AFI Mission

AFI_LOGO_smallAmerican Firearms Institute Mission

  1. To promote the right to keep and bear arms as proclaimed and ratified on December 15, 1791 by Congress through the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


  1. To provide balanced information, statistics, data and opinion about firearms, firearms crime and firearms ownership.


  1. To support our members through the four American Firearms Institute cornerstones, which are: Safety, Education, Responsibility, and Knowledge.

American Firearms Institute

American Firearms Institute (AFI) is a response to those who would ban legal ownership of firearms in the United States. Too often the information issued by these would-be reformers is incorrect at best and blatant lies at worst; released and re-released to the media with the belief that if you tell a lie often enough people eventually believe it and it will eventually become the truth.

AFI is changing that. We re-examine all of the data used against legal firearm ownership word by word, line by line and refute and correct the deceptive interpretations that have been issued as fact to the media.

AFI will provide you, our visitor and our members, with the statistics and reports provided by independent research and government agencies that argue the points we are making. Namely, that legal ownership of a firearm does not make a person a criminal.

The real issues in combating violent gun crime lie not with revising the Second Amendment or adding more gun laws, but by society responsibly addressing and resolving the cycles of inner-city poverty, drug trafficking, gang membership and in enforcing the laws we have.  And if you think these problems don’t affect you, watch the news; they reach out and touch all of us and our children everyday.

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