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Kenzie Fitzpatrick


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Springfield, Missouri’s CrossBreed Holsters began in 2005 when Mark Craighead, an avid shooter and concealed carry permit holder — like many of us — gathered a collection of holsters, quickly finding what did and didn’t work for him. Out of frustration, Mark started to work on a design for a holster he would want to use, which resulted in a new breed of holsters.

Each hybrid holster is handmade by team members Mark trained before he passed away in 2012. CrossBreed Holsters now manufactures high-quality leather and nylon belts, belly bands, modular systems, and magazine carriers.

CrossBreed contacted me to review their products and provided a few products at no charge to me to try. By coincidence, I own several CrossBreed Holsters already, and one of my everyday carry setups includes their Crossover Gun Belt paired with the Freedom Carry IWB Holster. I was delighted to dive deeper into their product lineup and share my experience.

In This Article:

Comparison of CrossBreed Holsters

Below is my list of the best CrossBreed holsters for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost.

Click on the name to head to the product page, read reviews and check prices or skip ahead to the list of holsters.

Why Listen To Us?

My father taught me how to shoot shotguns, rifles, semi-auto pistols, and revolvers when I was growing up. He carried a gun, and they were part of the everyday norm in our household. When I turned 21, I knew that I wanted to get my concealed carry permit and buy my own pistol.

Not even a week after my 21st birthday, I signed up for the required Florida class, earned my certificate of completion, and applied for my carry permit. What the course didn’t teach me — and that I had no clue about — was how to carry a gun, what kind of a holster I needed, and how much I would spend on accessories.

I spent years trying out holsters from all-leather, Kydex, appendix carry, sidecar holsters, and more that I continued to collect. I’m not kidding when I say I have a box full of holsters for almost all my pistols, some that I wear occasionally and others that didn’t work for me. After graduate school, I became more interested in firearms, shooting competitions, and teaching others how to shoot guns. 

In 2019, I made it official and completed my NRA pistol instructor’s license. I began teaching Florida concealed carry classes, and my goal was to teach the way I wish my instructor would have. I bring guns from different manufacturers to all my courses, all the holsters I have, and I require my students to wear pants and a belt to facilitate holster wear. Every student I’ve taught has been able to try IWB and OWB holsters, sidecar designed holsters, leather, Kydex, and hybrid designs. 

They’ve had the opportunity to wear belly bands, practice drawing from concealment, and even test out how they might purse or pack carry. My goal is to save my students time, money, and effort by allowing them to try all the options I have so they can eliminate what doesn’t work for them and learn more about what kinds of holsters they find comfortable.

 I carry a gun every day of my life. It’s the most critical decision I’ve ever made and the most essential tool I’ll ever own. I 100% believe in buying the best gun, ammunition, belt, and holster. I will never sacrifice my safety or the ability to carry concealed for any company that sends me a product to try. 

You can trust that this CrossBreed Holsters review will break down why I like or dislike the holster, the best use scenario for the holster, how durable it feels, and whether or not it has proper retention to carry a handgun.

CrossBreed Holster Reviews

1. SuperTuck Concealed Carry IWB Holster

The SuperTuck Holster is the most deeply concealable IWB holster and was by far my favorite holster of the ones I reviewed.

CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck
The SuperTuck is an incredibly concealable -- and decidedly comfortable -- IWB holster.

The retention is superb. I comfortably carried my gun on my strong side and had the perfect angle cant for an easy draw —  I recommend this to anyone who carries concealed and is in the market for a new holster. 

CrossBreed Holsters Supertuck Clip Close-Up
If there's one area where CrossBreed really excels it's their clips, which are superb.

The most difficult challenge was clipping the holster onto my belt in the exact spot I wanted. Because it was a brand new holster, the leather was much easier to bend and shape around my hip once worn in.

CrossBreed Holsters Supertuck Backside
Once the leather backing if broken in it's much easier to place in exactly the right position, so a little break-in should be expected.

I wore this holster with only shirts untucked, but it can be worn with a shirt tucked in just as well.

Finding the perfeect angle and cant for a comfortable draw is easy with the SuperTuck.

2. CrossBreed Reckoning Concealed Carry Holster

The Reckoning was by far the most versatile holster option CrossBreed sent.

CrossBreed Holsters Reckoning Front
The Reckoning is a system which pairs a mag carrier with holster.

One of the most significant benefits of this holster is that it can be worn strong side, Appendix, or in a cross draw position. With the Reckoning‘s multiple points of adjustable retention, I could tighten the retention to a level that allowed for a smooth draw and the peace of mind knowing it cannot fall out.

