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For many women, concealed carrying is a way to make them feel more comfortable in vulnerable situations. Carrying a firearm ensures their safety if there is ever a threat, whether this be a man following you when you’re on a run, or another situation while you are out in public. However, concealed carrying can be difficult for women. It’s no secret that women’s clothing does no favors when trying to conceal a firearm on your waist. 

Enter the concealed carry purse. 

With a concealed carry purse, you are able to safely carry your firearm without giving any indication you’re armed. But, sometimes, a great concealment purse can be hard to find. So, in this article, we are going to go over the best conceal carry purses on the market.

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Concealed Carry Purse Comparison

Below is my list of the best concealed carry purses for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, reliability, and cost.

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Concealed Carry Purse Reviews

1. Gun Toten Mamas Shoulder Purse

Gun Toten Mamas Gun Purse Cowhide Shoulder Portfolio, Black, One Size
  • Designed for either Left or Right handed use
  • SLASH RESISTANT Double Shoulder Length Straps
  • Includes our standard holster designed by Mernickle Holsters


  • Zippered compartments to keep your things organized.
  • Rear-facing compartment makes drawing weapon & your firearm secure.
  • Multiple pockets for credit cards, cell phones, or makeup


  • Many women prefer a crossbody bag for more security
  • The bag is very large, as it can fit smaller laptops or notepads. For some, this may be a pro, but for others, this will be a con.

This concealment purse is made of authentic leather and is made in the USA. It is a full-size shoulder bag, which is perfect for women who need a lot of space with their purse.

The bag has a reinforced bottom to provide extra support for the weight of a firearm and other heavy items. Additionally, it has a slash-resistant steel cable in the shoulder strap. This is to ensure maximum security, so your bag doesn’t get cut off of you.

Gun Tote’N Mamas is one of the most respected names in the concealed carry purse industry. They have dozens of options for concealed carry purses, and each purse is designed with conceal carrying in mind. This is vital, as every concealment purse should be designed with a special gun compartment and anti-imprinting materials.

2. Concealed Carry Crossbody Bag

Concealed Carry Crossbody Bag | Firearm Purse | Detachable Strap | Black
  • PREMIUM FAUX LEATHER: Our multi-pocket protection carry handbag is made from the highest quality of...
  • MODERN STYLE: This small bag is a perfect self-defense accessory! It is fashionable, yet casual...
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR: Measuring approximately 12" wide x 9.5" tall x 2.5" deep our pistol concealment...


  • This bag is compact and small, which is perfect for traveling or shopping.
  • Has a very inconspicuous design and gives no sign of being a concealed carry purse.
  • A cross body bag gives more security and is difficult to steal. As mentioned above, some prefer cross body bags as they are more difficult to rip off someone.


  • Our testers report no slash resistant metal in the shoulder strap, which can pose as a concern for robbery.
  • This purse is on the smaller side, which can be a problem if you need more storage space.
  • Faux leather is not as long-lasting as cowhide leather, but it is easier to take care of.

This stylish cross body bag is made of faux leather and gold hardware for a modern look.

This bag looks like a bag you would buy at a department store because of its stylish appearance. It has a sleek gun compartment in the back of the bag, concealing your firearm easily.

Additionally, it has multiple pockets on the inside that are perfect to serve as a phone pouch, your credit cards, and more. If you prefer a smaller, cross body bag that is stylish, this is an excellent option.

3. Laced Ann Concealed Weapon Satchel

Concealed Carry Purse - YKK Locking Laced Ann Concealed Weapon Satchel by Lady Conceal (Black)
  • PREMIUM DISTRESSED FAUX LEATHER - Supple distressed faux leather and laced sides. Durable silver...
  • VERSATILE STRAPS - Dual carrying options. Round handles or optional cross-body adjustable strap...
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR - Top zippered access with fully lined interior. Features two open slip pockets...


  • Has ambidextrous zipper compartments so you can draw your weapon no matter what your dominant hand is.
  • There are multiple pockets on the inside of the purse enable owners to carry their cell phones, credit cards, car keys, and more.
  • The silver hardware is sturdy and gives a modern look to the bag.
  • This bag is medium size and will suit the needs of most women who want to carry a firearm.


  • This bag is very stiff and doesn’t gain flexibility over time as it is faux leather.
  • The purse says “Lady Conceal” in small print, making it obvious you might be conceal carrying if someone is close enough to you, according to our experts.

Next is the Lady Conceal Ann Purse. This purse is made of distressed faux leather and features braiding on the side for some extra style.

Just like the others, this purse has a gun pocket on the back of the purse, which makes this a low profile concealed carrying option.

