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Last Beretta M9 a

In this week’s gun news AAC making a comeback, CZ gets competition ready, Army gets the last M9 from Beretta, no ATF director any time soon, Trailblazer folds a carbine.

Welcome back AAC

AAC Logo

With a headquarters announced in Huntsville, Alabama– the last home of Remington Outdoors before they hit bankruptcy last year– former Remington suppressor-making subsidiary Advanced Armament Corporation recently announced a relaunch.

Purchased out of the federal bankruptcy court auction by JJE Capital Holdings, who also own Palmetto State Armory, the old-now-new suppressor team once included Honey Badger/.300 Blackout wizard Kevin Brittingham, who is now with Q, and John Hollister, who started Sig Sauer’s suppressor division a few years back. However, some old names are still associated with this latest version of AAC including Ben Bachmeier.

 “We are fortunate to have acquired the former Advanced Armament Corporation intellectual property and brand name,” said Bachmeier, “this has given us the opportunity to start fresh with people who have been involved with and have been passionate about this brand for a long time, including myself. It is my intention to take care of the people that have, over the years, helped propel the AAC brand to its leading position in the industry.”

At the same time, JJE is bringing other former Remington properties such as DPMS and Panther Arms back as well. 

CZ P-10 F Competition Ready

CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready c

While CZ already had a full-size P-10 F frame with a barrel and slide that are a half-inch longer, this week they added a Competition Ready model with an optics ready top cut and gold accents to their offerings.

The logically-named CZ P-10 F Competition Ready is just $999 but comes standard with an Apex Tactical extended magazine catch, extended slide stop, back slide cover along with an HB Industries trigger for increased performance in addition to its MRD-cut slide and flashy gold trim. It also has three 19-round magazines equipped with aluminum Henning Group bases.

Last Beretta M9

Last Beretta M9 b

Beretta’s Model 92 was a thing of absolute wonder when it was first debuted in the 1970s. It had a huge-for-the-time 15+1 magazine capacity, only matched by the CZ 75, an efficient design, and a maturity based on Beretta’s best-selling M1951 model which had been in production for a quarter-century.

It was little surprise, therefore, when a version of the Model 92 beat out seemingly every other pistol in the world in a series of three different tests in the early 1980s to win the U.S. Army’s M9 sidearm contract to replace the M1911. Delivering their first M9 in 1984, Beretta announced earlier this month that they shipped their last U.S. military contract pistol, signaling the end of an era. 

 How about this sweet, circa 1991, Army training video on the Beretta to bring back those BDU fever dreams of nostalgia. 

Chipman out at ATF

In April, President Biden nominated David Chipman to lead the ATF.  A retired former agent and supervisor with the gun regulator agency, he spent the past decade working for a series of private gun control groups and was strongly backed for the position by that lobby.

Likewise, his resume made him an instant “no” for Republicans, pro-gun groups, and even conservation groups such as Ducks Unlimited who traditionally don’t get involved in such appointments. Failing to gain the votes needed to advance in the Senate, and with some Democrats unready to make Chipman a hill to stand on with an election year around the corner, the White House pulled his nomination on Sept. 9th.

While he may show up in a position that doesn’t need Senate confirmation, and the White House may try to appoint another permanent director for the ATF soon, the likelihood that the spot, left open since 2013, will remain that way is high. 

Trailblazer Pack 9

Pack 9 b

You’ve heard of Trailblazer, right? The folks that make those small folding 22LR pistols that fit in an Altoids tin (tin not included). Well, they say they have a rifle coming that kind of does the same thing.

The Pack 9, due out next year, takes Glock mags and folds horizontally to make a 20~ inch package then swings open and extends to become a carbine. Sure, Kel-Tec does it already in a less drastic format with the SUB2000, but the Pack 9 certainly looks like it will be a fixture on every new show on the Syfy channel.

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