Episode 75: Scott Volquartsen, CEO of Volquartsen Firearms

Foster and his brother, Matt, shoot for Team Browning and Winchester and are both Multi-World Trap Champions. We sit down to talk about how he and his brother got into shooting trap, his love of hunting, and more!
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Episode 76 Foster Bartholow, Multi Trap World Champion

In this episode of the Reticle Up Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott Volquartsen, the CEO of Volquartsen Firearms, to learn more about him, the business, and the firearms industry.

Scott shares the story of how Volquartsen Firearms came to be, what makes their firearms so unique, and more. We talk about entrepreneurship, what it’s like working in the firearms industry, and how online influencers can help support and grow a brand.

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