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Michael R Crites


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Gemtech MIST on SW Victory small

Gemtech was one of the leaders in suppressor innovation for decades and is today one of the oldest “silencer” companies still around.

However, this is with the big caveat that Smith & Wesson bought them lock, stock, and baffle four years ago and since then their R&D has fallen off the face of the earth (the word is they now work for a PDW company in Minnesota).

Well, it appears Gemtech finally has new products they are quietly launching. This includes the Lunar 9 QD, which is just their old Lunar 9 can with a new 3-lug QD mount for guns like the MP5 (cue the feigned ooohs and ahhs) and the much more interesting MIST-22V.

The MIST-22V, in a nod to Gemtech’s corporate overlords, is an integrally suppressed barrel that fits the Smith & Wesson Victory .22LR pistol.

It allows for subsonic performance out of all 22LR ammo listed at 1,600 fps or less.

With an overall length of about 9-inches and a weight of 10-ounces, it actually looks pretty sweet. The price is $490, plus tax.

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