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Sep 2023

Guns are ergonomic objects made to fit into human hands while we’re shooting them, which can make storing them a little tricky. The last thing I want to see is my guns getting scratched up or dented with use because I couldn’t find a good way to store them safely.

Being a gun owner, I want safe ways to display firearms. That’s why I compiled this piece: to give you different options for storing and displaying your firearms. Our selections are convenient and effective — covering the price gamut from sub-$30 quick fixes to top-of-the-line units that will really tie the room together.

Take your pick from features like vehicle racks, pistol racks, horizontal units, and various mounting configurations — and as always, verify your eventual display rack complies with any and all applicable laws in your area.

Comparison of the Best Gun Racks

Best 2-Piece Wall Rack
Best Pistol Rack
Best 4 Rifle Rack
Best 5 Rifle Rack
Best Modular Rack
Best Mobile Rack
Best Gun Concealment Art
Budget Option
Also Great
Best Handgun Hangers
Best Seatback Organizer

Gun Rack Reviews

1. Best 2-Piece Wall Rack: TESLYAR Gun Rack


    Starting off with something simple in terms of design, I like this wooden gun rack from Teslyar that is designed to display a rifle or shotgun on your wall in a simple two-piece configuration that will accommodate basically any long gun provided you can find wall studs to mount it to.

    While these displays are great for showing off your firearm, the design is not the most secure in the world, so bear that in mind.These solid wood hooks are lined with felt to keep scratches at bay while enabling you to remove and replace the gun freely. Of course, we’d never consider storing loaded weapons in a design like this, but if you’re looking for a quality rack that offers the right mix of simplicity and speed, Teslyar has you covered..

    2. Best Pistol Rack: Savior Equipment Handgun Rack


      If your weapon storage needs are less about being able to see your guns, and more able to store three, four, or more handguns while organizing the inside of a gun safe, this modular pistol rack from Savior Equipment is our top pick.

      This rack is engineered aas a system, including thick gauge steel plates for the outside, a solid steel rod to hold everything together, as well as the tools, screws, and accessories to build the rack to your needs inside of your case.

      Simply put it together and any size handgun will be secure & orderly, even if they have different sizes or barrel lengths. Plus they’ll come out of the rack looking like they went in thanks to the anti-scratch padding lining the inside.

      3. Best 4 Wall Rack: Allen Four Gun Wall Rack


        In terms of wall-mount systems, I like systems like this wooden wall mount rack from Allen in which the hooks allow you to simply place the gun into the slot, ensuring they won’t move around much, if at all, from there.

        With any gun wall rack, do make sure to follow the installation instructions carefully: by the time you have a wall gun rack and with four rifles in it, the amount of weight you’re putting on the wall is pretty substantial.

        4. Best 5 Rifle Wall Rack: Rush Creek Creations


          As far as hanging gun racks go, this Rush Creek Creations rack one may be my favorite in terms of capacity. At a maximum, this well-made rack can hold five guns, so you have a lot of room at your disposal.

          One thing I like about this one, in particular, is that it comes in a variety of finishes, so you can pick on that will help you show off your firearms and match other furniture in the room, or pick an unfinished model which may be better if you plan on painting or staining it yourself after purchase.

          5. Best Modular Rack: Hold Up Displays


            This quality gun rack system from Hold Up Displays, which is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty, really gives you a lot of flexibility in how you can mount it, which will help organize your gun cabinet or safe simply and effectively.

            The top portion of the rack is a series of padded U shapes for the barrel, and the bottom is a carefully bent steel section, also padded, onto which the butt of the shotgun or rifle sits. Overall, this makes it an awesome choice for those looking for increased security to keep their guns from resting against one another when in storage.

            6. Best Mobile Rack: Savior Equipment Mobile Rack


              mobile rack from Savior EquipmentMade from steel and assemblable in just a few minutes, this rack gives you the ability to store six long guns and eight handguns in a way that you can easily see and get to all of them. This would also be ideal for someone who plans on taking guns to shows.

