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The American Firearms News Brief for July 16th: Blaser goes PRC, B&T ups their Blackout game, Court says adults under 21 can buy handguns, and Sig pulls a Switchblade.
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In this week’s gun news Blaser goes PRC, B&T ups their Blackout game, Court says adults under 21 can buy handguns, and Sig pulls a Switchblade.

Blaser Introduces R8 Rifle in 6.5 PRC

Blaser R8 Ultimate

Germany’s famed Blaser firm announced this week they are now offering their straight-pull R8 modular rifle chambered for 6.5 PRC. Why is it termed a modular rifle? Well, as Blaser offers it in everything from .204 Ruger varmint rounds to .500 Jeffrey safari thumpers, and in a myriad of stock and barrel options, most of which are interchangeable, it offers something for just about everyone.

“If you combine all the different standard options on an R8, you can build over 47 million unique rifles and that does not even include custom shop options,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group.

“The interchangeability makes it incredibly easy to convert your rifle from one caliber to another by simply switching out the barrel and bolt head. This can be done in less than a minute. The engineering and craftsmanship is so extraordinary, after any barrel change, the rifle will shoot to within 1/2 MOA every time.”


Florida-based B&T USA (formerly known as the tongue-twisting Swiss firm of Brugger & Thomet) is bringing one of their spookier little offerings from Europe over to play on American shores, and with a few twists. Their takedown Special Purpose Rifle– chambered originally in .300 Whisper– has a compact 10-ish inch barrel and provision for an over/barrel suppressor that makes it one of the quietest in the game (take a listen, here, with and without its suppressor attached.

Revamping the gun for the U.S., the .300 Blackout-chambered SPR300 PRO picks up a Timney match trigger, a new folding stock assembly compatible with the AR/M4-style models, and the ability to use AR-style mags.

Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales, B&T USA: “The SPR300 has an incredible reputation as a whisper quiet precision rifle originally developed for European special mission’s units, who have allegedly used the platform to great success as a discreet, urban precision rifle, that boasts comparable sound and flash signature to that of an air rifle.”

Court: Adults under 21 should be able to have handguns

A dividing panel of the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday ruled in a case out of West Virginia that the longstanding federal law stipulating that handgun buyers must be 21 or older is unconstitutional.

“Looking through the historical lens to the text and structure of the Constitution reveals that 18-to-20-year olds have Second Amendment rights,” Judge Julius N. Richardson wrote for the majority.

The case will surely be litigated up to the Supreme Court, so stay tuned to hear about Hirschfeld v. ATF for the next couple of years.

Sig Sauer M400 Switchblade

Sig is shrugging off the proposed rule changes centered on the use of stabilizing braces on large AR/AK style pistols and has delivered the new M400 Switchblade to market. Standard with an ambidextrous bolt catch and release lever, it has an 11.5-inch barrel and Magpul’s new BSL brace.

A flat-faced match trigger, top Pic rail, and a Cerakote Titanium finish complete the package.

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