CrossBreed Holsters Reckoning Backside
Only the holster has the leather backing.
CrossBreed Holsters Reckoning Draw
The Reckoning can be be worn strong side, Appendix, or in a cross draw position.

3. CrossBreed Holsters DropSlide Holster

While I appreciated the ease of access the Dropslide provided, it was a bit uncomfortable to me — I think due to the exposed grip of the pistol.

CrossBreed Holsters DropSlide With Glock
The OWB DropSlide holster gives you alot of options, but the exposed grip made for an uncomfortable carry.

The holster made for easy and quick access to the gun and was easily concealable with an outer garment. 

The belt slots are designed to work better with 1 ¼” and 1 ½” belts. The firearm stayed tight against my body, which you want in a concealed holster. 

CrossBreed Holsters DropSlide Mark

What I found most impressive about this holster is that it can stand a full-size, fully loaded weapon, up without sagging under its weight.

CrossBreed Holsters DropSlide Draw
The DropSlide certainly passes the quick access test, and it'll support a full-size pistol without sagging, which is impressive.

4. CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band

Consistently one of our top belly band holsters, my hope for the Modular Belly Band was that I would be able to wear this comfortably while hiking, and it did not disappoint.

CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band Holstered Front
The Modular Belly Band is on another level when compared to traditional universal belly bands.

It worked great with my day hiking backpack and a full pack, and it’s a realyl solid holster for any active person who also wants to carry.

This belly band has enough Velcro patches and overall length to carry a gun, a spare magazine in a modular magazine carrier, and a modular flashlight carrier with a flashlight (which is perfect for hiking in the woods). 

CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band Holstered
The way the Modular Belly Band wraps back over the firearm gives it an incredible amount of stability.

This band also features a hook and loop accessory pouch in which I can carry my cell phone. This modular belly band is the first belly band that genuinely kept my gun snug, upright, and close to my body. I’ve had pistols drop out of lessor belly bands when hiking, which is a non-issue with the Modular Belly Band.

This band offers far more retention & stability than a standard clip-based belly band, thanks to how it wraps back around the firearm.

CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band Draw
Hiking with the Modular Belly Band was super comfortable, and no issues with retention.

5. CrossBreed Holsters Liberty Band

After the Modular Belly Band, the Liberty Band is now my second favorite belly band. I tried other belly band brands without success until I found the Liberty Band. Like the Modular Band, it wraps around the waist and back over your holstered firearm for a more secure fit but rather than an integrated Kydex holster, the Liberty is designed to support clip=based holsters.

This approach gives you more holster options than the Modular’s integrated Kydex holster but doesn’t offer the same level of stability in my opinion (personal preference alert.) 

CrossBreed Holsters Libery Band Clip
My former favorite belly band, the Liberty Band, uses a stiff band and clip system rather than the integrated Kydex holster of the Modular Belly Band.

This band is limited to use with 1.5” clips, but you can position your firearm anywhere around your body. I often used this band with my Glock 43, which I now use with the Modular Belly band.

CrossBreed Holsters Libery Band With Glock
The Liberty Belly Band wraps back over the firearm like the Modular Belly Band.

6. CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster

The Freedom Carry IWB Holster is one of the few holsters CrossBreed offers with only a single clip rather than the standard double clips. I use this holster to carry my Sig P365XL mounted with a Romeo 5 red dot and a Streamlight TLR6 attached. 

This holster services mid-size and full-size gun models such as the Glock 19, H&K VP9, Smith & Wesson Shield, Springfield XDM, and CZ 75. The leather backing sweat guard makes everyday carry comfortable. It is one option that accepts firearms with weapon lights, lasers, and slide-mounted red dot sights.

7. CrossBreed Holsters Rogue Holster

The Rogue Holster is one of my favorite designs because of the concealment claw and the ability to use any clip options from CrossBreed. 

This holster is highly versatile and can be adjusted for your desired carry style, height, and location. The Kydex has a slight curve, which helps the holster wrap around your body more naturally. Most importantly, you can adjust the retention to your draw without sacrificing the secure fit of the firearm. 

The Rogue Holster can easily add a magazine carrier if you decide to later change to the Rogue System.

8. CrossBreed Holsters LDS 2.0

The Light Defender Series (LDS) was recently upgraded with the 2.0 version. The LDS is designed for pistols with a weapon-mounted light. This holster works with both IWB and OWB clips, depending on your choice of setup from the factory. 

You can easily change clips to make this holster OWB, Velcro it to a belt using the V Clips, or securely affix it to your belt using J Clips. The LDS features the adjustable retention pocket and has a retention device under the trigger guard for a fully customizable experience. 

