Magpul Stock Comparison: Glorified Gimmikry or Solid Standard?

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Of all the aftermarket stocks available for purchase, Magpul is one of the most popular manufacturers. They also have a decidedly wide selection of firearm accessories, including magazines, grips, sights, adjustable and fixed stocks for various guns. They are known for making some of the best AR-15 stocks anywhere, each with its own unique features.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current stock or are in the process of building your latest AR, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help you choose the best Magpul stock for your situation and highlight a few viable alternatives.

Let’s get started!

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Magpul Stock Comparison

Below is my Magpul stock comparison for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost.

Click on the name to head to the product page, read reviews and check prices or skip ahead to the list of stocks.

Magpul MOE Mil-Spec StockBest Value8.0 oz.
Magpul CTR Rifle StockUpgrade Option8.8 oz.
Magpul STR Mil-Spec Carbine StockBest Storage Option12.3 oz.
Magpul MOE SL-K Carbine StockBudget Option7.9 oz.
Magpul ACS Mil-Spec Carbine StockMost Storage14.1 oz.
Magpul MOE Commercial StockBest Commerical Spec Option8.5 oz.
Magpul ACS-L Commercial LightweightBest Commerical Spec Storage12.5 oz.
Magpul UBR Gen2 Carbine StockMost Modular21.2 oz.
Magpul PRS Lite Rifle StockMost Adjustable18.2 oz.

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I discovered a love of firearms at a young age as my dad introduced me to hunting, and my grandfather helped me build a private shooting range. As I’ve grown, that love has blossomed into writing about guns and firearm accessories and building and fixing them.

I’ve built multiple ARs and have fixed a few hunting and range rifles. I’m constantly researching ways to upgrade my firearms, which often includes playing with different AR-15 stocks. I enjoy writing about guns, but nothing beats the smell of gunpowder or the punch of recoil in the morning.

Magpul Stock Reviews

1. Magpul MOE Mil-Spec Rifle Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~10.5 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended ~13.8 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.3 in.
  • Length, max 6.9 in.
  • Weight 8.0 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 12.0 oz

The MOE Rifle Stock is an easy-to-install Mil-spec adjustable stock from Magpul Industries. It comes in a wide range of colors such as black, gray, flat dark earth, OD green, or pink, so you can choose the color that matches your rifle.

The specialty colors are more expensive, however, the stock is reasonably priced even when you order unique colors.

Magpul Stocks MOE
The Magpul Industries MOE Mil-Spec rifle stock is a simple beast, but gives you all the adjustment you need and optional cheek riser slots.

The stock has a slim profile and side mounting slots for optional cheek risers and the shielded release latches ensure you won’t accidentally operate the lever. It’s compatible with several receiver mount sling attachments and the rubber butt-pad is removable so that you can adjust the pad to your preferences.

This is the Magpul stock for mil-spec AR-15 owners. This stock will not fit commercial-spec ARs, but a version we highlight below will. If you own a Mil-spec AR-15 and need an adjustable stock, the Magpul MOE Rifle Stock is worth your consideration.

Magpul Stocks (MOE Extended)
Magpul MOE rifle stock fully extended.
Magpul Stocks (MOE Compressed)
Magpul MOE Mil-Spec rifle stock compressed.

2. Magpul Industries CTR Rifle Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~10.5 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended ~13.8 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.3 in.
  • Length, max 6.9 in.
  • Weight 8.8 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 12.8 oz

The CTR in the Magpul CTR Rifle Stock stands for Compact/Type Restricted and is a slight upgrade to the Magpul MOE Rifle Stock. It fits Mil-spec AR-15s and has all the features of the MOE stock, like a slim profile and slide mount slots for the optional non-tactical cheek risers, but it has a friction lock that minimizes wobble.

The shielded release latch makes it difficult to engage the lever while operating the firearm accidentally. The rubber butt-bad is still removable with this model, and you can quickly install a QD swivel sling.

The Magpul CTR Rifle Stock is for Mil-spec AR-15 owners looking to upgrade their stock without breaking the bank. This stock will not fit commercial-spec ARs. You must purchase the commercial-spec version.

3. Magpul Industries STR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~10.9 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended ~14.2 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.3 in.
  • Length, max 7.3 in.
  • Weight 12.3 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 16.3 oz
  • Width: 2.6 in.

The Magpul STR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock mounts to any Mil-Spec carbine receiver extension tube. It has two water-resistant storage compartments along the side, making the stock wider than others but not obnoxiously wide.

Using the removable rubber plug, you can access the storage tubes through the rear. They are large enough for two AA batteries each.

Magpul Stocks (STR)
The Magpul STR rifle stock gives you more width, a shielded operation lever and supplemental friction locking system prevent accidental operation, and storage for a few small items.

