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The American Firearms News Brief for July 8th: Kahr makes minor changes to their P9 pistols, Masterpiece doubles down on the PMR Pro rifle, pistol braces pass 100K comments, Remington promises more ammo, and Winchester salutes the military.
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In this week’s gun news Kahr makes minor changes to their P9 pistols, Masterpiece doubles down on the PMR Pro rifle, pistol braces pass 100K comments, Remington promises more ammo, and Winchester salutes the military.

Kahr P9-2

Kahr Updated P9-2

Kahr Arms has been around for some 25 years now and has just announced some tweaks to their flagship pistol, the P9. The new “Dash 2” series guns finally add an accessory rail for items such as weapon-mounted lights and lasers to the dust cover.

Other additions from the legacy model, which was first introduced in 1999, include front cocking serrations machined into the slide, an improved mag catch, and TruGlo tritium night sights. In short, the guns have been given a (very) slight modernization.

The new P9-2, and TP9-2, which only differ slightly in the overall length (6.5-inches versus 5.8-inches), height (5-inches vs 4.5-inches), and magazine capacity (8+1 vs 7+1) both run polymer frames, use a striker-fired action, and have a blackened stainless slide. MSRP on each is $679.



Georgia-based MasterPiece Arms has specifically designed its new MPA BA PMR (Product Match Rifle) Pro Rifle II to meet the Production Class requirements of the 2021 Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competition season.

With a 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee, the new rifle has been approved for use in PRS matches and includes many competition-related features while staying under the price threshold of $2,500. Speaking for features, it comes standard with MPA’s BA Competition chassis, a built-in inclinometer, lower mounted Picatinny Rail, 20 MOA scope rail, EVG Grip, Lothar Walther hand-lapped 416R stainless barrel, etc., etc.

Using AICS mags, it is offered in 6mm Creedmoor, 6GT, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6 Dasher, 6BR, 6BRA, 6XC, 6 x 47 Lapua, .308 Win, and the humble .223 Remington.  

Pistol Brace Rule Passes 100K comments

ATF proposed rule 2021R-08, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces’” which assigns a point system to grade large format pistols equipped with stabilizing braces to see if they will continue to be legal or would, soon, be unregistered short-barreled rifles (and thus a potential felony for those who possess such SBRs without a tax stamp) was published on June 10.

Coming up on the one-third mark of the rule’s 90-day public commenting period, it has 112,014 comments listed, almost all in support of dropping said rulemaking.

 Such a rule could affect as many as 40 million gun owners, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service.

Remington Ammo caught in the wild

Remington logo

Vista Outdoors, the company that owns such household ammunition brands as Federal, CCI, and Speer, picked up Remington Outdoors’s ammo concern in Lonoke, Arkansas last summer in the latter’s federal bankruptcy sale. The resurgent Remington is now cranking out new ammo and increasing production as fast as safely possible, without dropping standards.

“Our team knows we’ve got work to do,” said Remington Ammunition President Jason Vanderbrink in a video posted this week. “We’re continuing to hire local manufacturing jobs, continuing to produce ammo 24/7, and continuing to revitalize Big Green as more ammo goes out the door daily.”

Winchester Valor


Olin-Winchester has recently introduced a new line of ammo, branded the USA Valor series, which includes patriotic packaging and military loads.

Specifically, the bulk-packed boxes include M855 62-grain 5.56 NATO (the famed green tip), 124-grain NATO FMJ 9x19mm auto, and 9-pellet 12 gauge 00 buckshot. To put their money where their mouth is, the Valor line includes a $100,000 pledge to the non-profit Folds of Honor Foundation, which provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of fallen or disabled service members of the U.S. armed forces.

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