Daniel Defense Expands Their Suppressor Line with New SoundGuard Cans

Daniel Defense has announced its third generation of sound moderators, apparently phasing out the WAVE line with the new SoundGuard series of suppressors.
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Daniel Defense Soundguard Suppressor

Georgia-based Daniel Defense made its debut in the standalone suppressor field in 2017 with the innovative DD WAVE. One of the first cans crafted completely through direct metal laser sintering additive manufacturing– that negated the traditional tube and baffle system used by legacy platforms– the 7.62 caliber Inconel, stainless and titanium suppressor came in at under $1K while weighing just 17 ounces.

Before that, Daniel introduced the DDM4 ISR– Integrally Suppressed Rifle– in 2015, marking their first silencer attempts.

Now, the company has its third generation of sound moderators, apparently phasing out the WAVE line with the new SoundGuard series of suppressors. According to company pressers, they are all about dropping the gas blowback commonly experienced by black rifle users when they mount a can. This has become a big deal in the LE community as tactical officers around the country have been getting diagnosed with cancers that some attribute to ingesting lots of lead particulate– such as the kind you can get from the blowback on suppressed over-gassed black rifles.

The new SoundGuard series uses KGM technology that “significantly lowers impulse noise levels, and a patent-pending baffle stack and a proprietary coating on internal parts reduce a firearm’s flash signature to virtually zero.”

The cans will use an industry-standard 1.375-24UNS thread pitch, which allows for the use of multiple attachment options such as Keymo and ASR, and will debut with three direct-thread models: SG-556 (.223/5.56mm), SG-30 (.223 Rem – 300PRC), and SG-30Ti Titanium (.223 – 300PRC). Each will include a direct-thread adapter, which is helpful.

Daniel Defense Soundguard on SxS
Daniel Defense Soundguard Close-Up
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