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The American Firearms News Brief for August 3rd: Meprolight brings the RDS Pro V2, Ruger finally threads the 57, Springfield sends an Emissary, and Westley Richards has a bespoke Safari rifle if you have the Amex Black.
Michael R Crites


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Mepro RDS Pro V2

In this week’s gun news Meprolight brings the RDS Pro V2, Ruger finally threads the 57, Springfield sends an Emissary, and Westley Richards has a bespoke Safari rifle if you have the Amex Black.

Mepro RDS Pro V2 in Green or Red

Mepro RDS Pro V2 a

Israeli-based Meprolight has local connections on the ground there to have the IDF test out all their coolest stuff.

Going beyond that, the company’s engineers have all done their (mandatory) stints in the IDF and recognized first-hand the need for an advanced red-dot optic, a factor that led to the RDS family.

The new RDS Pro V2— billed as an equal opportunity optic for LE, competitive shooters, personal defense, or hunting– is still mil-spec but now comes with 16 levels of brightness for any lighting condition (company propaganda calls it the ‘Brightest and clearest red dot sight in the world”) and is available in two reticle patterns (2.0 MOA dot or 2.0 dot / 4.3 circle bullseye), both of which are available in either green or red.

For simplicity’s sake, the RDS Pro V2 uses commonly found AA batteries with an expected lifetime of “thousands of hours of use” depending on the level of reticle brightness selected.

Ruger 57 Thread Kits

Ruger 57 thread kit

Ruger made a big oof when they released their new 57 model pistol in 2019 by not having a threaded barrel option. Even Diamondback’s DBX large-format pistol, which hit the market at roughly the same time, was threaded.

Making up for lost time, the order of the red eagle last week dropped a kit that includes a factory-manufactured, threaded stainless steel barrel that accepts any 1/2”-28 (Class 2A) muzzle device. Drop-in with no gunsmithing required, it comes with a thread protector, adapter and wrench included.

The bad news is, it’s $299. Ruger, you had one job.

Springfield Armory Emissary


Illinois-based Springfield Armory has been in the M1911 biz since the early 1980s and their catalog has seen a steady evolution in the past 40 years. The company’s latest entry to the very, very crowded field is actually kind of refreshing.

Dubbed the Emissary, it is intended to bridge the gap between duty and custom handguns, in other words, creating a gun that is bold to behold but still seen as capable with “defense-minded features intended for serious use.”


A railgun ready to accept weapon-mounted lights and lasers, the Emissary uses a forged stainless steel frame and forged carbon steel slide, giving it a two-tone finish.


Other features include a stainless bull barrel, squared trigger guard, 360-degree grip texturing reminiscent of a WWII pineapple grenade, a “Tri-Top” slide cut, a tritium luminescent front sight, and a Tactical Rack U-Dot rear.

Each Emissary comes standard with two 8-round stainless steel magazines with base pads for an MSRP of $1,279.

New Westley Richards .404 Jeffery Take-Down

Westley Richards .404 Jeffery Take-Down c

Founded in London in 1812, Westley Richards is one of those kinds of custom English gun shops that recall images of Dr. Watson, the pith helmeted hunter from Jumanji, or an opening set for The Kingsman. Think custom-made suits but instead of suits we are talking fine rifles and shotguns. The very old-school company recently announced they are doubling down on being…vintage.  

“A decade, or more, past, some clients requested British rifles in whatever fashionable modern round was making the headlines. That era now appears to be over, and we are seeing a return to classic calibers at Westley Richards, much as we are experiencing increased demand for modern versions of the rifles we built a century ago,” said the company.

The new rifle is a double-square bridge Mauser ’98 with a detachable 24-inch takedown-style barrel, chambered in the classic .404 Jeffery cartridge. As one would expect, it includes gold inlays as well as a fully engraved and checkered bolt handle, pins, and grip cap. There is also color case hardening and an oil-finished walnut stock with an ebony finial. It comes standard with a Swarovski scope in quick-detach mounts and a green-lined case.

Even so, Westley Richards says, “Every rifle we build is bespoke and this version is what we consider business-like, with no overtly ostentatious engraving or theme.”

No MSRP is available. If you must ask, old boy…

Westley Richards .404 Jeffery Take-Down

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