The Best Waterproof Hunting Gloves in 2022

The right set of gloves can make or break a good hunt. It is tempting just to use whatever gloves you might have lying around, but having the right gloves is essential. We break it all down for you.
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Waterproof Hunting Gloves - Cover

Every hunter has their essential gear that they take to the woods with them. It might be their favorite camouflage, their best pair of boots, and all other types of gear imaginable. While the right rifle might do the important job of harvesting an animal, if the hunter can’t stay comfortable abd prepared for all types of weather conditions, then what good is the rifle?

That’s where having the right type of gloves can make or break a good hunt. It is tempting just to use whatever gloves you might have lying around, but having the right gloves is essential. That is where waterproof hunting gloves will offer comfort that other gloves can’t deliver.

After years of hunting in all kinds of different gloves and trying different combinations of layers, waterproof gloves have been the most effective at keeping me comfortable in the field. From hunting early bow season in the Midwest to hunting elk in Colorado at 10,000 feet in November, waterproof gloves have become an essential part of my hunting experience to keep me in the field for hours on end.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 50 degrees in early October or if it is the last week of December with eight inches of snow on the ground; moisture is a hunter’s worst enemy. Keeping your hands warm and functioning properly is a key part of any hunt. If a hunter’s hands get cold, that can quickly shorten a hunt or turn into a missed opportunity.

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Waterproof Hunting Glove Comparison

Below is my list of the best waterproof hunting gloves for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, reliability, and cost.

Click on the name to head to the product page, read reviews and check prices or skip ahead to the list of gloves.

Hunting Glove Reviews

1. Best Overall: Black Ovis Waterproof Hunting Gloves

The Black Ovis Waterproof Hunting Gloves are fully waterproof gloves that are super-thin, allowing easy movement in the field. These gloves have a sheepskin palm, index and middle fingers, and thumb for maximum dexterity and flexibility so that you can do everything with your gloves on! The outside nylon shell of the glove is cut-resistant, and the inside of the gloves are lined with a waterproof membrane.

These gloves are best for early hunting season when the temperatures are still fairly warm, but wet conditions are present. The inner liner is breathable, so even in warmer temperatures, you won’t have to worry about your hands becoming uncomfortably sweaty. Hunters will notice that with these thin gloves, the bonded liner will be comfortable and allow for easy use of hands without the bulk of bigger waterproof gloves.

2. Runner-Up: KUIU Axis Glove

The Axis Gloves come from the KUIU line and are a mid to late-season glove designed with bow hunters in mind. These come in a new high-stretched, fleece-backed fabric with a waterproof breathable membrane. These materials provide wind and water resistance for maximum protection for hunters who are out in the elements quite often.

They feature full fingers with a conductive index finger and thumb for smartphone use. The neoprene cuffs keep heat in and allow for easy wrist coverage between gloves and outerwear. The no-slip silicone grip dots on the palms help keep bows and guns safely gripped.

These were created with bow hunting in mind but would work well for gun hunters and even small game hunters. The Axis glove provides great warmth and maximum dexterity for those mid to late-season hunts and comes in a variety of colors and camo patterns. At $59, these are great gloves to have in any hunter’s glove arsenal.

3. Also Great: KUIU Yukon Pro Glove

The Yukon Pro Glove is part of the KUIU complete line of gloves that are totally effective in all conditions and temperatures to keep hunters in the field for as long as possible. This particular glove is an outer-layer glove that can be worn alone for mid-season hunts or wear gloves underneath in layers for those extreme cold conditions.

They have four-way stretch fabric on the backs that are durable, beads away water, and very flexible for easy movement.

KUIU Yukon Pro Glove Leather Palm
Special polymers in the Yukon Pro palm enhance its grip in wet or dry conditions. Via KUIU

The leather on the palm and fingers provide great grip, even when wet. Insulation at the palm provides warmth, and the HDry membrane in the glove provides complete water and wind protection.

These would be a great glove for hunters that spend a lot of time in the field from the early season all the way through the cold weather hunts of the late season. Since this is the outermost shell of a layering system, these gloves can be used as your late-season option to go over your favorite early and mid-season gloves.

4. Best Crossover Glove: BlackOvis Taiga Glomitt

The BlackOvis Taiga Glomitt is a great crossover glove for the coldest of hunts. Its design gives the best of both worlds between gloves and mittens. The glomitt gives the feel of mittens with the dexterity of an independent index finger that allows hunters to still use their trigger finger and pinch between their finger and thumb.

