Gun in vise

Best Gun Vices & Cleaning Stands

Michael Crites


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How to pick the best gun vise for your needs.

Have you ever tried cleaning and gunsmithing your rifle without a vise?

It’s slow, sloppy, and super impractical, which is why a vise is as critical to your rifle’s life and functionality as changing the oil in your car.

Every professional gunsmith uses a gun vise and you absolutely need an appropriate platform for routine gun maintenance and things like scoping your bore.

In this article we wanted to understand what makes for the best rifle cleaning vise, so we took a look at a number of the highest-rated gun vises, spoke to a number of gunsmiths about the features that matter most, and explain below the nuances of picking the best gun vise for your purposes. Hopefully this buying guide will make it clear what you should look for in your next gun vise.

Tipton Best Gun Vise for Cleaning, Gunsmithing and Gun Maintenance
  • Ease of use: L-shape center support holds break-open guns securely and separate quick-release cam...
  • Versatility: Easily configurable to handle bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, extendable...
  • Durable: Non-marring, solvent-resistant polymer stands up to years of hard use

The Tipton Vise is probably the most popular gun vice on the market – and for good reason. It’s a very well-engineered product (even if the plastics base is less than perfect.) Any way you cut it this is a very adaptable platform.

The supports are all fully elevation adjustable, rubber feet hold it in place, and the rear clamp features two adjustable, padded quick-release clamp blocks, which feature padded jaws that are vertically independent and can be locked in at different points off the centerline.

You’ll be able to work on all types of long guns and handguns with this little wonder – any stock configuration, style and size of firearm.

The Tipton works with any firearm