B&T’s new SPC9 is an SPC Model for the Masses

Michael Crites


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Switzerland’s B&T has been marketing a neat little 9mm SBR style gun dubbed the SPC— the Special Purpose Carbine– in Europe for a minute.

The fortune cookie-length story behind it is that it was developed for a police tender and designed to be familiar to both MP5 and AR users, having two different charging handles– a forward HK-style and a rear AR-style– as well as other curious features. The video for the SPC is kind of creepy for Libertarian types, as it is clearly aimed at the LE market.

Well, going past all that, Florida-based B&T USA now has a carbine version of the SPC, complete with a 16-inch barrel, which is better suited for the American commercial market (i.e., PCC competitors and personal protection). Price is surely well into the four-digits as it is B&T.

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