The Best Urban Carry Holsters

What are the best urban carry holsters?

Concealed carry is a heated topic, and there’s no shortage of opinions, information, and laws to navigate. Beyond information overload, proper training is a must to ensure you’ve developed the skills necessary to select and carry your daily carry weapon competently.

Holsters — or more explicitly selecting the right one for you — is almost certainly a matter of personal preference and rife with seemingly endless options. 

As you search for the right carry holster, you’ve undoubtedly come across a wide variety of brands and options. Urban Carry Holsters is a relatively new brand in the world of holsters, but they offer a fresh perspective on how to make concealed carry more comfortable.

We dove deep into their products to define what makes Urban Carry Holsters unique and hopefully make it easy to determine if an urban Carry Holster is for you.

Urban Carry G3

The G3 is quick and easy to use.

Urban Carry’s G3 holster is a unique entry — and their crown jewel of sorts. Unlike other holsters that position your firearm along your waistline, where it can pinch and print — the Urban Carry G3 positions the firearm below your waist. As a result, your weapon is more comfortable to carry & stays hidden regardless of the type of clothing you’re wearing. They call it “deep concealment”, and the G3 does it better than any other holster we’ve seen.

These American-made leather holsters are constructed of pre-conditioned leather, making the G3 is surprisingly soft and comfortable. As such, the holster is ready to use with no need for a break-in period. And that’s a core belief of the Urban Carry Holster brand — their mission is to provide comfortable, user-friendly holsters for police officers and civilians alike. 

If you like the orientation of the G3 and are looking for a holster you can use right away, the G3 won’t disappoint.

Urban Carry LockLeather Hybrid

Urban Carry Lock Leather Hybrid OWB (Pancake) Molded Outside Waist Open/Conceal Carry Holster -...
  • WHY? - Leather holsters are great but often do not secure your firearm very well. Kydex holsters are...
  • LOCK LEATHER - A unique hybrid OWB leather holster providing the safety, security and tactical...
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? - A minimal click-retention device is integrated into the leather holster to...

As its name implies, this holster is a hybrid that combines the concealment and durability of leather but with the security of Kydex. You’re getting exceptional comfort and reliability in an OWB holster that delivers superior safety.

The LockLeather concealed carry holster works with over 1,000 different pistol models, ensuring that gun owners everywhere can get the concealment they need for their firearms.

If you’re looking for a durable OWB holster that rests comfortably on your beltline, the LockLeather will serve you well.

Urban Carry REVO Modular DropLeg Rig

Urban Carry REVO Modular DropLeg Rig
  • Belt support can accommodate up to a 2” tactical/duty belt Nylon straps to secure the rig to your...
  • Breathable three-dimensional padding for extra comfort with all day wear Vegetable tanned premium...
  • The riveted half-moon straps lock the Shell into place Works with left and right handed REVO shells...

As a modular drop-leg thigh holster, the REVO provides total concealment. You can safely and comfortably use this holster on both the left and right thigh thanks to the riveted half-moon system.

Accessing your firearm is easy, thanks to the quick-release straps. With that said, you can trust that your pistol stays secure in the holster at all times. Users must be sure that they are wearing sturdy gun belts to use the Urban Carry REVO, as it requires one to fasten onto.

Urban Carry Holsters REVO Shell

Designed to carry the CZ 75, this right-handed REVO shell works with the REVO Modular DropLeg Rig. It is compatible with any Urban Carry Holster REVO Rig. As such, you can choose to carry your firearm on your ankle, shoulder, OWB, IWB, and more.

Urban Carry LockLeather Laser

Do you have a light or laser on your carry weapon? Then this is the holster for you. The LockLeather Laser uses a powerful Rare Earth magnet to keep your firearm secured inside until you’re ready to use it.

As a left-handed OWB holster, the LockLeather Laser rests on your hip for easy access. The design is such that it enables quick-draw for high-tension situations.

Urban Carry REVO Modular IWB Rig

Urban Carry REVO Modular IWB Rig
  • Equipped with adjustable J-Clips that can be angled in a number of combinations for the most...
  • REVO revolution system to rotate the firearm’s Shell any position you want – a full 360 degrees...
  • Vegetable tanned premium saddle grade leather providing durability and longevity Locking snaps...

