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The American Firearms News Brief for July 30th: Beretta has a new PCC inbound, the gun that got Billy the Kid (or maybe didn't) heads to auction, Remington fades as RemArms takes its shaky place, Team USA grabs three more medals in Olympics shooting, Wilson Combat shows off new SFX9 Sub-Compact.
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In this week’s gun news Beretta has a new PCC inbound, the gun that got Billy the Kid (or maybe didn’t) heads to auction, Remington fades as RemArms takes its shaky place, Team USA grabs three more medals in Olympics shooting, Wilson Combat shows off new SFX9 Sub-Compact.


Beretta PMXs

PMXs beauty

Beretta is making a splash overseas with a new pistol caliber carbine, the PMXs.

A semi-auto version of the Italian gunmaker’s mdoern PMX burb gun, the 9mm blowback action firearm is compact and has much the same lines as the company’s iconic PM-12 of  Rainbow Six fame, only with a receiver made from polymer rather than sheet steel. Marketed only in Europe for now, the current version has a bunch of features that would make it non bene for import over here.

However, Beretta says they mean to introduce it widely in 2022, which means the CZ Scorpion and downright hideous Grand Power Stribog could finally get some solid competition.

Pat Garrett's Colt


Old West bartender turned sheriff of Lincoln County, Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett, made a name for himself in American desperado history as the lawman renowned for killing Billy the Kid.

His pursuit of Billy, AKA William H. Bonney, AKA Henry McCarty, after the Lincoln County War spanned eight months and ended up in a controversial one-sided shootout in the dark that left Garrett with a pulp true crime book to pen and the outlaw semi-officially retired to the Old Fort Sumner Cemetery.

Of course, there have been lingering rumors that Billy survived the event and faded away to become any number of curious old-timers living away their golden years in the desert somewhere, but no one knows for sure.

Nonetheless, what is known is that Garrett’s circa 1880 Colt Single Action Army, Serial number 55093, chambered in .44-40 caliber with a 7.5-inch barrel, is going to the gavel at an upcoming Bonhams Auction in August. Provenance says it was the gun Garrett had that night in the dark.

Estimated price? Up to $3 million.

Remington, err, we mean RemArms back on shelves

Remington Outdoors, the end company of the firearms and ammunition giant that was founded in 1816, faded away with a soft whimper last summer at a federal bankruptcy auction, its choicest parts picked over by a slew of other gun and ammo makers with the funds turned over to “Big Green’s” long, long list of creditors.

The Remington name went to Vista Outdoors– makers of Federal, CCI, and Blazer ammo– and includes the familiar green-hued name and the old company’s ammo business. A new startup, RemArms, purchased the former Remington Outdoors’ flagship gun plant in upstate New York– along with its labor issues, apparently– and is reportedly set to start delivering 870 shotguns and Model 700 rifles under the RemArms (don’t call us Remington!) banner.

Early field reports, however, show the initial quality is not very good.

Tokyo medal run

Team USA sent 20 athletes to the 2020 summer Olympic Games in Japan who are set to compete in the often-forgotten shooting sports disciplines and that small group of skilled shooters is methodically stacking medals.

Besides William Shaner’s win in the 10m Men’s Air Rifle competition on July 25, skeet shooters Amber English and Vinny Hancock set new Olympics records in sweeping both the Men’s and Women’s Skeet Shooting events on Monday.

Mary Tucker and Lucas Kozeniesky, meanwhile, earned silver in the 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team competition on Tuesday. The best may still be yet to come, though, as Brian Burrows and Derrick Mein have been clearing clay after clay in the Men’s Trap Qualification while Maddy Bernau and teammate Kayle Browning have been doing the same in the Women’s Trap Qualification, setting the stage to be in the hunt for more medals later this week.

Wilson Combat SFX9 Sub-Compact Defensive Handgun

SFX9 a

An expansion of WC’s X9 series of handguns, the new SFX9– with the “SF” denoting it has a lightweight full-size solid-frame made from T6-7075 aluminum– runs a 3.25-inch subcompact top-end and is billed as a high performance 9mm pistol that is also highly concealable.

Slim and flat, the SFX9 has lots of what WC has learned over the years in making custom 1911s, such as a single-lug, tapered cone match-grade 1911 barrel, and the same Enhanced Reliability System” the company utilizes on its 9mm 1911s.

However, at the end of the day, the beautiful 26.9-ounce pistol weighs almost a pound less than a 1911 while having a flush-fitting 15-round magazine.

Base price: $2,895. That stings.

SFX9 b

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