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The American Firearms News Brief for July 8th: Kahr makes minor changes to their P9 pistols, Masterpiece doubles down on the PMR Pro rifle, pistol braces pass 100K comments, Remington promises more ammo, and Winchester salutes the military.
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KR Arms K9 2

In this week’s gun news the Army wants $92 million worth of UTMs, meet the new 1911 Bantam Carry pistol, KE Arms moves into the PCC world, and Wilson Combat promises 600% more rifles.


Army wants more marking rounds

Ultimate Training Munitions last week scored a $92,996,200 firm-fixed-price award from the U.S. Army Contracting Command for “5.56mm M1071 and M1042 marking ammunition,” which is the military’s designation for the company’s 5.56mm MMR, or Man Marking Round.

UTM MMR 5.56
"Gimme about $100M of these, please."

The round has become very popular in force-on-force training as it provides realistic recoil impulse on actual weapons rather than older systems (such as FATS or EST) that used lasers and compressed air or the even older MILES system which required blanks.

Plus, as MMRs are low velocity (375 fps), non-toxic, and low energy (2.2 ft./lbs.) they are about as safe as you can get. Offered in blue, green, or yellow, they can tell a sometimes embarrassing story at the end of the training session insomuch as who shot who. Whomp-Whomp.

1911 Bantam Carry pistol


SDS Imports, located in Tennessee, has been bringing in some decent hardware from abroad for the American consumer market.

Their latest arrival to the U.S., the 1911 Bantam Carry pistol, is made by Tisas in Turkey who has earned a good rep for producing hard-wearing handguns at bargain prices.

SDS Bantam

While the new pistol is not exactly cheap (MSRP = $1,199) it does have a ton of features including a bobbed aluminum frame for low-profile concealed carry, an ambidextrous safety, skeletonized trigger, ball-mill textured front strap and mainspring housing.

High-visibility combat style sights, G-10 grips, an enhanced beavertail grip safety, and series 70 internals are also part of the package.

SDS Bantam 1911

The slide has lightening cuts, a lowered ejection port, and both front and rear serrations.

The 1911 Bantam Carry will be available in an 8+1 .45 ACP and a 9+1 9mm format, each with two flush-fit mags.


KR Arms K9 1

KE Arms is continuing their roll of monolithic polymer receivers by announcing the KP-9, which is Glock magazine compatible, to give the market what they bill as a “cost-effective pistol caliber carbine lower.”

According to KEA, the KP-9 accepts Glock 17/19 magazines and comes with an adjustable steel ejector making it compatible with a wide range of blowback 9mm AR15 uppers and includes an ambidextrous mag release.

Tooling is scheduled for completion in Mid-July 2021. Production is estimated to begin in August 2021.

Wilson Combat Expands

When it comes to slick custom handgun packages, especially in the world of 1911s, Wilson Combat has been delivering for over 30 years. Expanding to more current models to include the Sig P320, they have also grown into AR15 and AR10 pattern rifles which have been crowd-pleasers.

To give the people what they want, Wilson Combat just completed a $10 million expansion that will allow them to make up to 600% more rifles.

To highlight just what went into the latest growth spurt, the company released a detailed 15-minute factory tour with lots of cameos from Bill Wilson himself and Ken Hackathorn, a living legend in the field of tactical pistolcraft.

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