The Taiga has 150g 3m Thinsulate insulation for maximum warmth but is waterproof and breathable to keep you warm and dry in any conditions. Even though these gloves have a soft outer shell, they are durable and come with a goat skin palm. The tricot fleece lining will keep you warm and comfortable in the coldest conditions.

There is also a handy small pocket on the backside of the glove to keep hand warmers in for added warmth. The price tag is on the higher side, but when it comes to gloves, you get what you pay for.

5. Also Great: Black Ovis Sitka Pantanal GTX Glove

The Sitka Pantanal is the first Sitka brand glove to show up on our list. It won’t be the last either, as Sitka is widely known for being one of the best outerwear brands on the market for hunters. These gloves are made more for early and mid-season hunts but are waterproof and warm to keep you dry and hunting even in the wettest conditions.

The Pantanal is made of 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane bonded all the way through the gloves. Goat leather fingertips provide durability and dexterity to the hunter while shooting and performing other tasks with their hands. The palms and fingers are also bonded with +Grip to ensure a non-slip grip even in wet conditions.

At $140, these come with a steep price tag but are great for bow hunters, gun hunters, and any other hunter looking for a lightweight early to mid-season glove that will keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions.

Ranging with Sitka gloves
Ranging with Sitka gloves. Via Black Ovis

6. Also Great: Sitka Stormfront GTX Gloves

The Stormfront is one of the newest gloves from Sitka, offering a three-layer GORE-TEX outer shell that eliminates the need for waterproof liner gloves. This helps reduce the bulkiness of the glove but keeps it waterproof and flexible for maximum dexterity. What makes this glove impressive is the ability to remove the inner liners and swap them out with any of the other Sitka liners.

The palm and finger panels are synthetic and durable. It also has pre-curved fingers, making dexterity and ease of use even better.

These gloves are great for any hunter who likes versatility in their gloves. The removable liner allows the hunter to customize their gloves for different temperatures without losing the waterproof outer shell. Reviews show these gloves are best for early and mid-season use.

Sitka Hunting Gloves in the field
Sitka Hunting Gloves in the field. Via Black Ovis

7. KUIU Expedition Glove

The Expedition Glove by KUIU is a great cold weather glove that is durable and waterproof for even some of the most extreme weather conditions. It has a leather palm and flexible fabric backside that allow for both dexterity and durability. These gloves are seriously insulated, with 225g insulation on the back of the hand and 115g insulation on the palm side of the glove.

Reviews by users are extremely positive in all kinds of hunting, from midwest treestand hunts to winter elk hunts in the mountains. Several small issues that came up with these gloves are being a bit bulky and are sometimes hard to get off.

These are very popular gloves for late-season, cold weather hunts. They will definitely keep you dry and warm but could limit your shooting ability. Be sure to practice shooting with these gloves before heading out into the field.

8. KUIU Northstar Glomitt

The Northstar is KUIU’s version of a glomitt. This glomitt gives the wearer an independent index finger for dexterity while keeping the warmth of the mitten for the other fingers. They have a leather palm that gives it increased durability and a better range of motion. This glove contains 340g of insulation on the back and 170g of insulation on the palm.

The cuff of the glove has the ability to cinch to keep heat in and has tethers. The tethers are important as this glove is made for frigid weather temperatures, and the bulkiness of the glove will not allow hunters to make shots while wearing the glove. Having the tether will allow hunters to remove the glove without worrying about losing them.

Reviewers have also stated that the way the Northstar Glomitt is constructed allows for layering. Many speak specifically to wearing light wool or merino wool gloves underneath these so that when they are removed, the hunter is still wearing gloves. These are great extreme cold weather gloves or those that sit for long late-season hunts.

9. Pnuma Outdoors Recon Element Proof Glove

The Pnuma Outdoors Recon gloves is a very lightweight early to mid-season hunting glove. It is waterproof, breathable, and comes with a silicone palm grip to ensure that grip is maintained in any weather. These are tighter-fitting gloves that fit like a second skin, which makes them great stand-alone gloves for the early season. They can also be used as layer gloves later in the season to ensure your hands stay warm and dry.

These gloves would be perfect for early to mid-season bow hunters and spring turkey hunting. At a $50 price point, these are cheaper hunting gloves that come with waterproof capabilities.

10. Scentlok Full Season Midweight Bow Release Gloves

Scentlok Full Season Midweight Bow Release Gloves
  • ADAPTABLE FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Our hunting clothes and accessories are durable in the outdoors but...
  • DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: Made with a smooth, durable, premium polyester interlock fabric, these gloves...
  • SCENT CONTROL: Our ScentLok Carbon Alloy technology combines treated and activated carbon with...