The supplemental friction lock minimizes wobble, which increases your accuracy. You don’t have to worry about the accidental operation or snagging with the shielded latch release. If you plan on installing a sling, it’s simple because the stock is compatible with the Magpul ASAP, ASAP QD, and other receiver-mount sling attachments. The “STR” stands for Storage Type Restricted.

I would recommend the Magpul Industries STR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock to anyone who prefers a broader AR stock and uses battery-powered sights or flashlights.

Magpul Stocks (STR Extended)
The STR fully extended. Worth noting, the wider frame makes accessing the retnetion pin mroe fo a challenge than slimmer buttstocks, making swapping the STR more of an ordeal.
Magpul Stocks (STR Compressed)
The STR compressed. Note the shielded operation lever and supplemental friction locking system up front.
Magpul Stocks (Storage and Plug)
The water resistant storage tubes are secured with a sturdy rubber plug.

4. Magpul MOE SL-K Carbine Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~10.3 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended ~13.6 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.3 in.
  • Length, max 6.5 in.
  • Weight 7.9 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 11.9 oz

The Magpul MOE SL-K Carbine Stock is a drop-in replacement for Mil-Spec AR15/M4 carbine buffer tubes. It has a slim profile in four different colors black, gray, OD green, and flat dark earth. The ambidextrous release latch is dual-sided yet anti-snag without shielding or sitting under the buffer spring tube.

The rubber butt-pad increases impact protection and anti-slip, while the rollover on the toe allows for easy shouldering and a better fit, even when wearing body armor. It accepts the M-LOK QD Sling Mount and 1.25” Footman’s loop.

The Magpul MOE SL-K Stock is for anyone on a tight budget looking to upgrade their stock and wants to be able to adjust their length of pull. This stock is only for Mil-Spec AR15/M4 carbine buffer tubes, so if you have a commercial-spec buffer tube, this stock will not work.

5. Magpul ACS Mil-Spec Carbine Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~11.6 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended: ~14.9 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.3 in.
  • Length, max: 8.0 in.
  • Weight: 14.1 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 18.1 oz
  • Width: 2.5 in.

The Magpul ACS Mil-Spec Carbine Stock is a replacement buttstock with dual water-resistant storage tubes and an integrated storage option in the butt of the stock. The storage tubes will hold two AA batteries or other small items you might need while at the range.

You can shoot comfortably with the sloping cheek weld, and anti-snag shielded operation lever to adjust the stock. The 0.3” rubber butt-pad is replaceable, so if you wear it out or prefer something with more padding, you can swap it out. It’s compatible with a few other sling mounts, and the supplemental friction lock maximizes accuracy.

The Magpul ACS Mil-Spec is for anyone who wants to get as much storage out of their adjustable buttstock as possible, although this addional storage wizardy comes with almost 50% more weight that non-storage options.

Once again, this is for Mil-Spec ARs only. I know the commercial-spec people might be feeling left out, but as you will see, all these models come in a commercial-spec version.

6. Magpul Industries MOE Commercial-Spec Rifle Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~10.8 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended: ~14.6 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.8 in.
  • Length, max: 7.2 in.
  • Weight: 8.5 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 13.8 oz

The Magpul MOE Commercial-Spec Stock is nearly identical to the MOE Mil-Spec Stock, except it fits commercial-spec sized receiver extension tubes. Another difference is the butt-pad thickness of 0.55” vs. 0.3” on the mil-spec model. Also, this model will adjust slightly further by half an inch.

You still get the side mounting slots for the optional cheek risers, sling mounts, and shielded release latch with the commercial-spec model, so you’re not missing out on anything that the mil-spec model offers.

The Magpul Industries MOE Commercial-Spec Rifle Stock is for anyone needing a drop-in replacement buttstock. This stock fits commercial-spec ARs, it will not fit a mil-spec AR.

7. Magpul Industries ACS-L Commercial-Spec Lightweight


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~11.6 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended: ~15.4 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.8 in.
  • Length, max: 8.0 in.
  • Weight: 12.5 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 16.5 oz
  • Width: 2.2 in.

The Magpul ACS-L Commercial-Spec Lightweight is a slightly modified version of the Magpul ACS Mil-Spec. So it quickly mounts on a commercial-spec AR receiver extension tube. It has a shielded release latch a rubber butt-pad, and it’s compatible with several sling styles.

Like the mil-spec version, the supplemental friction lock maximizes accuracy by minimizing wobble. It has storage in the butt of the stock that you can access via a positive latching access door on the right-hand side. The chrome-silicone lock spring means it will have a long service life.

The Magpul ACS-L Commercial-Spec Lightweight is for commercial-spec AR owners who want a little storage in their stock without the added weight and the best lightweight stock. This stock will not fit mil-spec AR receiver extension tubes.