The Lady Conceal Ann purse also has different shoulder strap options, enabling you to make it a shoulder bag or a cross body bag. Additionally, this purse comes in multiple colors, so you can choose which color suits your style best.

4. Jessie & James Satchel

Jessie & James | Concealed Carry Satchel | | Faux Leather Locking Firearm Purse | Womens Crossbody...
  • PREMIUM FAUX LEATHER: Our protection carry handbag is made from the highest quality of materials....
  • MODERN STYLE: Not only is this bag a perfect self-defense accessory it’s fashionable, yet casual...
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR: Measuring approximately 15" wide x 10.5" tall x 6" deep, Handle drop 7'' . Our...


  • This bag is very versatile, as you can make it a cross body or a shoulder bag.
  • The Kathy Purse also comes with a stylish matching wallet.
  • The bottom of this bag is reinforced to support the weight of your items.


  • There is no ambidextrous zipper compartment in the back, which can be a concern for left-handed people.
  • Our testers report the purse can lean after several months of usage.

In our opinion, this is the best looking bag on this list.

With beautiful premium faux leather and high-quality hardware, this bag looks like is it made by a top designer. Not to mention, our testers found that this bag is the perfect size for most pistols, as it is medium size.

Inside this bag, you will see multiple pockets on the inside, as well as a gun compartment on the outside.

5. Roma Leathers Locking Concealment Purse

Roma Leathers Leather Locking Concealment Crossbody Purse - CCW Concealed Carry Gun Bag, Black...
  • Patented YKK Zippers - Lockable Concealment Compartment with 2 Keys
  • Stylish Cross Body bag
  • Size: 9.5 in. X 9.5 in. X 3 in.


  • Made with durable YKK zippers.
  • The large, Velcro lined, gun pocket in the back that holds larger pistols.
  • Perfect for shopping or traveling with its compact size.


  • Not as fashionable as other bags on this list.
  • Lacking standard color options such as brown, beige, or white.
  • No reinforced bottom.

Looking for a purse with multiple pockets and zippered compartments? This purse comes with three zippered compartments on the front, one gun compartment in the back, and a large pouch in the center.

The three zippered compartments on the front of the bag are perfect as a cell phone pouch or to hold extra magazines.

It’s safe to say that this smaller crossbody purse has plenty of space for all of your needs.

What to Look for in a Concealed Carry Purse

it is important to note that “best” is highly subjective when youre talking about what is on its face a fashion item. You of course want to feel confident carrying your new purse and enjoy its appearance.

And, just like with any shoulder bag, a great purse must meet your individual needs. A major consideration for this is the size of your concealed carry purse.

Which Size Bag Do You Need?

With normal, everyday purses, some may just need room for their wallets, cell phones, and car keys. Whereas for others, they may need room for a makeup pouch, diapers for their baby, books, and more.

So, with your concealed carry purse, consider the total size you need, inclusive of the firearm you plan to carry. Before you take a look at our list, consider if you will want a cross body purse, a shoulder bag, a medium size bag, or a full size bag. This will help you to narrow down your options at the start, which is important, as you have quite literally hundreds of options.

You can look at your everyday purses to see which size purses you generally use to get a good idea.

What Material Do You Prefer?

Most concealed carry purses are made of leather or faux leather. This is because the goal of the purse is to appear as a normal, everyday item. These two materials are also strong enough to support the weight of a firearm and your everyday items like your wallet and phone.

Also, the material you select will dictate the price range considerably. As you likely know, faux leather is a much more affordable material than genuine leather. So, this is something to keep in mind if you are trying to stick to a certain price range.

Is It Practical?

As mentioned by Kelly from the Armed and Feminine YouTube Channel, just because a company titles a purse as a “concealment purse,” it doesn’t mean it can actually do the job properly. 

With concealed weapons, drawing your firearm should be easy, quick, and uncomplicated. However, the purse should still hide your weapon and make it difficult for attackers to reach. This is why many women prefer a concealment purse with a dedicated gun compartment.

A gun pocket or compartment will make your firearm easily accessible by separating the firearm from other items, allowing you plenty of room to keep your purse organized. This is far better than a single open pocket, as anyone can reach in and grab your firearm.


Those were the top five concealment purses our experts believe are the best on the market today. We hope our top five picks have been helpful for you with your search for the best concealed carry purses.

Overall, if we were to recommend one purse from this list, it would likely be the Jessie and James Kathy Satchel Bag. This bag is a happy medium between size, compartments, fashion, and practicality. Not to mention, it’s very affordable in comparison to designer bags. However, you should pick the best concealment purse for your individual needs, as this will be the one you enjoy most.

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