Scentlok is a leading producer of hunting gear with the capability of masking scents and allowing hunters to control their scent in the field. This is especially popular with bow hunters. These gloves are not necessarily waterproof but rather are moisture wicking, keeping moisture off your hands and keeping you cool.

The micro-fleece material on the inside will help keep the hunter quiet and comfortable, even when drawing a bow. Being designed specifically for bow hunters, these gloves have a slot below the palm of each glove that will allow hunters that use a wrist release to comfortably wear their gloves simultaneously with their release. This can make hunts much more comfortable and drawing the bow easier when the time comes.

These are great gloves for bow hunters in early and mid-fall. The price point being $45 won’t break the bank either!

Hunting elk with ScentLok gloves
Hunting elk with ScentLok gloves. Via ScentLok

11. KUIU Northstar Glove

Like its glomitt counterpart, the Northstar Glove by KUIU is full finger gloves with the same properties. This waterproof hunting glove is also as durable as any work glove. These gloves are ideal for glassing and working in extremely cold and wet conditions. This is ideal for very frigid hunting conditions.

Like the glomitt, the Northstar Glove will be too bulky to use for shooting, but it is built to be layered. This will allow the wearer to layer thinner gloves underneath and remove the bulk for finer uses like pulling a trigger when needed. These are built with pre-curved fingers and wrap-around fingertips for better dexterity.

12. Sitka Delta Deek GTX Glove

The Delta Deek GTX by Sitka is geared mostly towards duck hunting but could easily find themselves in any late-season hunting gear. This is a long wrist gauntlet-style glove that is designed to break through ice and place or pick up decoys for goose and duck hunting. These are specifically designed for a lot of use that must keep the hunter’s hands dry and warm.

This glove comes with a waterproof three-layer GORE-TEX outer shell and a removable fleece liner. It is highly breathable to allow for quick drying. It has synthetic palms and fingers with elastic cuffs around the wrist to ensure that water does not get inside the glove. The fingers are pre-curved and articulated for easier use and better dexterity. With an enhanced gun grip, you can easily use these in the blind or in a stand.

The Delta Deek gloves are no doubt great gloves for any waterfowl hunter but could also be a great glove for the deer hunter on a very late-season hunt who needs to stay in the stand as long as possible.

13. Scentlok Savanna Lightweight Camo Shooter Gloves

Scentlok Savanna Lightweight Camo Shooter Gloves
  • SCENT-ABSORBING LIGHTWEIGHT HUNTING GLOVES: Don't go out uncovered when the season starts. No other...
  • DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: Made with a smooth, durable, premium polyester interlock fabric, these gloves...
  • ADAPTABLE FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Our hunting clothes and accessories are durable in the outdoors but...

Like its bow hunting counterpart, the Scentlok Savanna is again a lightweight, moisture-wicking glove for early and mid-season hunting. These can be used as bow hunting gloves as well as gun hunting. They have a nice palm grip to ensure that you have a solid grip on your equipment.

These could also be used as a basic shooting glove as well, especially with their moisture-wicking capabilities. Many reviewers did state that this particular set of gloves tends to run a bit small but are great for early season sits or for active stalk types of hunts in temperatures in the 30s and 40s.

At $35, these gloves come at a good value, but their use is limited. Although these gloves are good for early and mid-season warm weather hunting, they would not be good to use as layers later in the season.

Using a turkey call with ScentLok Camo Gloves
Using a turkey call with ScentLok Camo Gloves. Via ScentLok

14. Hunt Monkey Stealth Hunt Gloves

The Stealth Hunt gloves from Hunt Monkey are a brand new product that is made more for early and mid-season hunts. They resemble more basic mechanic gloves but have been given upgraded qualities to make them waterproof and more durable. This glove has been equipped with Dry-Tec waterproof and DWR watershed technology for 100% waterproof construction.

These gloves will keep your hands extremely dry, and it also has 40g of Thinsulate insulation. That isn’t much, but these gloves are not meant for extremely cold conditions. Instead, these are made to cut the cold and keep your hands dry more than anything else. With such a thin layer of insulation, it keeps the glove thin for a better feel and maximum dexterity.

These gloves would be great for warmer weather hunters in early and mid-season in the fall or for spring turkey hunters. These gloves will be more durable and waterproof for damp mornings compared to most early-season gloves like leather gloves.

15. King's Camo Insulated Glove

As one of the cheapest hunting gloves on the list, King’s Insulated Camo gloves also seem to be very popular amongst hunters. These warm gloves are made 100% of quick-drying polyester material for warmth and waterproof. It also includes 40 grams of Thinsulate for added warmth while still allowing for flexibility and breathability.

