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The rebooted Bushmaster Firearms keeps introducing everything except what the people really want-- a return of the ACR modular rifle, the newest entry being their Bravo Zulu rifle.
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Sig Sauer’s big claim to fame with their Cross series of bolt-action rifles a couple of years ago was that they were light– like 6.5-pounds kinda light– while still providing a superb platform for precision work. The thing is, the guys who shoot PRS matches, and spend the big bucks to do it, don’t really care how heavy a rifle is as all they have to do is lug it from their trunk to the event and then from one stage to another.

Sig took this into consideration and last week announced a PRS version of the Cross. At 14.5-pounds from the factory, it is more than twice the weight of the original but boasts a heavy bull barrel, a full-length steel Arca rail under the handguard that gives lots of options for bipods, and a folding adjustable stock that is milled out of a piece of steel billet. Ask and you shall receive.

Sig CROSS PRS lightbox 2
Sig CROSS PRS lightbox 3
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