And as always, this holster features a comfortable leather backer that makes carrying a gun much less irritating on the skin.

9. CrossBreed Holsters MicroClip IWB Holster

The MicroClip IWB Holster is also a single clip design holster similar to the Freedom Carry but made for much smaller firearms, like subcompacts and pocket pistols.

The leather backing on this particular holster is unique in that it covers the entire gun, so only leather is touching your skin. Plus, the total weight of this holster is less than 4 ounces. 

It is tuckable and is an excellent option for women to use with concerns about bigger firearms printing.

It’s designed for smaller pistols such as the Ruger LCP, Sig 938, Taurus Spectrum, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, Kimber Micro 9mm, and other compact pistols.

CrossBreed Holster Performance

Shape & Style

Crossbreed Holsters produces Kydex only, Kydex and Leather hybrid, and full leather holsters. The styles are designed to accomodate different carry preferences, gun setups, and positions. For example, The Reckoning Holster has a leather backer, a Kydex pouch, and two clips with adjustable retention spots on either side of the gun. The Reckoning System is the same setup with a magazine pouch attached to the holster. 

The SuperTuck IWB Holster has a large, wide leather backing, a Kydex pouch attached to it, and two clips on the ends of the leather. The gun is canted in the holster for a draw at 3:30 to 5 o’clock for a right-hander or 7 to 8:30 for a left-hander. The SuperSlide OWB holster comes with three slots that, when threaded with a belt, either cant slightly forward behind the hip or as a reverse cant for cross draw wear. 

The LDS (Light Defender Series) 2.0 holster can be worn IWB or OWB, has a leather backer, Kydex mold for your specific firearm, two clips, and adjustable retention. 

Overall, CrossBreed Holsters offers concealed carry holsters for just about anyone. The best place to gather information about how their holsters adjust, how the modular systems work, and how to use their different clips is to watch the CrossBreed Holsters YouTube channel videos.

Clip Design/Quality

CrossBreed Holsters-Clip
The clips on CrossBreed holsters do not disappoint.

When it comes to clips, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused by all the various categories and types. CrossBreed makes a variety of holsters and allows many holsters to be set up as IWB or OWB, so they offer multiple kinds of clips.

A clip acts as a post, keeping your gun upright, eliminating wobble, and supporting the weight of the fully-loaded firearm. Here is a quick rundown of the types of clips they sell:


These steel clips go over your belt and hold your holster in place. They come in either a single or two-hole design.

IWB Micro SnapLok Clips

The Micro SnapLok clip is a smaller and slimmer version of the SnapLok. It is made of spring steel and comes in either a two-hole or three-hole design.

Polymer IWB Clips

These clips are made of plastic, are half an inch shorter than the SnapLok clips to adjust your ride height higher, and can fit belts up to 1.75 inches wide. They come in a two-hole or five-hole design, but they aren’t compatible with all CrossBreed holsters. The compatible holsters are listed on their website.

J Clip 2.0

This clip is designed to go behind the belt, hooks under the bottom of the belt, and prevents the holster from moving upward as you pull the gun from retention. Many people refer to them as J Hooks because they look like a “J.” These are intended for use with BDU, woven-style, canvas, or nylon belts as they are looser and move more than stiff, leather belts.

V Clip 2.0

V Clips are used for deep concealment with a Velcro-backed belt. The V Clips Velcro to the back of the belt and hooks over the pants. These clips are great for use with tucked-in shirts, and no clips can be seen on the outside of your belt.

OWB Wings (Belt Loop Clips)

One of the easiest ways to convert an IWB holster to OWB is using the OWB wings. The OWB wings replace the two clips on your holster and allow your belt to slide through the loops to pull your firearm tight to your body.

CB Concealment Claw

While not a clip, one upgrade I did want to mention is the CB Concealment claw that is for use with The Reckoning and The Reckoning System. The claw installs on the outside of your holster and presses against the back of your carry belt. This forces the grip of your pistol closer to your body, preventing any printing of the gun.


CrossBreed Holsters - Retention
The custom-molded Kydex CrossBreed uses provides an ideal mix of retention and comfort.

Yes, a concealed carry holster should keep the gun covered, but the essential aspect of a quality holster is to keep the weapon retained. For example, when you holster a completely unloaded pistol and turn the holster upside down, the pistol should not fall out. If it does, the retention needs to be adjusted, or the holster is insufficient for concealed carry use.

CrossBreed recommends testing the retention with the holster on-body, as this is how they set it before it leaves their facility. If the retention is so tight that a firearm will not come out while off-body, once you put the holster on and there’s pressure on the back, you won’t be able to draw the firearm. If you need to adjust the retention, you can adjust it yourself or send it to CrossBreed for adjustment.

