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The American Firearms News Brief for June 7th: Diamondback expands their DBX series 5.7 pistols, Zenith plans a comeback with an MP5 clone, and more.
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DBX Grey lg

In this week’s gun news Diamondback expands their DBX series 5.7 pistols, Zenith plans a comeback, Federal ships ammo to Olympians, KE Arms delivers the goods, no more Range Officers, and S&W holds class.

A new hue of DBX

DBX Grey lg

Diamondback brought one of the coolest 5.7 pistols to market in 2020, the DBX, which includes dual adjustable gas pistons and the capability to add a stabilizing brace. Growing the line from plain old black on black, the Florida-based company is also now delivering the DBX 57 in a dark grey finish. No word on FDE or bazooka green.

Springer snuffs the Range Officer

range officer

Springfield Armory introduced their Range Officer series of 1911 handguns ten years ago, promising great performance that didn’t have to break the bank. With a forged frame and slide, SA built out the line to include no less than 10 variants in 9mm and .45ACP with the tagline of “Whether your Range Officer is intended for bullseyes or bad guys, you’ll appreciate the dependability, precision, and quality craftsmanship Springfield Armory builds into each of these fine 1911 pistols.”

Sadly, the RO line is now discontinued. Odds are, though, it is so that Springfield can replace it with something comparable in 2022. Stay tuned.


Smith & Wesson last week delivered its expanded its GUNSMARTS video series with over 30 new educational videos for both new and experienced firearms owners.

Hosted by well-known gun celebs such as Ken Scott, Julie Golob, and Jerry Miculek, the videos cover a lot of ground including firearms education, shooting tips, and gear recommendations. Best of all, they are all free and on YouTube.

KE Civil Defense Rifle

KE Arms, which has been making waves with their polymer one-piece AR lowers–which include an integral buttstock, grip, and buffer tube– have been turning it up with their What Would Stoner Do (WWSD) series of guns made in conjunction with Ian McCollum (aka Gun Jesus).

Available over at Brownells, the WWSD KEs are a bit expensive, leading to the introduction of the Civil Defense Rifle version, which runs about $400 smackers less. More on that, below.

Federal Ships Shotshell for TEAM USA

Federal, the official shotshell sponsor, and supplier to USA Shooting, has stepped up to supply some specially-loaded hulls to help Americans go for the Gold in Japan. The official ammunition of USA Shooting reportedly left the docks last week and will arrive at Camp Asaksa, Japan, the site of the Olympic shooting competition

The shells are pretty sweet, too.

“The Gold Medal 24-gram International loads by Federal are incredible. They pattern so efficiently every time, and the shot size is consistent, so I never have to worry about my ammo not performing the way I need it to,” said Kayle Browning, Olympic Trap Team member. “I wouldn’t trust any other load to take to the Olympics with me.”

Zenith says American MP5s are inbound

Zenith Firearms was a big player in the MP5 game for a decade, importing and marketing license-made clones from MKE in Turkey. We say was because Zenith and MKE went through a bad (and very public) breakup last year, with the Turkish company choosing to shack up with Century Arms moving forward, an importer with no doubt bigger pockets and wider distribution channels.

Not to be outdone, Zenith has been striking out on its own and has had a crew of 50 engineers and crafts folks working to make their own roller-locked firearm for the market. The new gun, the  ZF-5, is supposed to hit shelves in the 3rd Quarter.

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