8. Magpul Industries UBR Gen2 AR15/AR10 Carbine Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, M4 Collapsed: ~11.8 in.
  • LOP, M4 Extended: ~15.6 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 3.5 in.
  • Length, max: 12.0 in.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 21.2 oz
  • Width: 1.7 in.

The Magpul UBR Gen2 mounts to a custom receiver extension tube, which is included and adjusts to eight different positions. UBR stands for Utility/Battle Rifle stock; this is the updated version of Magpuls outstanding fixed stock.

The sloping cheek weld keeps the stock slender but makes this stock unique because of the removable storage. If you want storage, you can keep the doors locked into place. You can choose which side the access door is on, which is great for left-handed shooters, or you can altogether remove the panels to lessen the weight slightly.

The Magpul UBR Gen2 is for the fixed stock lover who needs the versatility to choose storage.

9. Magpul Industries PRS Lite Rifle Stock


  • Platform: AR10, AR15, M4, M16
  • LOP, Collapsed: ~13.85 in.
  • LOP, Extended: ~15.25 in.
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 1.4 in.
  • Weight: 18.2 oz.
  • Weight w/ receiver extension 18.2 oz
  • Cheek Height Adj. Range 0.8 in.

The Magpul PRS Lite Rifle Stock attaches to a carbine buffer tube. Still, it has the adjustability and features compared to the Magpul PRS Gen3 Precision-Adjustable Stock, which’s nearly twice the price and heavier. However, the Lite version doesn’t have all the features and adjustability that the PRS Gen3 offers.

It’s constructed out of a rugged polymer and metal, which cuts down the weight. It’s not adjustable on the fly; you will need Allen wrenches to adjust it, but if you’re the only one using the stock, that shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve found the perfect position.

The Magpul PRS Lite is for precision shooters, as the name suggests. You might have to modify it to fit your rifle because it is designed to military standards.

Who is Magpul?

If Magpul is a new company to you, a few facts will help you get better acquainted with them. Oringially located in Boulder, Colorado the company moved to Wyoming and Texas when Colorado passed laws banning magazines with 15 rounds or more in 2013. Its distribution and shipping operations are in Cheyenne, Wyoming, while its headquarters are in Austin, Texas.

Long known for firearm accessories — the name “Magpul” comes from their first accessory that aided in retrieving magazines from a tactical vest — they have expanded into magazines, stocks, and sights with a primary focus on the AR platform. However, they offer products that fit a wide variety of guns, and they continue to expand their selection of products. Magpul manufactures its products within the USA in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

What you get with a Magpul stock

Magpul Stocks on parade
Magpul Stocks on parade

Magpul is one of the leaders in gun stocks because they offer the features that firearms enthusiasts care about the most.

1. Adjustability

When buying an aftermarket gun stock, we want it to fit our needs and shooting style. So the more adjustable the stock is, the more likely it will fit our style, and the more we will enjoy shooting with that stock on our firearm. Controlling things like pull length and cheek rise are critical in getting the most out of your rifle.

Adjustability includes more than just the buttstock length and length of pull. You should consider the storage options to adjust the weight or store batteries or an adjustable height cheek rest for a good cheek weld. More expensive stocks will provide for finer adjustments that will give you even more options than simply forcing you to work with large default adjustment increments.

2. Width & Weight

Magpul Stocks (Width Comparison)
Here you can see the relative width of the STR (2.6 in), UBR (2.2 in), and MOE (1.7 in) Magpul stocks.

While weight might not be significant if you only shoot from a gun rest, it is essential for competition shooters or hunters who must carry their firearm long distances. I prefer a lightweight gun stock most of the time. However, if you have a heavy recoil gun, going lightweight might only leave your shoulder sore.

Find the perfect balance in weight; most Magpul stocks are lightweight because most are designed for the AR platform, known for minimal recoil.

3. Storage Capacity

The STR stock has battery storage compartments which are sealed with a rubber plug.
The STR stock has battery storage compartments which are sealed with a rubber plug.

While no stock will have massive storage, some stocks have more than others. Depending on your needs, whether or not you plan to use the storage options will determine which model you should purchase.

The most capacity a stock typically has is enough to hold four AA batteries in the water-resistant battery tubes and a bore snake in the butt of the stock.


Types of Magpul Stocks

As you know, there are different styles of gun stocks you can buy. There’s a difference between AR-15 stocks and other rifle stocks, but there’s also a variety of AR-15 stocks. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages so you’ll have to decide which features are most important.