CrossBreed Holsters doesn’t manufacture universal holsters — all their products are custom-fitted. When you order a holster from them, you have to choose the manufacturer, model, select the light or laser attached to it (if you have one), and if you have a slide-mounted electronic sight. CrossBreed Holsters does not make a “one size fits all” product, and you should always be leary of any holster labeled as such. 

The Reckoning Holster is one of their most adjustable holsters for retention. The screws mounting the Kydex pocket to the leather backer are adjustable, and there is a retention device under the trigger guard that adjusts as well.


CrossBreed makes concealed carry gun holsters for every type of draw. You have to know how you plan to carry your gun to understand the best angle and cant for a fast draw. For example, the Rogue System can be worn strong side, appendix, or cross-draw with the OWB loops. 

For Appendix carry, most people want their gun canted straight up to draw the gun up out of the holster before pushing out and aligning the sights. For strong side carry, a more natural draw will have the pistol grip canted forward, not up and down, since you’ll be pulling the holster out of retention with your arm like a chicken wing. 

Your draw is one of the most important aspects of carrying a gun daily, so always practice drawing from concealment and making a double tap on the target. 

Each time you draw and shoot should be consistent with the last shots fired.


CrossBreed Holsters - Comfortable Leather Backing
Personal preferenace alert -- I prefer a more full-coverage option, which includes leather backing behind the grip.

The comfort level starts with the material but is only really assessed by wearing it in a specific position all day. Everyone is a little different when it comes to the comfort of a holster. 

I wear belly bands when I need to, like while hiking or running, but I don’t find them comfortable for everyday wear. You’ll know pretty quickly whether or not you find something comfortable, usually in the first few hours or by testing how you feel while going through everyday situations like standing, sitting, bending over, walking, or running.

As far as the material CrossBreed uses for their holsters and belly bands, I find them extremely comfortable. The Modular Belly Band is a thin, lightweight, elastic band that wraps around the waist, over the holster, and Velcro’s as tight as you’d like in the place you desire.

I find leather much more comfortable for all-day wear against my skin than a Kydex-only holster. While I have used all-leather holsters, they lose retention as the leather expands over the years. CrossBreed has leather options, including cowhide, premium horsehide, or the Founder’s Series 100% vegetable-tanned leather. 

I have tried them all and find each one of them comfortable. The goal of a good holster is to make you forget you’re carrying a gun, and after wearing the SuperTuck IWB Holster, that goal was achieved. 

The holster I was sent used CrossBreed’s “standard cut” option. They offer this holster in their combat cut where the leather has been trimmed away from the grip area, leaving only leather behind the frame and the slide. 

The combat cut allows for easier grip access which might be a better option for law enforcement or the military who need to deploy their gun quickly. Personally, I find exposed grips uncomfortable due to the friction of textured grip rubbing against my skin, but that may be less of an issue for others.


No printing, even with tight-fitting hiking appparel.

Concealment is the name of the game, and once again, the level of concealment depends on you, the position you carry, and the garments you wear. Obviously, outside the waistband holsters need a shirt or jacket to cover the exposed gun. 

In my opinion, the modular belly band conceals a weapon without printing better than any other belly band I’ve tried. I think this is because the band wraps back over the holster. 

That second layer keeps the holster and pistol upright when most belly bands flex with the body and can tip the gun’s grip in different directions. 

The clips on CrossBreed holsters can be switched out to customize the concealment options to your body and preferred clothing style. Since many clips come with multiple hole options, you can adjust the ride height of your gun to your pants and belt. 

It takes some tinkering to figure out how to conceal a weapon properly with your wardrobe, but CrossBreed provides an unparalleled array of choices to help get it right.

Types of CrossBreed Holsters

IWB Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters-IWB

CrossBreed offers several concealed carry holsters for inside the waistband. They have several IWB holsters where the holster and magazine pouch attach as one unit. Many other options are hybrid holsters with leather backing and Kydex custom molded to your pistol of choice.

The Freedom Carry IWB Holster features leather backing and Kydex mold, but only one clip attaches to your belt. Their IWB holsters are available in both compact pistol options and full-size models, like a 1911.

OWB Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters - Holster Shape and Style
CrossBreed's OWB options often pair Kydex with leather backing, similar to their IWB options.

The majority of the outside the waistband holsters have two belt slots, but CrossBreed makes two holsters with three slots to wear the holster in two different ways. 

The most significant differences between the various OWB holsters are the angle of the gun, the size of the weapon it is made for, and whether or not they offer the upgrade of a combat cut, sweat guard, or sweat guard with a combat cut.

