The Best Concealed Carry Belts

Michael Crites
Michael Crites


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No shame – everyone has at one point used a regular belt to carry their firearm. Eventually, you realize they don’t offer the support you need – and they just don’t feel right. However, if you’ve ever tried a true concealed carry belt you’ll notice a significant difference between a regular belt and a purpose-built CCW belt.

After trying 12 different EDC belts in everyday situations – with sub-compacts, compacts, and full-sized pistols – we’ve selected the below list as some of the best on the market. These belts made the cut due to their affordability, durability, and comfort supporting a wide variety of firearms in different carry situations & holster configurations.

Quick List: The Best CCW Belts For Any Budget:

  1. Best Leather CCW Belt: Relentless Tactical Ultimate Concealed Carry Gun Belt
  2. Runner-Up CCW Belt: Hanks Gunner CCW Belt
  3. Also Great: Grit Guts CCW Belt
  4. Best Quick Release CCW Belt: Klik Belts Tactical Belt
  5. Best Minimalist CCW Belt: Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt

Best Leather Concealed Carry Belt:

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt - 14 Ounce 1 1/2 Inch Premium...
  • PROUDLY HANDMADE IN THE USA! LIFETIME WARRANTY! If you are ever unhappy with this belt for any...
  • KEEP YOUR FIREARM WHERE YOU WANT IT WHEN YOU NEED IT! Won't stretch, bend or sag! A Strong and...
  • SAY NO TO NYLON BELTS! This 1.5 Inch 14 ounce Premium Full Grain US Leather Belt is strong enough to...


  • Weight: 14 oz
  • Height: 1.5”
  • Made of pure leather
  • Solid buckle
  • Highly Durable
  • Lifetime Guarantee

The Relentless Tactical belt is a highly durable gun belt made of a solid leather strap and features a sturdy, solid buckle. It’s 1.5″ width should fit any regular belt loop. 

It features standard adjustability and our testers through it was weighted nicely and offered fantastic support for many varieties of holsters without a problem. You can’t go wrong with this leather belt – it’s designed to last for a lifetime and even comes with a lifetime warranty, which really speaks to the quality of the final product.

Runner-Up CCW Belt:

Hanks Gunner - USA Made Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt - 100 Year Warranty - 14 Ounce - Black...
  • THICK & DURABLE GUN BELT - MADE IN THE USA OF USA LEATHER - 100% American - 100% Quality -...
  • 100% FULL GRAIN LEATHER -ONE PIECE - NO FILLERS- These ccw belts will never split like some cheaper...
  • 14OZ LEATHER - 1.5" WIDE - Vegetable Tanned leather. Approximately .22-.23 thick No Sag, No...


  • Highly Durable
  • Free Exchange
  • 100-year warranty
  • Genuine Leather

Hanks Gunner belt is an excellent example of an heirloom-quality, American-made, thick and durable gun belt.

The Hank belt is incredibly well-crafted, offers a No Break Guarantee, and holds your holster in position comfortably & consistently – giving you a stable platform to access your firearm.

The belt features full-grain leather and one-piece construction, so basically the Gunner can withstand almost anything and still come out still looking & working like new.

The best feature? The 100-year warranty. This thing will outlast you! If it breaks or fails you can exchange your product for a new one – even if you’ve handed it down to your kids.

Also Great:

Nohma Leather - 1 1/2" LEATHER CCW Concealed Carry Gun Belt - Heavy Duty Work Belt 14 oz. Full Grain...
  • 14 OZ. FULL GRAIN LEATHER GUN/WORK BELT, 1.5” Wide, No Sag, No Rollover.
  • Handcrafted from thick 14 oz. Full grain bull/cow hide leather. (Full Grain Leather is the toughest...
  • Stainless Roller Buckle is attached using “Heavy Duty Durable Snaps”. The snaps allow for quick...


  • Made of pure leather
  • Fashionable look
  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • Lifetime return & replacement policy
  • Tough enough for accessories too

Made out of sturdy premium leather and single-piece construction, the Nohm gun belt aoffers a fantastic platform for your holster & firearm. This CCW belt is designed to support not just your gun, but accessories such as a flashlight or mag pouches as well.

It’s comfortable on the waist and all-around excellent option for everyday carry. Our testers really liked that it offers an upscale look – meaning you don’t have to swap your belt according to your attire – it works in all situations – even as a dress belt.

