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Magpul Industries is, by any objective measure, one of the best and most well-known firearm accessory manufacturers on the planet. They’ve earned that reputation by making ruggedly dependable gear since 1999 – starting with their original product, the Mag Puller, from which they derived their name.

Their principal-driven product approach was defined by their founder, US Marine Corps FORECON sergeant Richard M. Fitzpatrick, and they’ve been innovating ever since. 

They’re best known for their high-quality PMAG magazines and, frankly, once you start running them in your AR you’ll find yourself dropping them into every other gun in your collection.

Long past their original mag puller, they now manufacture everything under the sun for most firearms, including sights, handguards, foregrips (both angled foregrips and straight), as well as slings, and, of course, furniture kits.

If you’re looking to set-up your firearms with an accessory platform that’s easy-to-install, good-looking, and super rugged, we recommend their line of furniture sets. These are the very same products that have been embraced by military forces, law enforcement, and (of course) gun enthusiasts across the globe. 

In This Article:

Magpul Furniture Comparison

Below is my list of the best Magpul furniture kits for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost.

Click on the name to head to the product page, read reviews and check prices or skip ahead to the list of furniture kits.

  1. Best Overall: Matrix Industries Magpul Furniture Kit
  2. Also Great: MOE Furniture Set
  3. Best AK Kit: MOE Zhukov Set 
  4. Also Great for AK:  MOE AK Furniture Set 
  5. Best for Mossberg Shotguns: Mossberg 500 Stock and Forend Kit
  6. Most AR Accessory Space: MOE SL Furniture Set

Magpul Furniture Kit Reviews

1. Best Overall Kit: Matris Industries Kit

When it comes to furniture kits, these Matrix Industries sets (which use Magpul components) are an incredible value. Not only do you get the standard stock/grip/handguard, but these sets also include a trigger guard, a PMAG, and a vertical grip. 

They’re full conversion kits that give you everything you need to turn your AR up a notch. Plus they’re available in both commercial and mil-spec options, so everyone can get in on the action.

What We Liked

  • A complete set of furniture plus a few a bonus items like trigger guards & vertical grip
  • Lots of color and camo options
  • Both mil-spec and commercial options

What We Didn't Like

  • Will require some tinkering to perfect the fit
  • Basic colors like black and olive can be hard to get ahold of

2. Also Great: Magpul MOE Kit

This is another one of our go-to Magpul Industries furniture sets. The MOE set (Magpul Original Equipment) comes in understated colors, like flat dark earth and olive drab, which are both very popular and won’t change the OEM look/feel of your rifle.

The PA-15 is a solid choice in almost any caliber as the upper and lower lockup is dialed-in.
My PSA PA-15 AR uses the MOE grip and stock, for a durable, slim profile.

The MOE Carbine Stock kit is just right for your 14.5” and 16” length barrels and offers 3 Magpul MOE M-Lok slots on either side of the handguard as well as a basic grip cap and MOE pistol grip, but for a longer barrel setup, I like a little more handguard to keep us from cooking our hands on a hot barrel and provide some additional mounting space. 

What We Liked

  • Tons of places to mount m-lok accessories
  • Easily adjustable length of pull on the stock
  • This pistol grip is our personal favorite
  • Perfect length for carbine barrels

What We Didn't Like

  • The handguard might be too short for some applications
  • The lip on the front of the handguard could be more pronounced

3. Best AK Kit: Magpul Industries Zhukov

The MOE Zhukov Set is an upgraded version of a straightforward MOE set, with a longer handguard and a folding stock. With more handguard you have the opportunity to incorporate accessories like a vertical grip or a bipod if you’re building more of an RPK style AK, which, when built in the available plum color, would give your AK a classic Eastern European feel.

What We Liked

  • Folding stock is fantastic
  • Overmolded grip levels up the stability
  • Longer handguard than other options
  • Would be a great DMR setup
  • Comes in plum and flat dark earth

What We Didn't Like

  • We’d have put the stock from the previous kit with this one
  • This won’t play nice with SBR AKs

4. Also Great For AK: Magpul MOE AK Kit

Much like the Magpul AR kit, the AK MOE kit is an industry standard for new AKs. I like the plum color for a look that is a nod to European AK designs, much like the Zhukov example. The package offers a Magpul MOE grip along with the key buttstock and handguard bits with an easy-to-install front hand guard retaining cap and sling loop.

One thing we’d improve is adding a cheek riser that has more adjustability. Otherwise, this kit will more than likely make it onto our next AK build.

What We Liked

  • The skeletonized stock looks great and is very light
  • The gas tube cover is a great touch
  • Perfect for finishing a parts kit

What We Didn't Like

  • The handguard might require a bit of hand fitting
  • Cheek weld could be a little better

5. Best for Mossberg Shotguns: Magpul Mossberg 500 Kit

While I don’t mind most of Mossberg’s stocks, the ability to upgrade the handguard with a matching stock is a major selling point with their 500 Stock and Forend Kit

We think a home defense shotgun can benefit from a hand stop or a grip, and this is a great way to do that with Magpul’s quality parts, which add the anti-slip surface found on Magpul handguards to the forend, for a familiar, tactile experience.  

