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The American Firearms News Brief for June 17th: Beretta brings Sako ammo to America, Kinsey's to distribute Fusion 1911s, and CAA now offers TrueTimber camo.
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Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms Custom Pistol Collaboration

In this week’s gun news Beretta brings Sako ammo to America, Kinsey’s to distribute Fusion 1911s, and CAA now offers TrueTimber camo.

Beretta-Sako Ammo

Sako Cartridges

Dating back to 1921, Sako is a Finnish tradition, having acquired just about every firearms concern (Valmet, Tikka, etc.) in that hearty Scandinavian country over the generations while producing rifles of amazing quality and durability. A little-known fact, outside of Europe, is that they have also made ammunition since 1928 that has a reputation to match. Well, now Beretta is set to start bringing it into the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Sako Cartridges set to arrive will include six new and innovative cartridge families developed by the Finnish powerhouse, including TRG Precision, the innovative, lead-free Powerhead Blade, Gamehead Pro, Gamehead, Speedhead, and Super Hammerhead.

“The whole team at Sako is excited to introduce our range of ammunition into the US market,” Phillip Jones, Sako’s Rifle, Ammunition, and Premium Guns Product Manager, said.

The TRG Precision is an open tip, boat tail match bullet developed solely for competition and precision long-range shooting available in .260 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win, .338 Lapua Mag.

The new lead-free Powerhead Blade, with its Blade Tip, 100 percent pure ductile copper, and 5-Stage terminal architecture, is available in 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Win Mag, .30-06 SPRG, and .308 Win.

The Gamehead Pro with Sierra’s GameChanger bullet has one of the best ballistic coefficients on the market and is available in .270 Win, 6.5 PRC, and 7 mm Rem Mag.

The Gamehead cartridge is a Spitzer-nosed, soft-point bullet for accurate hits on smaller targets and is available in .243 Win.

The Speedhead cartridge is a full metal jacket bullet with its consistent accuracy time after time. Its muzzle velocity and low recoil make it the ideal choice for the active 3-Gun competitor and are available in .223 Rem.

Kinsey’s and Fusion Team up for 1911 run

Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms Custom Pistol Collaboration

Pennsylvania-based Kinsey’s got its start as an archery equipment shop and arrow maker in the 1940s, a trade they are best known for today. However, they have continued to evolve and fold additional business lines into their distribution channels to include FFL items from folks like CVA, Hornady, Mossberg, Remington, Taurus, Winchester Ammo, and others, with Fusion Firearms, a niche maker of M1911s, now joining Kinsey’s.

The two companies are celebrating the team up with a collaboration design, a pistol built on Fusion’s popular Reaction Model offered in 10mm. The gun’s design features a modern, stylized Don’t Tread on Me snake on both the grips and right side of the slide. The pistol also features the text Come and Take It with the American Flag on the left side of the slide.

CAA and TrueTimber MCKs

True Timber CAA

CAA USA designs and manufactures the world-famous handgun Micro Conversion Kit, or MCK, which is one of the most popular of its type in America. Billed as increasing stability and accuracy with more points of contact on the shooter’s body, they have models to fit Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and others CZ.

Well, those who may want to use their CAA MCK-equipped pistol “inna woods” or just really like camo options are gonna love that the company will now be offering both the MCK Gen 1 and Gen 2 in a Truetimber Strata pattern. Strata incorporates both macro and micro camo schematics in the design.  The diverse pattern of elements combines to camouflage you in prairies, croplands, covered hillsides, and even desert and rocky terrain.

“These patterns will fit into our 17 different chassis and are compatible with over 120 different handgun models,” says CAA.

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