              7. Best Concealment Art: Tactical Traps Old Glory


                This piece of “wall art”, which looks like a wooden American flag, has a cool little secret. Once you trip the magnetic latch, you’ll see that it is, in fact, a concealed gun rack. It offers some of the same features you’ll find in concealment furniture and hidden gun shelves.

                Inside of the hidden compartment, there’s a good bit of foam that you can customize to securely hold a couple of handguns and a magazine. Or, if it were up to us, a single handgun and a few magazines so that this product could be used as a spot to stage a self-defense firearm.

                8. Budget Option: Generic N Gun Rack


                  For the ultimate in frugality, these simple hooks are the way to go. As you can tell by the images, these are little more than metal hooks that come with screws.

                  Despite the frugality, I think they have a place, too: if you have a metal or wood surface you need to hang guns in, especially if you have a lot of them to do, making each individual rack fairly cheap is nice. They did also include felt on the inside of the hooks as to not scratch your firearm, which is a good feature to have at any price point.

                  9. Also Great: GOHIKINGL Metal Gun Rack


                    metal wall mount rackWe think this would be an excellent application for someone who was setting up a display wall at home, or was planning on opening a gun store, as this mount installs easily and looks very nice in terms of quality and displaying the firearms.

                    10. Best Handgun Hangers: Rusfol Handgun Hangers


                      these pistol hangersInstalling these steel hangers couldn’t be easier. Put he flat part on the surface of the table or shelf, and, while holding it, slide the barrel of the handgun onto it, which will leave the handgun dangling below the surface of the table.

                      While it is technically possible to use these on any surface, we’d probably not use them, for example, at the dining table and would instead use them to better organize our safe.

                      11. Best Seatback Organizer: Tactical Seat Back Organizer


                        Most vehicle gun racks require some fairly lengthy installation, and often a permanent modification of the vehicle, which I wanted to avoid here. The idea of getting permanently marring the interior of your vehicle never appeals to me unless I absolutely have to.

                        Instead, this seatback organizer slips over the headrests of the driver and passenger seats and gives you the ability to keep a few long guns, some handguns, and about as much ammo or other gear you want in the back seat while not having to permanently install anything, which will be handy when you go to sell the vehicle later on.

                        Types of Gun Racks

                        There are multiple types of gun racks, and the ones you end up going with will be determined by how many guns you want to store.

                        Single Gun Racks

                        A single gun rack is best, as the name implies, for one gun. These are mostly for long arms like rifles and shotguns, but single pistols stands are hooks that can be found as well.

                        Multiple Gun Racks

                        Multiple gun racks are for, well, more than one firearm. Usually, these are for either longarms or handguns, but some can be found that works for both handguns and long guns at the same time. You’ll find both vertical and horizontal orientations for long guns but most multi-pistol racks are horizontal-only.

                        Vertical Gun Racks

                        Vertical gun racks store the firearms pointing at the floor or the ceiling: these, I find, are most useful for people who lack wall space or are trying to optimize the layout of a safe. They can also be a lot of use for people who’re setting up a gun shop or a booth at a gun show. These are most common in a configuration that allows for multiple long guns.

                        Horizontal or Wall Gun Rack

                        Horizontal gun racks are meant mostly for people who want to display a rifle, shotgun, or several firearms in their homes. They tend to follow a little older design that’s simple, made out of wood, and makes a classic wood hunting rifle or shotgun look elegant when displayed for all to see. Here, it’s perhaps a little less about safety and more about appreciation of guns as art.

                        Horizontal or Wall Gun Rack

                        Finally, some people want to safely store guns in their vehicles for daily use or when making their way to a hunt. These come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations, and you always need to make sure that the truck or vehicle rack fits inside of your particular vehicle.

