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Savage Arms has been making firearms for over 120 years. Among its resume are award-winning hunting rifles, the first level-action rifle to use a box magazine, and mountains of firearms produced for Allied powers in both World Wars. Consumers looking for a brand that knows firearms well enough to offer products for any purpose or need should take a look at Savage rifles.

There are some truly exceptional entries in the company’s lineup that include semi-auto, single-shot, and bolt-action rifles — and unlike most other gun manufacturers, customers can find a variety of left-handed options in Savage rifles as well.
What’s more, those who are proud to support the United States will be happy to hear that Savage rifles are made in America.

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Savage Rifle Comparison

1. Savage Model 110

As one of the oldest continuously manufactured rifles in the United States, the Model 110 is as classic as they come. Not content to rest on their laurels, Savage Arms keeps improving on this old favorite year after year. The company offers a wide variety of variants to choose from, including different barrel lengths and stock and barrel material options.

300 Win Mag Rifles - Savage 110 - Right Profile Alt

The Model 110 offers shooters incredibly smooth operation, giving users an enjoyable range experience every time. Scopes are often packaged with the 110, giving consumers everything they need to start using their new rifles from the jump. 

The Accufit system is impressively customizable

Another big plus is the fact that these Savage rifles come equipped with the company’s proprietary AccuFit system. This innovative feature gives users the ability to customize the comb height, length of pull, and even the rifle’s trigger pull, which is made possible by Savage Arm’s AccuTrigger system.

2. Savage Axis II XP

Hunters looking for an affordable hunting rifle without compromising accuracy need to look no further than the Savage Axis. Don’t let the price fool you — Savage in no way held back on quality or features. On the contrary, with the Axis II you’ll find a wealth of choices that range from different calibers to premium material options — all without breaking the bank.

Specialized XP packages are available as well which can include pre-mounted optics for long-range enthusiasts. Even when packaged with a scope the asking price for the Axis II remains a fraction of what other brands charge for similar products. Even hunters on a budget can invest in a high-quality, performant rifle that will impress shooting buddies with rifles that cost 2 or 3x.

3. Savage MSR Patrol

Built on the AR platform, the Savage MSR (Modern Savage Rifle) series utilizes a gas system for cycling and comes equipped with high-quality components. Thanks to all the traditional black rifle fixin’s like an adjustable stock and free-floating handguard, users can look forward to a comfortable shooting experience that builds on AR familiarity.

What’s more, a Picatinny rail ensures that gun owners can easily install optics for improved accuracy. That said, the Savage MSR is already precise as it is, making the optional components icing on the cake.

It’s nice to see that customers can order this Savage rifle in a variety of calibers to better suit their needs, from 6.5 Creedmoor to .223 Remington and even .223 Wylde offered as well for those interested in running both 223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO ammo.

Depending on the application needed, you can choose from Precision, Competition, and Long-Range models for preconfigured options that package features for specific use cases.

4. Savage Model 11 Trophy Hunter

Hunters who need a complete hunting rifle will want to check out the Model 11 Trophy Hunter. Armed with a Nikon 3-9×40 BDC Reticle Scope, you get precision targeting right out of the gate. Savage also offers customers the choice of either stainless or carbon steel barrels, as well as synthetic or wood stocks — keeping with their theme of making it your own.

While the standard barrel length is 22 inches, a shorter 20-inch barrel is also available, and thanks to Savage’s AccuTrigger system hunters can customize the trigger pull to ensure both first and follow-on shots are to their liking.

Several calibers are available to choose from as well, ensuring that the Model 11 Trophy Hunter is delivered precisely as needed.

5. Savage Mark II

Looking for a .17 HMR or .22 Long Rifle? Not a problem. Need a specific barrel or stock? Five or 10 rounds? Whatever the case may be, Savage Arms delivers the goods with the Mark II.

The 10-round detachable magazine is easy-to-use, straying away from the more awkward box magazines found with other rimfire rifles, ensuring both convenience and efficiency. The most impressive feature is the price. You can take it home for just a couple hundred dollars, making it one of the more affordable Savage rifles anywhere.

6. Savage A17

Savage Arms hits a home run again, this time with the A17 semi-auto rimfire. Ideal for casual plinking or serious hunting, the A17 is just the ticket for versatility and a fun time at the range. Savage’s AccuTrigger technology makes a return, allowing users to adjust the trigger pull to better suit their needs.

As its name implies, the A17 fires .17 HMR cartridges via a 10-round rotary magazine. Savage Arms offers an XP option with this model, as well, equipping owners with a 3.5-10×36 Bushnell Rimfire Optics Scope.

Why choose a Savage rifle?

savage rifles - Savage Arms ad from 1901
Savage Ams has been producing and selling rifles since before WWI.

All Savage rifles and arms are made in the USA (with some operations in Canada, as well), which is always good to see.

What’s more, Savage rifles are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, including rimfire rifles for leisurely plinking, competition shooting, big game hunting, and self-defense, so no matter need you’re looking to fill there’s likely a Savage to fit the bill.

Moreover, Savage Arms covers a wide swath of calibers, styles, and materials with its firearms, meaning customers can easily customize their orders to ensure their Savage is uniquely theirs.

savage rifles - 110 accurfit system
The Savage Accufit system is a modular approach to establishing a perfect rifle fit.

And thanks to features like AccuFit and AccuTrigger, gun owners are afforded even more personalizable customization options.

History of the Savage Arms rifle

Founded over 120 years ago in 1894, Savage Arms has consistently produced high-quality firearms at affordable prices. Named after its founder, Arthur Savage, who was a bit of a polymath — having invented not only the Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle (one of the first lever-action rifles to use a magazine, and one which was in production for more than 100 years) but also radial tires, the modern detachable box magazine, and torpedos. Quite the renaissance man!

Savage Arms has a long history of working with militaries across the world — they were the runner-up out of six different gun manufacturers to produce a semi-automatic pistol for the U.S. Army before the turn of the 20th century. 

Although Savage Arms lost the bid to Colt, it didn’t stop Savage from going on to produce some of the finest firearms made in America — cranking out Lewis aircraft machineguns and small arms for the United States, France, Canada and Portugal during WWI.

During World War II Savage Arms knocked out more than 1,400,000 Thompson submachine guns, north of a million No. 4 Lee Enfield rifles, not to mention Browning aircraft machine guns in both .30 and .50 calibers. All told Savage Arms averaged 55,000 guns per month for Uncle Sam’s war effort. 

Savage also designed the first hammerless lever-action rifle for Colt, which began Savage Arms’ history of manufacturing award-winning rifles. One such rifle was the 93R17 BTVS, which was named “Best New Rifle” by several firearms magazines in 2007.

Best Uses

Savage Rifles - Savage Arms hunting rifle ad
Savage rifles have always been at home in the field taking game.

Savage rifles are ideal for big game hunting and competition shooting thanks to their focus on accuracy and high-quality components. Those who buy Savage can look forward not only to high performance but longevity, as well.

Pros and Cons

The biggest complaint gun owners have in regards to Savage Arms is the look and feel of some products. Savage leans on polymers for a lot of the lower-end firearms, which can give them a “cut and paste” quality.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and Savage fills all sections of the market — budget products included.

Aside from aesthetics, Savage excels where it matters most, delivering an accurate, comfortable, and reliable shooting experience.


With its long history of notable rifles, Savage Arms continues to deliver top-rated firearms at respectable prices. Consumers can count on Savage to provide plenty of options and customizable features.


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