinders have become both reasonably priced and surprisingly easy to use, allowing anyone to take their long-range shooting to the next level.

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Best Glock Triggers - Cover

The Best Glock Triggers

Be it better accuracy of more feel – if you want to get more from your Glock we’ve reviewed most popular Glock triggers available to help you choose the right one for you.

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AR15 kits cover options

The Best AR-15 Kits

What are the best AR-15 Kits? There is no more daunting goalpost in the gun community than assembling or otherwise building your own AR-15 but,

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best ar-15 tools - cover

The Best AR-15 Tools

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America, in large part because it’s incredibly versatile. You can change-out most components – upper and lower

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The Best Home Defense Guns

Perhaps the most common and effective means of home protection, given purpose-driven selection and the proper training in use, is a good defensive handgun. With

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The Best Gun Cases

Gun safes are must-have items for all responsible gun owners, but what defines safes also limits them: they’re large, heavy, and cumbersome. So how are

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The Best Shot Timers

If you’re anything like our experts, you are pro-gun control. No, we don’t mean taking away people’s constitutional rights; that’s absurd. We’re talking about making

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best trigger guards - cover

The Best Trigger Locks

What are the best trigger locks? Proper gun safety is a cornerstone of responsible gun ownership. But sometimes, a gun safe or cabinet won’t fit

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The Best Shooting Gloves

[Related] The Tactical Gear (all budgets and price points) What are the best shooting gloves? With a hobby like shooting, safety accessories abound. Of course,

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best 308 rifles - cover (alt)

The Best .308 Rifles

When Uncle Sam when looking for a lighter .30-caliber round than the ‘Ought-Six they wanted similar ballistic performance in a smaller cartridge. The Army’s T65

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best muzzleloader rifles - Cover

The Best Muzzleloader Rifles

What are the best muzzleloaders available? Muzzleloading rifles were once the dominant firearms of human civilization. They were the primary tools of countless wars and

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Best EDC Knives - Cover

The Best EDC Knives

What are the best EDC knives? Every day carry (EDC) knives are versatile tools that many people use on a daily basis. Whether for opening

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best 762x39 rifles -cover

The Best 7.62×39 Rifles

7.62×39 rifles are some of the most popular in the entire world. That’s because they’re the primary type of AK-47, itself arguably the most successful

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Best Pocket Pistols - Cover

The Best Pocket Pistols

According to research by the Crime Prevention Research Center, over 19 million Americans in 2020 had concealed handgun permits – allowing them to carry a

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Best Revolvers - Cover

The Best Revolvers

Revolvers are a staple American firearm and arguably some the best self-defense weapons you can buy. Wheel guns tend to be small, simple to use,

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best tactical-pants-cover2

The Best Tactical Pants

[Related] The Best Concealed Carry Pants (all budgets and price points) Tactical pants are different from your everyday casual trousers.  You probably don’t need tactical

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The Best 1911 Holsters

What are the best 1911 holsters? 1911-type pistols are some of the most popular handguns in America. While the first 1911 pistol was designed over

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shooting range

The Best Range Bags

Whether or not you’re OCD about organizing your gear on range trips, a range bag is great for hauling around shooting gear and provides plenty

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Glock 29 Frame differences between Gen 4, left, and Gen 3 Glock, right.

The Best 10MM Pistols

What are the best 10mm pistols available? The 10mm pistol is rapidly becoming more popular, even though the 9mm counterpart is the traditional choice for

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The Best SKS Scope Mounts

After testing more new models, we’ve updated our top recommendation to the UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover. We’re keeping the other recommendations on our list,

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Wound Components

Gun Wound Ballistics Data

Resources for understanding wound ballistics We want to make you aware of the wealth of wound ballistics information available to you from sources other than

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FIrearms Books

Firearms Reports and Opinions

Reports and Opinions Supreme Court decision on Heller v. D.C. 062608 “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service

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Gun Statistics

Firearm Statistics

Table of Contents NICS Background Checks The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Check System (NICS) is the system used by FFLs to process background checks for

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FIrearms Books

Useful Firearms Links

 Firearms Links & Resources The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF): ATF Firearms Publications: ATF Firearm Statistics: ATF Field Office

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Firearms Glossary - Cover

Firearms Glossary

A glossary of firearms terminology & terms References to firearm condition standards are those that have been established by the National Rifle Association regarding the

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Firearm Reviews

All our firearm reviews are here to give you everything you need to know about firearms, all in one place. Learn from our expert reviews,

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afi background_browning

The Best Browning Guns

What are the best Browning firearms you can buy? John Browning is a pillar of American firearm design. He has made major contributions to the

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Famous Outlaws of the Wild West

Guns can be used not only for ensuring personal and family security but also for a fun hobby. But for anyone who owns a gun, safe storage and cleaning as well as proper handling are vital.

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FIrearms Books

Gun Rate of Fire

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Little Known Gun Fact

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What happened when Washington DC Banned Guns

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Fact about homicide rates and carry laws

Fact about homicide rates and carry laws

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Noah Webster

Noah Webster on the Second Amendment

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