Pistol Light Options

CrossBreed could improve its support of lights and lasers as not all of CrossBreed’s holsters come in a light or laser option. If you carry a gun with an attached light, your best bet is to order the LDS 2.0.

Custom molded holsters can be made with the following lights, and as we understand it they’re working on adding the TRL-7 sub and a few more Olight models to their line-up.

  • Surefire X300/XC1/XC2
  • Sig Foxtrot 365
  • Inforce APL & APLc
  • Streamlight TLR1
  • Streamlight TLR-6 (light/laser) 
  • Streamlight TLR7/TLR8/TLR-9
  • Olight PL-Pro & PL-2
  • Viridian RTC Radiance 
  • Crimson Trace Laserguard Pro light/laser

Modular Systems

While I am not a fan of off-the-body carry, CrossBreed makes the Pac Mat, Purse Defender, and Bedside Backup modular systems. These systems use a sturdy Kydex flat-panel lined with Loop Brand Fastener that allows a modular holster, mag carrier, flashlight carrier, OC carrier, or handcuff carrier to attach to it. 

The Pac Mat and Bedside Backup are similar in that they’re both flat and are inserted in a backpack or mounted between the mattress and box spring. The unique aspect of the Purse Defender is instead of a flat Kydex panel; it is an L-shaped panel. When inserted in your purse, it holds the gun and bag firmly upright.

The other belly band CrossBreed makes is the Liberty Band, a nylon and rubber blend that stretches comfortably over your skin. Any holster with a 1.5-inch clip can attach to the band. The top portion wraps over the holster clips, keeping them secure and your holster in place.

Gun Belts

No CrossBreed Holster is complete without a proper gun belt. Their gun belts come in leather and nylon, are affixed with classic or western buckles, and come in different colors and leathers. 

The most versatile and unique belt CrossBreed has is the Crossover Gun Belt. The gun belt features a hole-less design with slide buckle retention that uses a metal pin to keep the belt in place and provides an almost unlimited range of adjustment choices. This belt fits customers of all sizes and doesn’t limit the wear’s adjustment options with classic hole-based pin adjusters. 

The benefit of this belt is that you can nail the fit regardless if you’re carrying handguns of differing sizes or when carrying a holster and a magazine pouch — options that can make the belt bigger than your usual pant size.

Magazine Carriers

Like their holster offerings, CrossBreed makes both an OWB mag carrier and a tuckable IWB carrier in the hybrid style of a leather backing and Kydex mold. They also have a Kydex-only mag carrier, a leather pocket mag carrier, and the mag carriers with Velcro backing for the modular systems.

Price Ranges vs. Features

CrossBreed Holsters makes custom products using high-quality leather and Kydex, multiple clips, and all the adjusts you could want — and their prices reflect that quality. 

The majority of holster options are between $50 and $75. The Rogue System and The Reckoning System are right under $100 but include a magazine carrier attached to the holster. For under $50, you can purchase any pocket holster or ankle holster. The premium item is The Chest Rig at $149.95.

The modular systems are between $50 and $70 and include the holster. The best part about the modular systems is that you can purchase several modular holsters to fit different firearms without rebuying the complete package. The add-ons of a modular magazine carrier, flashlight carrier, handcuff carrier, and OC carrier are between $22 and $32, but they are compatible with all the modular systems.

How we selected our recommendations

As I mentioned initially, half of the products I reviewed were not purchased by me but were provided by CrossBreed with the goal of an in-depth review. Beyond those provided by CrossBreed, almost all of the products reviewed were done so via hands-on assessment, as I own their Liberty Band and a few of their holsters for my different pistol models. 

For the products I couldn’t test for myself, I leaned on personal experience with similar holster models, online reviews from previous customers and asked other instructors I know for their opinion of CrossBreed, many of whom owned CrossBreed products themselves.


CrossBreed Holsters deliver some of the best quality holsters I’ve ever used. The leather backing makes these holsters comfortable for daily use, and their products support various gun manufacturers, making it easy to find one that fits your preferred carry piece. 

They also offer a “Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee & Life Time Warranty” on almost all their products, so the trial and error needed to ensure you have the right product is easy on the wallet. 

CrossBreed’s customer service is also top-notch, as I’ve personally met a few of their team members — both in person and over email. I was unsure how to order the correct size Crossover belt, especially as I’ve been rapidly losing weight. I emailed them my measurements, and they told me what I should buy as I continue my weight loss journey. 

If you’ve got the budget for a high-quality holster, you can’t go wrong with one from CrossBreed.


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