The Best Sig Sauer Handguns

What are the best Sig Sauer handguns you can buy?​

Sig Sauer makes an astonishing number of weapons, and we’ve received a number of requests for our take on the best of the Sig line-up – so here it is – a list of the best Sig Sauer handguns, rifles, and PDWs. 

Sig pistols are legendary – from the original P230 to the new M17 modular system (which won the US Military’s pistol shootout & subsequent contract) – these Sid handguns are the best of the best, which is saying quite a bit when you’re talking about Sig Sauer products.

Having fun with one of our favorite Sig handguns

The p365 is one of the most reliable, lightweight, and easy to carry Sig handguns ever. With a width of just one inch, this high-quality all-metal pistol has the right mix of ergonomics  & performance to top our list.

The Sig 365 is super easy to disassemble & service

The US Military’s official handgun. If it’s good enough for Uncle Sam it’s good enough for us. A remarkable handgun platform for the next decade. 

The beauty of the Sig 320 in action.

The 229 Legion is one of 3 pistols introduced with the launch of the Legion Series. These are factory semi-custom variants of classic Sig pistols that offer premium upgrades not available on the stock versions. If you’re going to pick up a double-action carry pistol – the Legion version of the P229 is a superb example of a Sig 9MM pistol. 

These Legion pistols are simply outstanding

Often overlooked in favor of the P365 and P320s of the world, the SP2022 is an affordable 9MM Sig designed to compete with Glocks and other polymer-framed handguns. All the quality, reliability, and experience of a Sig in a more affordable package. 

Taking the SP2022 to the range

Chambered in 9MM – the P938 micro is just 5.9″ long and offers a 3″ barrel. Perfect for CCW – with a manual safety & external hammer paired with a 6+1 capacity and night-sights. 

Slightly snappy, which you'd expect from a micro 9MM.

Sig updating the 1911 platform for the modern shooter. Every bit as good as other compacts but with the distinct 1911 look and feel.

Tight, compact, and impressively useful.

Perfect for suppressed applications or users who want a full-sized tactical pistol. 

The Best Sig Sauer Scopes

In addition to their premium firearms,  Sig Sauer makes a collection of high-end optical products – from scopes to binoculars and range-finders. Here’s our collection of the best Sig Sauer optics.

The Best Sig Sauer Rangefinders & Optics

In addition to their premium firearms,  Sig Sauer makes a collection of high-end optical products – from scopes to binoculars and range-finders. Here’s our collection of the best Sig Sauer optics.


There are a lot of Sig pistols and optics available, so we hope this list winnowed your options down to a manageable set.

All of our selections met the important criteria for the best Sig Sauer firearms and optics anyone would need:

  • Consistent performance a the range
  • Lots of options to personalization
  • Firearms are available in full and concealed carry options
  • Optics have ratings higher than 4 stars

I hope you enjoyed this article and will find it useful for selecting your next Sig product. If you have any questions or feedback for me, please drop us a line.

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