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Gun Brands

Below we have compiled a list of firearm manufacturers (both American and international) as well all our recommended places to buy guns online. It is not all-encompassing, however, we’re covering major brands, categories (rifles, shotgun, handguns/pistols, etc.) and retailers we think are reputable and reliable.

Click on the company name or logo and it will take you to our retail partner’s website to browse their selection.

If you’re new to guns be sure to check out our guide to handguns for beginners – it should make it easier to decide the right handgun for you when you’re ready to buy.

Where should you buy guns online?

Lots of gun owners buy their firearms and ammo online – and for good reason. You can find an amazing selection with online retailers, often save a lot of money, and it’s one of the best ways to buy the components you need to build your dream gun. Plus with promotion shopping can get you even better deals.

There’s a little more legwork involved when buying guns online – these won’t just hit your door like that box of chips from Amazon. You’ll need to do a background check and to ship to a local shop/dealer with an FFL (Federal Firearms License) and follow any of your city and state-specific procedures.

Quick List: The Best Places to Buy Guns Online

  1. Best for New Guns – Palmetto State Armory
  2. Best for Used Guns: –
  3. Also Great – Sportsman’s Warehouse
  4. Best for Tools & Accessories: – Brownells
  5. Honorable Mention –

Best Overall:

Palmetto State Armory is another of our first stops for firearms shopping. They’re pretty famous for their PSA-branded firearms, but they also have a fantastic selection of popular handguns and rifles.

One thing we appreciate is PSA will often get new firearms right at release – so if you want to get the latest and the greatest PSA will probably have it.

Their shipping has improved quite a bit over the years and in terms of online gun stores they’ve got the e-commerce thing pretty well sorted out.

Also  – be sure to hit the ammo clearance section to grab a few make sure you grab any deals.

Best Used Firearm Selection: is another fantastic online gun store – thanks to its selection, real-time inventory, and fast shipping, plus the fact they will get your FFL from your local store – while other retailers make you find it, copy it, and fax it – which is an impressive level of customer service. 

One thing that makes great is their selection of used guns. Sometimes you simply don’t want to pay full pop for your next piece, so buying used just makes sense.

Often the selection of used firearms surpasses the new product, so you not only save money, you might find the exact firearm you’re looking for (or one you didn’t even you know you wanted.)  

Also Great:

From camping to cooking to guns and ammo, Sportsman’s Warehouse has just about everything outdoors under one roof – they’re similar to Cabela’s (minus the aquariums.)

While their standard offers are great, plus the Sportsmen’s Warehouse Loyalty Plan makes them are even better! You get 1 point for every $1 spent, and those accrue with both online and in-store purchases – which can be huge after a year of shooting.

They also have a credit card offer (similar to Cabela’s) that offers a more aggressive point system that’s well worth taking advantage of if you spend the kind of money we do on ammo and shooting products. 

Best for Tools & Accessories:

Brownells is a great place to do a lot of “all-around” shopping or everything from complete firearms, tools, and components for rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

They’re a true firearm destination site with legendary customer service, fast shipping, and the kinds of ammunition selection we like to see.

Their site is pretty fast and easy to use, and they make the sales & clearance section nice and easy to find (always be deal hunting). They’re great about stocking popular handguns and rifles – as well as shotguns and black powder.

Brownells is the place to go if you want the peace of mind that shopping with a major firearms retailer gives you.

Honeable Mention: should be on your list when shopping online gun stores.

Calling themselves “The Amazon of Shooting Sports” 1800GunsandAmmo offers a great variety of firearms – rifles, handguns, shotguns, as well as dedicated sections for revolvers and air guns and in almost any caliber.

Don’t forget to check out their rewards program, which gives you stepped savings and exclusive benefits just for buying the ammo you need.

The Top Firearms Brands

Beretta’s firearms are used worldwide for a variety of civilian, law enforcement, and military purposes. Sporting arms account for 75% of its sales. Amazingly Beretta has been operations since its founding in 1525 and is the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world. Every major European was since 1650 has seen a Beretta on the battlefield.