Thanks to adjustable J-clips, you can position the Rig in a variety of different angles to best accommodate your firearm. As an IWB Rig, you can confidently tuck this into your waistband for total concealment. What’s more, the REVO Revolution system ensures 360° rotation for even better versatility.

Urban Carry Considerations

urban carry holster - display models
A few of Urban Carry’s models on display at a recent SHOT show.

There are several factors to consider before investing in an Urban Carry holster. Firstly, does the holster provide total trigger coverage? Trigger coverage is a safety feature that you may need on your firearm, depending on your typical surroundings.

What’s more, is the Urban Carry model made of sturdy material? You can get a sturdy, high-quality American-made leather holster that will not only keep your firearm secure but also provide you with a comfortable carry.

Moreover, does the holster have good retention? You need to be sure that your weapon is secured at all times yet readily accessible to you when you need it.

Concealment is another concern to consider. Can you choose an OWB holster, or would it make more sense to invest in an IWB model? As discussed, leather holsters help protect against your skin for a comfortable carry.

Concealed carriers need to be equally concerned about guns/holsters protection. The last thing you want is for someone to be able to reach in and release your firearm.

IWB or OWB Carry?

IWB, or In-the-Waistband, carry allows you to conceal your firearm inside of your pants, similar to how a belly band holster functions. OWB, or Outside-the-Waistband, is precisely the opposite. It all depends on what you find more comfortable and your environment.

In some cases, an OWB holster will give away the fact that you’re carrying, whereas an IWB holster will not. Whether you are a veteran, police officer, or civilian, there are times when it’s necessary to keep your firearm hidden away from the public eye. 

Also, some people find one type more comfortable than the other. Do you want to give up concealment in favor of comfort, or vice versa? If neither holster type sounds appealing to you, a BWB (Below-the-Waistband) model might be your best bet. Keep reading to learn more about BWB holsters.

Easier Concealment vs. Comfort

First and foremost, carrying a concealed firearm is meant to do just that: hide it. Depending on the type of pistol you are carrying, you may need to rethink your holster options to ensure that your weapon is comfortable. 

You may want to opt for saddle-grade leather, which has long been favored for its comfort, giving you the best of both worlds. As such, you will be able to stay concealed while enjoying a comfortable carry. That said, there are ways to ensure that you get the most comfort possible.

Below are various types of holsters that you may find more suitable for your needs.


As you will see in a moment, OWB, BWB, and IWB holsters are the most popular choices. However, there are a few other options you might want to consider. Drop-leg thigh holsters serve as a type of OWB holster. But instead of positioning your firearm on your belt, drop-leg thigh holsters attach to your thigh.

Shoulder holsters are another alternative that provides both concealment and comfort. However, you will need to wear a coat or jacket for these holsters to be practical.

Depending on your gun’s size, you might consider an ankle holster as an alternative. This type of holster is limited in what it can safely carry, as a full-size pistol will undoubtedly interfere with your mobility. Pocket pistols may be your best bet for ankle carry.

While you are getting maximum concealment, accessibility is another issue entirely. You may have to take your eyes off of the threat to get to your ankle holster, which could put you in danger.

Choosing the Best Urban Carry Holster for You

You have several options to consider when choosing the best Urban Carry Holster for your firearms. The most common are: 

  • OWB (Outside-the-Waistband)
  • BWB (Below-the-Waistband)
  • IWB (In-the-Waistband)

Each one comes with its advantages. OWB holsters, for example, attach to your belt. As such, they rest outside of your pants, making them more comfortable than IWB holsters.

BWB holsters are among the most innovative options available. They conceal your weapon both on the inside of your pants and below your beltline. Instead of grabbing at your gun’s grip, you pull a flap at the top of the holster. This action results in your pistol essentially leaping into your hand.

And then there are IWB holsters. These holsters leave your weapon resting against your hip and inside of your beltline rather than out. Thus, the handle sticks up slightly for easy access. Though not as comfortable as OWB or BWB holsters, IWBs are excellent concealment holsters.


You have a lot of viable options when it comes to choosing the best Urban Carry holsters for your firearms. You may have to invest in more than one to ensure that you get optimal protection and safety. But in doing so, you can be sure that your weapons are adequately concealed and ready for use when needed.


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