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The Best Holsters for Running

What are the best holsters for running?

After nearly a month spent looking at 25 different runner-friendly gun holsters in retail stores and online, weeding out far too many low-quality duds, and running a battery of tests with our running enthusiast friends (yes, we have them) on 10 standout contenders, we found the best gun holsters for folks who want to carry a gun while running or jogging in a both IWB & OWB configurations.

These holsters hold your piece tight to your body; resist slipping, sliding, and sweat; accept several types of handguns, and are the most comfortable of our test selections.

Since everyone has a different preference we provided recommendations based on the various holster types – we recommend the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster if you prefer a belly band, the Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster for a comfortable shoulder holster, and a Sticky Holsters MD-1 for in-pocket or inside waistband placements.

Stick with one of these and you’ll have an easier time keeping your piece in place on your run.

Quick List: The 6 Best Gun Holsters for Running:

  1. Best Belly Band Holster: ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster
  2. Belly Band Runner-Up: Concealed Carrier Belly Band Holster
  3. Best Shoulder Holster: Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster
  4. Shoulder Holster Runner-Up: LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster
  5. Best IWB/In-Pocket: Sticky Holsters MD-1 
  6. IWB/In-Pocket Runner-Up: BLACKHAWK! TecGrip Holster

Our Top Pick (Best Overall):

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster
  • AVAILABLE IN LARGE AND XL - Large neoprene band is adjustable and fits up to a 44" belly. XL fits up...
  • ONE SIZE HOLSTER FITS MOST FIREARMS - Surgical grade elastic holster fits small subcompact, compact,...
  • CARRY IN ANY POSITION - Can be worn inside the waistband IWB, outside the pants OWB, cross draw,...

The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster is part neoprene belt, part universal holster. Roughly the same weight as an elastic knee brace, its flexibility and variety of carry options make it ideal for carrying a variety of handguns while running

Smaller than other belly bands but just as capable

It’s smaller than similar belly bands we tested but still has room for an extra magazine or a wallet and keys.

Even if you don’t have a compact pistol, it’s one of the few belly bands we found with a holster big enough to accommodate basically any size pistol that also included a hard trigger cover

We tested a number of these belly bands and you’d be surprised how easy it can be to forcefully pull the trigger through the elastic holster. 

That’s a non-issue with the ComfortTac as it has a hard snap retainerwhich closed directly over the trigger – making it impossible to pull the trigger through the holster. Really smart touch. It’s available in both left and right draw orientations with sizes up to a 54” waist.


  • Trigger-guard retention system
  • Thick but light neoprene
  • Works for at least 8 different carry styles
  • Works for every size pistol


  • Retention clip isn’t particularly durable

Belly Band Runner-Up

Concealed Carrier Belly Band Holster
  • ⭐️ RIGHT-HANDED ✔ ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Neoprene material stretches to fit up to a 44" belly....
  • ✔ HOLDS ANY SIZE PISTOL! Surgical grade elastic holster fits small subcompact, compact, and even...
  • ✔ VERSATILE CARRY OPTIONS! Can be worn inside the waistband, outside the waistband, cross body,...

There are numerous belly band holsters you could try, but we liked the Concealed Carrier Belly Band Holster because it’s perfectly sized for a running holster and feels sleek and minimal when worn. It accommodates any sized pistol but it’s still not so large that it won’t work for concealed carry. 

This belly band is slim and compact (5″ wide x 42″ long), will fit up to a 44″ waist, and still has space to fit accessories like an extra mag, wallet, or phone. 

We preferred the ComfortTek due to its ability to accommodate larger waists and a more secure trigger guard.

While it wasn’t easy, we were able to pull the trigger on the Concealed Carry belly band, which we couldn’t on the ComfortTek.


  • Very small and light
  • Easy to wear
  • Secures handguns well
  • Fits and size handgun


  • Elastic thin enough to pull the trigger while holstered
  • 44” waist is maximum size

Best Shoulder Holster:

Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster
  • Suitable for all kinds of pistols and easy to draw.
  • It is fully adjustable. Won't show through most clothing.
  • Extra padding to protect your gun from perspiration and for comfort.

The Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster was one of the nicest-fitting shoulder holsters we tested and our favorite if you want to carry via shoulder holster when running. 

Its strap orientation distributes the weight of your pistol through your upper torso while hugging your chest tightly enough to prevent jostling while on the move

The simple design allows for a good degree of adjustability and its elastic holster accommodates compact and full-sized pistols. 

The Yeeper is also more versatile than many other shoulder holsters—it ranges in size from 33” to 50” – so there are very few people it won’t fit.