Utah-based Browning is famous for its firearms, gun accessories, and fishing gear. In 1878 brothers John and Matthew Browning, the company designs and manufactures a wide variety of firearms including shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Browning is now part of the Herstal Group, which owns Winchester and FN as well.

Founded in 1836 by Samuel Colt to manufacture his handgun design, Colt went on to rifles, pistols (the original producer of the 1911) and machine guns and produced huge volumes of all for the US Military in World Wars I an II, Korea and Vietnam, Colt is the main producer of M16 an M4 today. In 2002 the company was split between Colt Manufacturing Company.


FN is a major firearms manufacturer located in Herstal, Belgium, founded in 1889 and owned by the holding company Herstal Group – which owned by the regional government of Wallonia. FN is one of the largest European military & small arms exporters. Their expertise is in Defense and Law Enforcement arms.

Founded in Germany just after WWII in 1948, HK’s more notable products include the MP5, UMP submachine guns, G36, HK416 assault rifles, and  MP7 personal defense weapon, and the high-precision PSG1 sniper rifle. 

The Austrian firearms manufacturer, Glock, has been making handguns, knives, and accessories since 1963. Glock made famous the now ubiquitous polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistol.

Pennsylvania-based Kahr Arms is known for its small arms and specializes in compact and mid-size semi-automatic pistols, generally in popular cartridges, such as the .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

New York-based Kimber has designed &  manufactureed small arms such as M1911 pistols, Solo pistols, and rifles since 1979. Kimber is heavily involved in shooting sports and police/special forces as Kimber pistols as used by the USA Shooting Team, Marines assigned to Special Operations Command, and the LAPD SWAT team.

For more than 100 years (founded in 1919) Mossberg is a Conneticut-based firearms manufacturer, known widely for its high-quality pump shotguns, as well as rifles, scopes, pistol, and firearm accessories.

Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington. The first production was flintlock rifles. It continues to produce both arms and ammunition. It is one of the oldest manufacturing concerns in the US.

The late BIll Ruger was a weapons designer in World War II. He founded his firm in 1949, and pioneered the use of stampings and investment castings in US arms production. It is now one of the largest manufacturers of firearms in the United States. Check out our list of the best Ruger firearms – highlighting the best Ruger has to offer in the way of revolvers, concealed carry pistols, .22 LR pistols, pistol-caliber carbines, rifles & shotguns.

Designs and builds firearms for the military, law enforcement, security agencies, self-defense, hunting, and competition.

Its origins lie in the partnership between Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson, dating 1852. The first success came in 1856 with the manufacture of the .22 rimfire revolver. It was an important producer of firearms during the American Civil War and later during World Wars I and II. It is now the largest producer of handguns in the United States.

Established in 1794 as the official government arsenal, created the famed 1911-A1 to the legendary M1A rifle. Also a large assortment of clothing and accessories. Springfield was closed in 1968 when the government acquisition process was changed. 

Forjas Taurus was established in Brazil in Porto Alegre in 1937. It opened an affiliated company in Miami, USA, in 1968 Taurus International began to produce Beretta pistols under licence. From the 1990s it began to produce its own range of pistols and revolvers in both countries.

The Big List of Firearms Manufacturers

Below is as comprehensive a list as we can compile of gun manufacturers and brands. We’re constantly updating, expanding, and improving this list as brands come and go – and it’s a big list! – but we do our best to keep it up-to-date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 gun manufacturers?

The top 10 gun manufacturers by total unit sales are Sturm/Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Sig Sauer, Maverick, Savage Arms, Henry RAC, Wm C Anderson, Glock & O.F. Mossberg

Which gun manufacturers are based in the USA?

There are hundreds of gun manufacturers, big and small, based in the USA – some go back to the 1800s. The biggest US-based gun manufacturers are Sturm/Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Savage Arms, Springfield Armory, Browning, Colt, O.F. Mossberg, & Kimber

Where are gun manufacturers located?

The top 10 countries by registered gun manufacturers are the US (143), Turkey (58), Italy (41), Canada (27), UK (27), Japan (27), India (22), South Korea (20, France (20) & Russia/Germany both with 19

How many gun manufacturers are there in the US?

There are 143 registered gun manufacturers in the United States.

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