These gloves have grip-enhanced palms and fingers to help with durability. A streamlined index finger is these gloves’ biggest and most important feature. According to reviews, this index finger allows for added grip and easily fits into a trigger guard to allow hunters to keep the gloves on while making a shot.

These $35 gloves are great for cold weather hunts and for hunters who are looking for a comfortable glove that they can keep on when needing to make a shot on a game animal. This would be a very affordable glove for late-season big game hunting.

16. Hunt Monkey Wildcat Dry-Tec Mitten

Another new product from Hunt Monkey is their Wildcat Flip Finger Mitten. Now, these are listed as hunting mittens but are really glomitts that allow for freedom of movement in the index finger and thumb, but with the warmth of a mitten. These mittens take that freedom of movement one step further with flip index fingers and thumbs for better shooting function with the gloves on.

These have a thermo-conductive fleece lining to absorb and retain heat for maximum hand warmth. Hunt Monkey’s Dry-Tec technology is 100% waterproof and breathable to keep from getting cold and wet hands. There are 260 grams of Thinsulate, and the palms are made durable by premium goatskin leather.

These are great gloves for late-season hunting — and for hunters who want gloves they don’t have to take off. There aren’t many reviews for these gloves because of the product is relatively new, but they are definitely worth the try, especially given the price.

17. Huntworth Lightweight Hunting Gloves

Huntworth Lightweight Hunting Gloves
  • CONCEALMENT: Huntworth Disruption camouflage utilizes computer generated graphics featuring a high...
  • UNLINED WARMTH: This Hybrid glove packs a surprising amount of warmth for a light weight glove. The...
  • DWR AND SCENT CONTROL: The exterior has a Durable Water Repellent finish that resists light rain and...

The Huntworth brand is known for having cheap hunting gloves and is one of the most basic companies when it comes to hunting gear. However, they make good products for the price. Their lightweight hunting gloves are great for cooler climates in the fall or spring seasons. These gloves are unlined, but their woven polyester bonded to soft fleece makes them waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

The outside of the glove has a Durable Water Repellent finish to resist light rains and comes with scent reduction capabilities. The palm and fingers have a non-slip silicone screen printed on to ensure a firm grip on your equipment. These are great, affordable early-season gloves for all types of hunters, including bow hunters.

18. Kryptek Tora Glove

The Kryptek Tora Gloves are a light to midweight glove that are more along the lines of shooting gloves over hunting gloves but could still be highly effective in the field. These come with a padded palm made of 100% suede leather and a DWR finish to ensure that the gloves are waterproof.

Their nylon, two-way stretch fabric allows for maximum flexibility and dexterity. These would be great for early-season hunting or western big game hunts in warmer climates who need added dexterity and feel for longer-range shots. These may be best for hunters that have a very specific hunting style but could run into some wet weather hunting.

19. Sitka Downpour GTX Glove

Huntworth Lightweight Hunting Gloves
  • Shell Material: Back is stretch woven polyester bonded to a windproof breathable film and a soft...
  • Insulation: 60g PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. Insert: Hydrashield waterproof breathable insert. Lining:...
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Conductive index finger and thumb for use on touch screen devices

If you are the type of hunter that likes to be out in the field during a steady rain early in the season, the Sitka Downpour GTX gloves will be a perfect fit. These are not the warmest hunting gloves on the market but are geared more towards wet weather and staying waterproof. The breathable GORE-TEX membrane is bonded with +Grip to keep your grip firm in all types of weather.

These gloves have leather palms and fingers with articulated fingers for added comfort and movement. There is also a backhand absorbent pad for nose wiping when needed. These would be great for early season or upland game hunters who tend to run into wetter climates and weather patterns.

20. Huntworth HeavyWeight Hunting Gloves

Huntworth HeavyWeight Hunting Gloves
  • Shell Material: Back is stretch woven polyester bonded to a windproof breathable film and a soft...
  • Insulation: 60g PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. Insert: Hydrashield waterproof breathable insert. Lining:...
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Conductive index finger and thumb for use on touch screen devices

The heavyweight version from Huntworth is very similar to their lightweight gloves mentioned above. These have 40 grams of Thinsulate to keep your hands warm. The Hydrashield breathable waterproof membrane keeps your hands dry from wet conditions.

The palms and fingers have non-slip patching for better grip in all weather. The thumb and index fingers have touch tip capabilities for phone use. Overall, these are great cold weather gloves but a bit bulky to take a shot with while wearing. They will do a great job keeping you warm and dry, but wearing a thin set of gloves underneath would be advised for taking them off to make a shot.

Why Waterproof Hunting Gloves?