We especially liked its soft lining that protects both your firearm from sweat and your body from chaffing. Plus it’s under $20 most of the time, which means there’s little risk to trying it out.


  • Solid, firm fit
  • Accommodates any sized pistol
  • Wide range of fits
  • Price


  • Velcro on the strap could be wider
  • Velcro backing can catch shirt fibers

Shoulder Holster Runner-Up:

LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster
  • 38 holster Our shoulder holster will conceal your gun without the need to wear a suit or jacket! If...
  • Distributes the weight of gun to shoulders and back for a comfortable, all day carry
  • It is fully adjustable. Won't show through most clothing,thanksgiving,halloween,black friday,gift...

No one likes having their run interrupted by a jostling firearm, but the LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster will make you look forward to strapping your piece down before your run.

It’s a secure, capable shoulder holster and also comes in sizes from 33” – 50”, right and left orientation, and is designed to hold every size of pistol securely. It can run a little small, so it’s very popular with men at or under 6 ft tall and a variety of women.

That said, the smaller sizing means it’s a solidly firm fit, and very effective for concealed carry.


  • Firm, tight fit
  • Fits all sizes of handguns
  • Price


  • Can run small
  • Not as durable as other options

Best IWB/In-Pocket holster:

Sticky Holsters MD-1 - Suitable for Small 9MM’s - Med/Sm Autos up to 3.5" BBL
  • WHAT'S A STICKY HOLSTER: We have developed special holsters into a modular system, where you can use...
  • MD-1 MEDIUM: The MD-1 is Suitable for small 9MM’s - Med/Sm autos such as Smith and Wesson Sigma,...
  • tick Holsters MD-1

For a maximally flexible everyday running holster, consider a strapless, clipless IWB holster or pocket holster.

We have plenty of recommendations in our guides for different holsters, but for unrivalled flexibility, you can’t beat the Sticky Holsters MD-1, which is sturdy, takes little space, super secure.

Useful & easy to draw

No pocket holster can give you the same kind of stability you’d get with a full harness, but they are useful if you want the flexibility to move while carrying and need something light

The Sticky Holster tested well in our draw tests – shifting slightly upon draw along with our clothing, but nothing that made us feel like it was difficult or awkward to draw.

Works with 3.5″ barrels or less

If your pistol’s barrel is more than 3.5” – or don’t wear something that has a taught waistband or pockets – these won’t work if you want to carry while running, but the Sticky has a marvellously non-slip exterior skin that makes it stick to whatever you place it next to. 

It makes for a very secure carry with a good variety of different workout gear – even running shorts provided they offer a tight fit. Its ambidextrous fit makes it work for right and left-handed users, so there’s no chance of ordering the wrong orientation.

No clips or loops 

We like that there’s no clips or loops involved, which keeps it about as light as any holster on the market without requiring you to wear a belt.

They’re also made in America, which is an added bonus.


  • American made
  • Super light weight
  • Most flexible option


  • Maximum barrel size 3.5”

IWB/In-Pocket Runner-Up:

BLACKHAWK! TecGrip Holster
  • Size 04 fits most Sub-Compact 9 40 autos
  • Designed for both civilian and Law Enforcement concealed carry
  • Proprietary gripping material secures holster in any pocket

Blackhawk is a well-known brand in the holster market, and their TecGrip Holster is another high-quality product that benefits from their experience with both civilian and law enforcement concealed carry holsters. 

The exterior of the TecGrip is designed to create friction and “stick” to fabric or skin and the pouch fits most firearms tightly enough to prevent jostling while running.

It’s also very comfortable to wear due to the 3 layers of closed-cell foam that provide a buffer between your body and the firearm. 

Those layers also help the holster confirm to your body shape, and in our tests, there was no real sense of the gun shape, sharp corners, or pressure points.

You know where the pistol is but it’s comfortably separated from your hip, side, or back.

The TecGrip is the runner-up principally due to how it performed in our draw tests. The way the fabric is cut we could only gain purchase on the bottom portion of the grip, which required us to adjust our grip post draw before our support finger was directly under the trigger guard. 

Other than the draw tests the TecGrip was a solid performer in terms of stability and grip on our test units. 


  • Price
  • Quality materials
  • Comfortable & stable


  • Fabric cut requires grip adjustment before attaining firing position


Each of these running holsters offers gun owners a variety of different features but our top picks are as follows:

Each of these holsters best met the requirements of the role they were designed for and met the criteria for any running holster we’d recommend:

  • Stable fit
  • Comfortable, non-chafing material
  • Fits a wide variety of body shapes and carry styles

There are quite a few options out in this category, but we hope this article steers you in the right direction. If you have any questions or feedback please drop us a line.

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