The Gunner comes with a lifetime return and replacement policy – offering serious commitment to the uncompromising quality of the belt

Best Quick Release CCW Belt:

Klik Belt, World's Strongest 2-Ply Tactical Belt for Law Enforcement and Military,Matte Black,36...
  • QUICK RELEASE COBRA BUCKLE: The 2-ply Cobra buckle has a lightning quick release. The adjustable...
  • MILITARY GRADE NYLON BELT: Our law enforcement gear is made with 100% nylon and made with Austrian...


  • High Quality
  • Comfortable in any carry situation
  • Super strong double-ply nylon
  • Quick buck release
  • Variety of colors and sizes

The Klik Belts Tactical Belt is designed to be the last belt you ever buy. In what they claim to be the patented world’s strongest belt – the nylon webbing used to build this is 1.5″ double-ply  – so this thing is stable and strong. The belt is suitable for any heavy-duty work or serious adventuring.

The belt has a quick release and an adjustable design that makes it perfect for concealed carry or military/first responder applications.

The Kliks belt’s 100% nylon construction makes it incredibly durable and gives it a tactical look, making it a favorite with our testers. It’s also available in 5 colors and a huge array of size options, so you can get one that’ll work for any season or look.

Best Minimalist CCW Belt:


  • Small and slim design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multiple color options

A favorite of CCW enthusiasts looking for a low-profile CCW belt option, the Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt is a solid choice. Its double-layered nylon construction makes it thinner and more comfortable than the super heavy-duty leather options above.

It also offers more color options and pairs a minimal buckle with an adjustable velcro strap making for a lightweight CCW belt with infinite adjustability, so you can worry less about belt size and more about getting a perfect fit.

It was the most comfortable CCW belt we tested and easy to use while going about daily tasks. Even with the nylon construction this CCW belt also comes with a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.

Worth noting – there’s no way to accommodate a belt buckle on this, so you’re going to have to like the look and functionality as is.

CCW Belt Considerations

As a gun owner, you know how uncomfortable carrying one can be. When you use a typical fashion belt, your pants can sag under the weight of the firearm, and your holster can shift without the correct support.

CCW enthusiasts don’t want to be without a firearm – but carrying one means having the right tool for the job. Here are the critical considerations for selecting an EDC belt. 


Good gun belts are designed to solve one problem – supporting your holster and firearm. A gun belt supports the weapon and keeps it in one position. The stiffness of a CCW belt makes it easier to keep the weight of your firearm closer to your body – and more stable. These belts help prevent the gun from moving out of place and exposing your carry to others when using a concealed carry holster.


The most concealed carry method being IWB (inside the waistband) you’ll need to find something that fits your body correctly, is comfortable to wear all day and works well for your particular carry.

New leather CCW belts tend to be pretty stiff – owing to their thickness – so before you carry your firearm for too long in a single stretch, start by breaking your new belt in by wearing it for short stints. As it becomes more comfortable you can start to use it for longer and longer windows of time, eventually making for a comfortable all-day carry. Any belt that causes you problems or discomfort while driving or doing any other regular activity is going to make it difficult to carry your firearm.


Generally, CCW belts come in 2 flavors – leather and nylon. They’re both tough as nails, but some people prefer one material to the other. Try them both and see what works best for you. By getting the wrong belt for yourself, not only are you putting yourself in discomfort but even in danger. Leather gun belts are thick, made to support accessories, and last a lifetime, but they can be heavy and rigid. Nylon is also tough – but it has the advantages of being lighter and easier to wear.

There are plenty of examples of people showing up for range shooting practice, and when they draw their firearm, the holster comes out along with it. Now, if this happens in a real-life situation you’re not going to like the outcome.

Good Alternatives

Remember when you’re looking for a belt to carry ccw be sure to find one that is not only comfortable but durable too. Since there are plenty of them out there in the market, finding the right one is quite difficult. However, this shouldn’t worry you too much because once you start trying out the product, you’ll eventually find the right one. However, our advice is to buy the one that works best for you.


Each of these CCW belts offers EDC enthusiasts a variety of different features and our top picks are highlighted below. These are all well made, support your firearm, have a solid warranty and also met the criteria for any CCW belt we’d recommend.

There are quite a few options out in this category, and if you’re in the market for concealed carry products you can check out our guide to concealed carry pants, concealed carry vests, and our holster reviews. We hope this article steers you in the right direction. If you have any questions or feedback please drop us a line.

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