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The American Firearms News Brief for August 10th: ATF comment period almost up, Bushmaster confirms what we already knew, CZ has some sweet anniversary specials, Kimber getting a Micro 9, Sig gets another Snakebite.
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In this week’s gun news the ATF comment period almost up, Bushmaster confirms what we already knew, CZ has some sweet anniversary specials, Kimber getting a Micro 9, Sig gets another Snakebite

ATF "Frame or Receiver"

The public comment period for the proposed new rule by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, rewriting the legal definitions of what is a “frame” or “receiver” under federal law ends on August 19.

As noted directly by the agency, “Under the proposed rule, a ‘frame or receiver’ is any externally visible housing or holding structure for one or more fire control components,” and “More than one externally visible part may house or hold a fire control component on a particular firearm, such as with a split or modular frame or receiver.”

In other words, guns like AR-15s, which have two receivers, could soon have to have serial numbers on both, making them both controlled items. Same thing, possibly, with semi-auto pistols, with both the frame (or fire control unit on guns like the Sig Sauer P320) and slide potentially needing to be controlled.

Bushmaster is back, officially

Bushmaster lower

Carson City, Nevada-based Bushmaster announced on their website this month that they are back in production. Picked up by Franklin Armory last summer from Remington Outdoors’ bankruptcy auction, the rebooted AR-15 maker has a new line that looks a lot like the old line but now has Franklin Armory’s binary triggers as an option.

For fans of the ACR, they say that is coming back as well. We shall see.  

CZ 85th Anniversary

CZ 85th a

Tracing its founding back to circa 1936 Czechoslovakia, today’s CZUB is celebrating their 85th anniversary this year with special edition CZ 557 rifles and CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow pistols.

Just 2,000 of each will be made and both are eye-catching, with lots of gold embellishments befitting limited edition collectibles. Photo dump ensues.

Kimber Jumps the Mako

Sig broke the carry gun mold in 2018 with the P365, first of what is now known as the “Micro 9” series guns. In the intervening three years since then, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and Taurus have all followed in its footsteps, introducing very similar guns (with some even getting sued over said similarly by Sig Sauer). Now, Kimber has a new handgun planned for debut on August 19.

 What the company has released is a series of teasers, talking obliquely about a 10-12 shot capacity 9mm that is easy to conceal and has an optic cut. Well, Terribly Tactical let the whole cat out of the bag by showing off a 2022 Kimber catalog with two pages that detail the R7 Mako.

Shipping with 11- and 13-round mags, it has an optics cut, ambi controls, and is about the same size as the P365 and company. If this trend continues, in five years, new Glock 19s will be seen as “retro.”

Sig Sauer Snakebite SE

M400 TREAD Snakebite SE

Sig Sauer has several editions of their M400 “TREAD” series ARs which are united by a common line of branded accessories the company is pushing along with them. The newest entry is the Snakebite SE!

The selling point Sig has with this rifle is a hybrid flash hider/compensator they bill as reducing flash and muzzle rise, coupled with a two-stage Matchlite trigger and bronze high-temperature Cerakote finish on the receivers and 1:7 twist barrel which give it a two-tone look as the furniture and handguard are matte black.

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