                        Important Gun Rack Features

                        Materials. The first vitally important feature to look for is the material. Wood looks great and is often easier on gun finishes than metal, but be sure to consider the context. For example, we’d prefer a steel rack when it’s going to be inside of a gun safe or getting moved around from place.

                        Installation Options. Next, we think about the installation options, which is determined by your overall goal. Installing a gun rack on a wall, and setting up a hook inside of a safe for a handgun are two very different things, and you need to keep that in mind before making a purchase.

                        Capacity. Finally, think about capacity. I’d always bias towards overkill: I can always (and will probably) buy the third gun to fill a three-gun rack rather than have to stare at an empty slot on the wall for the rest of my life.

                        What To Look For When Buying Gun Racks

                        First and foremost, size matters here. Think about the space in which you need to store firearms in a rack, and then make the rack buying decisions from there. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, for example, to get a big wooden rack to put inside of a small gun safe.

                        Then, think about fit: will the rack you’re thinking about fit the firearms you plan to store. When in doubt, always look for reviews that have images of guns similar to yours stored in the racks.

                        Finally, some people like extra compartments, especially in truck mounts, for things like magazines and ammunition. Again, always think about the purpose for which you intend to use the rack and go from there to make the best decisions.

                        What To Avoid

                        While we all gravitate toward beauty, sometimes the best design is the most practical. Avoid gun racks that just do not make sense for you in terms of storage. If you have kids around, for instance, wall racks are probably not the best idea. Similarly, pick a rack that can store the right amount and combination of rifles, shotguns, and handguns for you rather than the one that will match another piece of furniture.

                        Why Use A Gun Rack

                        While I’m no Marie Kondo, there is value to having everything in its place, which makes gun racks handy accessories. They help transform firearms from their cumbersome and unwieldy nature to something which can be displayed with pride. Plus they help simply avoid them just lying about, and add structure to the interior of a gun safe. Use a gun rack to add organization to any space where you want to display firearms without worrying about your collection getting scratched or dented.

                        Gun Rack Price Ranges

                        • Under $30. For not much more than $10, you can expect some simple hooks for one firearm that may or may not be padded. They make for quick access but are very limited in the way of features.
                        • $30-$75. North of $30, it’s possible to get a nice, multi-gun rack made out of wood that mounts to a wall and allows for display of your firearms. Most will be particleboard or some other lower-end material rather than true wood or metal.
                        • $75-$100. For $75 or more, you’ll have the same, but also some metal options and gun racks with vertical storage. These will be considerably more solid, often coming with room for multiple weapons, wall mount capabilities, and accessories for things like handguns or other products.
                        • Over $100. You’ll be looking at premium quality gun racks and wall racks as well as solutions to set up stores, gun show booths, and the like.These are often heavier, can support more weight and multiple rifles, offer secure gun storage, and serve as a display or gun storage within a room or office.

                        How We Selected Our Recommendations

                        We make our recommendations based on firsthand experience, as well as combing through actual customer reviews of the products. We recommend things we either do, or would, use ourselves.

                        As much as I would love to put all these gun racks to the test there are times when certain products or categories are a real challenge — be it availability, cost, or simply a lack of resources — we can get stymied going hands-on with all the potential candidates. Rather than present a never-ending list of all the gun racks on the planet, we selected those which we felt best represent the price points laid out above — giving you a solid representational list to serve as a jumping-off point for your own research (you are going to do you own research, right?)

                        To avoid disappointment or steering you in the wrong direction, we bolster our own experience with conversations with experts, comb through reviews on retailer sites & sales data, review industry publications, other blogs, and otherwise surface the best information available.

                        We aim for all thriller, no filler, as they say.

                        Vertical gun racks store the firearms pointing at the floor or the ceiling: these, we find, are most useful for people who lack wall space or are trying to optimize the layout of a safe. They can also be a lot of use for people who’re setting up a gun shop or a booth at a gun show. These are most common in a configuration that allows for multiple long guns.

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