What We Liked

  • The rubber butt pad will soak up some recoil
  • Easy sling attachment point on the stock
  • Multiple color options

What We Didn't Like

  • The dip in the stock might mess with cheek weld.
  • Not compatible with 6-1/2″ action tube assembly, the Maverick or pinned-in action tube assembly 500s

6. Most AR Accessory Space: Magpul MOE SL Kit

Finishing out our list, we have another AR kit. The MOE SL Furniture Set is meant for longer barrel AR builds and is ideal if you need room to mount a bipod or larger under-barrel accessory. An AR-10 build with a long-barrel 6.5 Creedmoor would pair nicely with this set.

What We Liked

  • Longer handguard works for up to 20” barrel
  • Same great pistol grip
  • Tons of space for accessories

What We Didn't Like

  • Unless you have a slim gas block, won’t work for shorter barrels
  • All the extra length does add a few ounces of weight

So, why Magpul?

Magpul has made a name for itself in the last decade making the magazines and furniture sets that have become, in the eyes of a lot of shooters, the industry standard. They made their mark in the furniture space for a few very good reasons. First and foremost, their furniture sets provide a comfortable and stable shooting experience. 

That’s why we keep coming back to Magpul to outfit any new firearms that come into our collection: knowing that the stocks won’t rattle too much, the cheek welds are good, and that the parts will fit straight out of the package make Magpul furniture sets great options.

We think that Magpul offers a few things over the morass of mags and accessories out there. First and foremost, the U.S. Marine Corps approved the GenM3 Pmag for both training and combat – and the U.K. delivered 100,000 PMAGs to their troops in Afghanistan – so you know their products are truly battle-tested.

Magpul’s stuff also offers thoughtful touches you can’t find elsewhere – like the Pmag’s window to see available rounds at a glance and dust cap that helps keep ammo clean from dirt and debris. 

The breadth of their accessories also means you can create a consistent feel and environment across a variety of firearms.

For example, while our list covers AR & AK platforms as well as Mossberg shotguns, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reasonably popular firearm for which they don’t offer a wide variety of products. The more consistency across platforms, the better your training and muscle memory will transfer from one firearm to another. 

AR Lowers - PSA PCC Lower Alt
My PSA PCC has a Magpul STR (Storage/Type Restricted) Carbine Stock, which has storage space for batteries or a small repair kit. Here you can also see the basic grip cap for housing a battery or other small item within the Magpul MOE grip.

Straightforward benefits

In addition to simply replacing broken rifle or shotgun components, Magpul’s firearm accessories will add features and functionality and improve ergonomics.

When compared to wood, polymer furniture tends to last longer, avoid swelling with heat or moisture, and have more attachment points. They’re also considerably lighter. We’ll save the wood for our classic firearms. 

Also, these sets are great for personalizing the fit of your firearm. Different rifle grips will naturally feel better in your hands than others – and dialing in your cheek weld may take something besides your OEM carbine stock or an anti-slip pad. I recommend experimenting a bit to find out what feels right in your hands, and that means having options, which Magpul gives you in spades — both in terms of furniture kits and Magpul stocks

When it’s time to set up a fighting gun, I go with Magpul.

While I view firearms as deeply utilitarian objects, I also love firearms as aesthetic objects as well. That’s why I like Magpul’s products: they make great-looking sets of furniture for modern firearms. On this one, I especially like their furniture sets meant for AK rifles. I think that Magpul’s MOE AK kit is one of the best-looking sets to update an AK into a modern-looking firearm.

Mil-spec vs commercial buffer tubes

Fit matters. Without a secure fit, you’ll get slop – and slop means instability. 

When it comes to ARs keep the buffer tube length and size in mind. Mil-spec is all the rage, and Magpul sets are engineered for mil-spec applications. Older ARs from the 1990s and early 2000s may be running commercial-spec buffer tubes, which aren’t interchangeable with mil-spec. 

Additional considerations

Beyond meeting our shooting buddy’s tacticool expectations – more attachment points mean it’s easy to accommodate slings, vertical foregrips, and other functional goodies. Magpul’s stuff is designed around expanding the potential of your firearm, which means you have what you need when you’re ready to add that 3rd red dot to your rifle.

Types of Magpul Furniture Sets

Magpul Stocks on parade
Magpul Stocks on parade

Here, I’ll go over Magpul’s offerings in terms of the kinds of firearms that they go on. For each type of firearm, there are a few special features and subsets worth considering.

AR Sets

Outfitting ARs is Magpul’s bread and butter. Here, you can choose from full kits that have a stock, handguard, and vertical grip to fit all of your needs and maintain compliance with state laws.

