Gun Safe Reviews

Below you’ll find all of our reviews of gun safes — from rifles and long gun storage to nightstand and single pistol safes.

best trigger guards - cover

The Best Trigger Locks in 2022

Proper gun safety is a cornerstone of responsible gun ownership. But sometimes, a gun safe or cabinet won’t fit the bill. Some can take too


The Best Hidden Gun Shelves

What are the best hidden gun shelves? As gun owners, we have to strike a balance between making sure our firearms are both inaccessible to


The Best Hidden Gun Safes

We’re big on gun safety around here, and for some folks storing a firearm safely also means concealing it. Many people don’t want just firearm

Best Under Bed Gun Safes - Cover

The Best Under Bed Gun Safes

What are the best under bed gun safes available? Storing your guns safely is arguably the primary responsibility of any gun owner. However, you also

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier - Cover

The Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are the perfect accessory for a gun safe. They regulate a safes internal humidity levels so your firearms will retain their cosmetic integrity and

Budget Gun Safes - Cover

The Best Budget Gun Safes in 2022

To create this guide, we got our hands on a number of these long gun safes and spent hours researching and testing them and their


The Best Ammo Safes in 2022

After researching every variety of ammo safe from the major manufacturers and Amazon, testing more than a dozen, including testing room for loose ammo, ammunition


Best Bedside Gun Safes

A gun safe certainly isn’t the best place for your wife’s jewelry, stamp collection, or fine art pieces (a safe-deposit box would be a better

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While the original Henry Repeating Arms Company vanished shortly after Abraham Lincoln saw his last play, the Imperato family revived it in the 1990s, and it’s officially turning 25 (again).