Hunting in winter
When hunting in cold and wet climates, waterproof gloves will drastically improve your experience. Via KUIU

For various reasons, many hunters may not see the need to always have waterproof hunting gloves in their arsenal of gear. Many don’t like hunting in wet, rainy weather, but sometimes the conditions we hunt in are unavoidable. Walking through damp or snowy conditions early in the morning can just as easily make you wet as a steady rain can.

Wet hands quickly get cold and uncomfortable, which can quickly limit your time in the field. Keeping your hands dry, warm, and functioning correctly can keep your hunt enjoyable and successful when the time comes to harvest your animal. If you can take care of our hands, you are setting yourself up for a great hunt.

Must-Have Waterproof Hunting Glove Features

Spotting in the field
Any quailty hunting glove should support.the range of activities hunting entails -- spotting, ranging, hiking, and (hopefully) shooting. Via Black Ovis

When you are shopping around for a pair of waterproof gloves, there are many features to take into account before settling on the right ones. Don’t be surprised if this takes some trial and error before settling on the right pair for you.

The first feature to consider is going to be comfort and fit. If the gloves you are wearing in the field aren’t comfortable and don’t fit well, you will constantly be fidgeting with the gloves, which can greatly impact your hunt. Not to mention being extremely annoying, an improper glove size can impact your ability to harvest an animal, whether it be pulling a trigger or being able to get an accurate shot.

Next will be the materials and warmth. The construction of the gloves and their ability to keep your hands warm is paramount. You want durable gloves that keep you warm for the longevity of your hunt.

Waterproofing, windproofing, and breathability are vitally important. Blocking water and wind will help keep your hands dry and warm from the elements. Breathability refers to how the glove deals with moisture created by your own body heat. If your hands get too warm and start sweating, that can quickly make your hands cold just as bad as outside water. You want gloves that will take that moisture and get rid of it.

Dexterity and other finger movement options become very important when it comes to the actual act of harvesting an animal. Being able to use your hands and fingers correctly without removing your gloves might be vitally important to you. If that is the case, look at other options like half-finger design gloves or gloves designed with the shooter in mind.

Finally comes your other perk options like the proper coloring or camouflage, as well as heated glove options like battery-operated or even pockets for hand warmers. You can expect fancier gloves to cost more, especially if you want added functionality, or a big name logo.

Choosing the Right Glove for Your Hunt

Choosing the right glove for your particular hunt is important. Your gloves will often work across various hunts, but each hunter will have their preferences.

Big game hunting like deer, elk, and moose will require bigger, thicker gloves that will hold up to the cold. The time of year and weather conditions of your hunt will directly impact your glove selection, but we highly suggest that you prepare for any type of situation. For animals like these, gloves that allow layers or work with layering systems would be the best bet.

For upland hunters chasing small game, the lighter to midweight gloves with high dexterity will be better for quick shots. Duck and other waterfowl hunters will lean more towards heavy gloves that stand up to direct water contact better than other gloves. However, that depends on your hunting style.

Price Ranges vs. Features

For hunters, price and features are always a focal point. What am I going to get for my money? It’s a legitimate question. When it comes to waterproof gloves, the more money you spend, the more features you will get. Figuring out if those features are worth the money is up to you.

  • Around $50. For gloves around or under the $50 price point, you will be looking at mostly lightweight and mid-weight gloves that are geared more towards early to mid-season fall hunting and spring turkey hunting. These gloves will be slightly insulated and have greater dexterity due to their thinner and lighter construction.
  • Between $50 and $100. At this price point hunters can find mid-weight to heavy-duty cold gloves that are durable and highly insulated. These gloves will deal with more rugged hunts and help protect hands from cold and wet weather much better than most of the $50 and under gloves
  • $100 and Over. Over the $100 price point are the best of the best cold weather hunting gloves on the market. These gloves are made with frigid weather in mind but are also highly engineered to allow for the maximum dexterity possible. Gloves at this price point are also made to withstand direct contact with water. You can certainly find gloves geared more towards wet waterfowl hunters at this price, but they can be used by big game hunters in frigid conditions as well.

The best bang for your buck might be buying a system of gloves that can be layered and used in different phases of the hunting season. KUIU and Sitka both have their own glove systems that fit this mold, but they will come with higher price tags. Extra money on gloves might outweigh the amount of money you spend on disposable hand warmers each season.

How We Selected These Products

While we prefer hands-on reviews, we leaned on personal experience, online reviews, and discussions with experts to hone in on the best of the best waterproof gloves on the market.

Online reviews from people in the field often give the best feedback because these are real experiences of hunters and people who have used the product in real-world applications.

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