The stocks come in a ton of different styles — from a carbine stock to more custom options — but here it’s sufficient to say that whether you’re looking for something fixed or telescoping, they have something for you. Aside from the full kits, they also offer single parts. If you have an AR you like the look of but don’t love the finger bump on the stock, a Magpul pistol grip is a must-do upgrade.

AK Sets

Another major line that Magpul offers these days is their AK line of fore-ends, stocks, and pistol grips. Much like their AK series, you’ll be able to choose between folding and fixed stocks to meet your needs and aesthetic preferences well.

I especially like the plum color that some of the AK furniture comes in since it reminds us of some of the furniture and magazines that came on later Soviet Era guns.

Shotgun & Brand-Specific Sets

Magpul also makes a fairly sizable line for Mossberg and Remington shotguns, including stocks and fore-ends. These are often a big upgrade looking to take some weight off of their shotgun or attach accessories to the fore-end.

Lately, Magpul has also been adding more stocks for HK and FN products, as well as some bolt action rifles, so it looks like Magpul intends to become the industry leader in terms of outfitting all kinds of firearms for all kinds of shooters. Basically, if you have a gun you want to add some furniture to, Magpul likely has something for you.

Features of Magpul Furniture Sets

Fixed or Adjustable Stock

An adjustable (or "telescoping") stock adds a lot of flexibility to your rifle along with an anti slip surface on the minimal recoil pad.
An adjustable (or "telescoping") stock adds a lot of flexibility to your rifle along with an anti slip surface on the minimal recoil pad.

The first thing I think about when getting a new set of furniture is the stock. These days, most people go for telescoping stocks on their ARs, and folding stocks are relatively common on some AK models.

With that said, if you’re going for the utmost accuracy, then it might also be worth considering a fixed stock so that there’s no movement at all. With that said, for most people, some kind of folding or telescoping stock is a nice convenience. 

Fore-End Length

Depending on the kind of look you’re going for, think carefully about the fore-end length that you want to use. If you like to have your hand as close to the muzzle as possible, then go for a longer fore-end for your AR or AK. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to save weight and d don’t mind a grip that’s closer to the magazine well, then a shorter fore-end is the way to go.

There’s a little less flexibility with shotguns and the other specialty platforms, but, in general, go with a fore-end that you think looks good to you and goes well with your style of shooting.

Sling Attachment Points

Two point slings attach to the barrel and stock, giving you a basic, but reliable, carry platform.
A few QD points can make all the difference.

A lot of people like to run their long guns with slings. It does tend to make life a lot easier if your chosen furniture set has quick detachment points or sling loop that work for single, two, or three-point sling usages. 

When you’re shopping for a set of furniture, I think it makes sense to look for options that make it easier to add your chosen sling. This is mostly the case with stocks, and with fore-ends, you’ll likely have to add a sling point yourself, so you might want to add one to your cart as you’re shopping for furniture sets. 

Accessory Rails

Rails are an AR's best friend!
Rails are an AR's best friend!

These days, Magpul uses mostly M-Lok for mounting accessories, and this has quickly become a standard across the industry. With that said, there are often extra pieces of rail and adapters that you can use to make use of all kinds of accessories, so keep in mind what other things you might have to buy if you want to use any older 1913 rail accessories.

Or, if you’re starting fresh, make sure that your accessories are compatible with the furniture kit that you want to put on your weapon.

Magpul Furniture Pricing

  • Sub $100. At less than $100, you can get a basic set of AR furniture that will come with everything you need to set up a rifle well. Of course, most of the individual parts will also come in less than this price but know that it is possible to get a nice, consistent look on your AR for less than a hundred dollar bill, and that kit will have the quality you’d expect from Magpul, though they may not have all of the nicest features.
  • $125-$200. For around $125, you’ll be able to snag a full set of AK furniture from Magpul, including a stock, pistol grip, and fore-end. Again, any individual part of the kit can be had for less than this, but they typically sell the kits for less than the combined total if you were to buy each part separately. For making a rifle into an aesthetically complete-looking piece of kit, I think that going for a full set of furniture is a good idea. One thing to keep in mind is that AK parts can require a little bit of fitting and filing to fit perfectly, so keep that in mind as you shop for AK furniture kits.
  • $200 or more. At $200 or greater, you’ll be able to get any kit you like for the AR or AK, including the more premium models that come kitted out with the best and widest set of features like adjustable monopods, cheek risers, and so on. Additionally, this is where you’ll find the more niche products, such as kits for shotguns, bolt action rifles, and HK/FN products. Here, things can get pretty expensive, but a nicely kitted-out rifle or shotgun is truly a pleasure to shoot.

Wrapping Up

In this list, we’ve tried to walk through the best Magpul furniture kits on offer. While it’s nearly impossible to fit every use case or build goal into a roundup list, we’ve attempted to cover the kinds of furniture sets that will work well for most people.

For an AR build the Matrix Industries Magpul Set or MOE Kit will give you years of service, but the AK and shotgun kits we’ve highlighted will update and upgrade those respective firearms as well.

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