  • Adjustable Stocks. An adjustable stock allows you to adjust the length of the AR-15 stock to best fit your preferred length of pull or application. You can change them on the fly by pressing the operation lever and sliding the stock forward or back. The lever’s location varies depending on the model, but all are simple to operate. Not all the adjustable stocks are designed for AR-15s, but many will support both AR the buffer system and provide a more comfortable cheek rest non-adjustable options, with many of the same stocks working with a variety of rifles and shotguns.
  • Conventional Stocks. A fixed stock is non-adjustable — it simply stays in place. They don’t adjust the length or cheek riser height. While this might initially sound less than ideal, with a fixed stock, you can rest assured knowing your stock will always be in the same position guaranteed, unlike with collapsible stocks or adjustable length stocks. Folding stocks might collapse on you while operating your firearm, which can be dangerous, though it’s improbable if you’ve locked it into place. The biggest downside to fixed stocks is you have to adjust to the gunstock instead of changing the stock to fit you.
  • Lightweight Stocks. If you need to cut weight, go with a lightweight buttstock. Rather than being fully adjustable, most lightweight stocks take a minimalist approach and only offer the essential features needed in a stock. Some lightweight stocks have adjustment knobs for the cheek risers, but most are minimalist stocks. Even though it’s light, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a collapsible stock, so if you need both, don’t fret. They are often constructed out of a polymer, metal, or both to save weight.
  • Precision Stocks. Precision stocks have adjustment knobs for pretty much any adjustment you can think of that you might need. They are fully adjustable, so you get a consistent cheek weld for higher accuracy. The best stocks adjust in micro increments to fit you perfectly and become an extension of your body. While you can buy a precision stock for ARs, the most accurate and comfortable cheek rests are for bolt action rifles, the best long-distance rifles. Avoid folding stocks if you’re build is oriented toward precision shooting.

Magpul Stock Price Ranges

  • Under $50. You can find good quality Magpul stocks within this reasonable price range. The features and adjustability will be slightly limited, and unless you find a terrific deal, you’re unlikely to find a stock with storage for under $50.
  • $50-$100. In this price range, you’ll easily find a buttstock with storage and more adjustability than below $50. While the quality of Magpul stocks is never lacking, this price range guarantees more features like the supplemental friction lock system, which will eliminate excessive movement.
  • Over $100. If you’re willing and able to spend more than $100 on a stock, then you’ll find a fully adjustable stock, with or without storage, and an enhanced cheek weld. You can craft the perfect stock to fit your needs.


If Magpul doesn’t have the exact stock you’re looking for, then you should check out some of the other stocks from its competitors.


Luth-AR manufactures AR parts and accessories. This includes rifle buttstocks and carbine buttstocks, with the Luth AR Modular Stock offering an intense level of adjustability. They do not offer as wide of a selection as Magpul, but their prices and features on the stocks they do carry are comparable.

Battle Arms Development

Battle Arms Development manufactures firearms and accessories for guns. They also offer many gun parts, but they don’t sell aftermarket stocks like Magpul. Battle Arms Development does have a much more comprehensive selection of firearm parts than Magpul.

Strike Industries

Strike Industries makes aftermarket parts for pistols, shotguns, HK’s, and ARs. They offer a few stocks at a similar price point, but their selection pales compared to Magpul. They have a greater variety of accessories, though, and their Viper Fixed Stock is very popular.

Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical is one of Magpuls’ biggest competitors regarding stocks. Especially with the Tactical BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock has similar features and is reasonably priced to compete with Magpul buttstocks. However, their high-end stock does not have near the number of comparable features that Magpul’s high-end stock.

How we selected these products

We have hands-on experience with a number of the stocks featured in this article, both as OEM stocks included with rifles we have purchased and as aftermarket replacements.

We would love to have hands-on experience with all the products we recommend. However, that’s not financially feasible, so for some of the products, we leaned on personal experience, online reviews, & discussion with experts to hone in on the best of the best.

When reviewing guns or gear, we get our hands on as many products as possible, but there are times when certain products or categories are a real challenge — be it availability, cost, or simply a lack of resources — we can get stymied going hands-on with all the potential candidates. Rather than present a never-ending list of all the Magpul stocks we selected those which we felt best represent the price points laid out above — giving you a solid representational list to serve as a jumping-off point for your own research (you are going to do your own research, right?)

To avoid disappointment or steering you in the wrong direction, we bolster our own experience with conversations with experts, comb through reviews on retailer sites & sales data, review industry publications, other blogs, and otherwise surface the best information available.

We aim for all thriller, no filler, as they say.


No. Magpul is a private company. They are not a publicly-traded company.

The Magpul MOE and CTR look similar, but the CTR has a few upgrades, including the Magpul’s friction lock system. This system helps remove wobble between the stock and receiver extension tube, making the shooter more accurate.

The “MOE” stands for Magpul Original equipment so it’s only fitting that they improve upon the original.

Richard Fitzpatrick, a former Force Recon sergeant with the US Marine Corps, is the founder and owner of Magpul Industries.

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