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The American Firearms News Brief for June 21st: Armscor looks to beat Glock at their own game, EAA goes goose, Blackhawk sheds some light on holsters, and Safariland stunts.
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In this week’s gun news Armscor looks to beat Glock at their own game, EAA goes goose, Blackhawk sheds some light on holsters, and Safariland stunts.

Meet the STK100


Philippines-based Armscor recently announced a new, striker-fired 9mm pistol in their Rock Island brand, the STK100. It is about the same size as the Glock 17, holds 17+1 rounds in the magazine, and has some nice features like a factory cut for MRD style optics, window cuts in the slide, and aluminum grip inserts.

Plus it has an alloy (not polymer) frame and accepts “most aftermarket parts” for the Glock including mags and sights. You can even reportedly swap out Gen 3 Glock top halves with the frame. Price is set to be in the $599 range, which isn’t that attractive on an imported striker-fired gun, but Armscor is betting the extra features and the metal frame is enough of an enticement to select the STK100.

EAA MC312 Goose

The new MC312 Goose semi-auto shotgun from EAA is a 12-gauge with an accommodating 3.5-inch magnum chamber built on a lightweight aircraft aluminum receiver with an integral accessory rail.

The stock and forend are built out of high-impact polymers while the 30-inch vent ribbed barrel has a fiber-optic front sight and extended screw choke tubes in a common pattern. With a 52-inch overall length and a weight of just under 7-pounds (keep in mind this is a 3.5-inch magnum), the MC312 Goose has an MSRP of $452.

Safariland gets a little extreme

Meanwhile, in other holster news, Safariland, trusted for holsters aimed at the MIL/LE market, just released one of the most over the top RedBull-like demos of the strength of their active retention we’ve seen in years. While exaggerated, it still gives the viewer some peace of mind if they are concerned about the retention on their SL duty holster.

Blackhawk holds class on carry styles

With more folks getting into the handgun carry game every day, Blackhawk’s Your Right 2 Protect (YR2P) initiative, has released three new videos and a downloadable carry positions guide which explains common terminology, holster options, and tips.

The videos provide instruction and product suggestions for three of the most common carrying situations – casual, athletic, and business. Sure, the guide and videos are a vehicle to highlight Blackhawk’s holster models, but the primer on carry styles is relevant regardless of holster maker you go with.

“Whether dressing for a casual trip to the grocery store, exercising, or your next business meeting, Blackhawk offers a wide variety of holsters to help accommodate your specific needs,” says the company.

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